Oslo Blog Gathering at First Millennium Hotel

A compact adventure to explore Oslo and Norway’s history, culture and traditions. The central points of the program are now ready – including the grand opening by Oslo’s Mayor in the City Hall – and the Program Fee (mandatory) as well as accommodations (optional) is ready for booking. To make it easier for those who need it and most of all to have a HUB for meeting, we have chosen the First Millennium Hotel. The criterion was good quality & service at central location for a favourable price. My wife and I were invited there for breakfast just before Christmas to go through the program, their offer as well as our expectations and of course we gladly take you along:

Oslo Blog Gathering at First Millennium Hotel #1
From left to right: The Receptionist, the Sales Manager and the Reservations Manager.

The hotel is located in downtown Oslo – a few steps from the main street Karl Johan – within easy reach of the city’s sights and public transportation. So with the Oslo Pass (included in the Program Fee), you’ll easily reach all you want to explore in Oslo and the local area.
The hotel was built in 1998 in a functionalist Art Deco style of the 1930s. The interior of the hotel is created by one of Norway’s leading architects, Plateau. You’re welcome to have a glimpse:
Oslo Blog Gathering at First Millennium Hotel #2
The lobby nicely decorated for Christmas.
Oslo Blog Gathering at First Millennium Hotel #3 Oslo Blog Gathering at First Millennium Hotel #4
The lounge and public sitting arias.

The Manager decided that we should have an Oslo Blog Gathering stand in the lounge with special information for the participants. At the stand there will be representatives from the Oslo Tourist Office at strategic times to advise you as well. The first day’s guided tour: Highlights of Oslo will start from the hotel and the Gathering’s local hosts will invite you to join their guided tours from here as well. To make it short; The Oslo Blog Gathering’s meeting place will be First Millennium Hotel.

No, no! I haven’t forgotten the breakfast 🙂 It’s included in the favourable hotel price, so I guess you would know it’s worth the money:
Oslo Blog Gathering at First Millennium Hotel #5 Oslo Blog Gathering at First Millennium Hotel #6
Breakfast buffet with warm and cold options.
Oslo Blog Gathering at First Millennium Hotel #7 Oslo Blog Gathering at First Millennium Hotel #8
My wife and I had each our plate and it was just delicious!

So as you can tell, we’ve planned and prepared the best we can. Even more; the hotel manager invited the planning group of locals and expats to a meeting with tapas and the works at the end of Jan. We will among other things, discuss what to do after the day’s sightseeing to enjoy the long summer nights in Oslo.

You’ll all have an experience of a life time – so is this an offer you can refuse? Well, go and book right away then!

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36 thoughts on “Oslo Blog Gathering at First Millennium Hotel”

  1. And to the right:
    The modest “Father” of Oslo Blog Gathering 2010.

    I must say I wish all your readers and many more wellcome to Oslo 2010. I’ll do my best to guide and tell hidden stories only locals do know about

  2. Looks very nice…we visited Oslo in June and it is a beautiful place. I was shocked at the expense of everything! I loved it there even though. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. It was fun checking out this hotel with you, and it did finally get my approval! And of course I am a good photographer as well, you look very handsome in the reception. Think in just a few month this place will be filled with our friends! Yahoo!!

  4. OMG
    -20grC I will think on you ……….. LOL
    Its not normal but its in Europe on all places

    Enjoy your weekend
    (We can make a snowman 🙂


  5. Renny, this looks like a great opportunity to meet and learn. There is a possibility that we might attend – we do have a business meeting in Oslo this summer. We will try to schedule it around this date, to be able to attend.

    Btw, I am no longer on SU, or digg. Find me on Twitter @miguelstil when you have an urgent message 🙂 or just leave a message on my blog, as you already did.

    Happy New Year from Germany!

  6. I just found your blog a few weeks ago and I am enjoying traveling with you. Great pictures and I like that you include the cuisine. Can’t wait to hear what you learn from this history venture. I thought it fantastic the hotel manager took an interest in the gathering and is providing information.

    Thanks for letting us tag along. Sandi

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