The Magic of extreme cold and snow at Oslo Fjord

The beauty of nature becomes clear on a sunny winter day. In Oslo, Norway, we’ve had the loveliest weather with fresh, crisp air (-15C to -25C = 5F to -13F) for the last week. With quite a bit of snow as well, the atmosphere and the lightening calls for a photo hunt or two. So my wife (DianeCA) and I have had plenty of quality time this weekend as we love to enjoy the crystal clear scenery and we gladly take you with.

As natural Norwegians, we seek the sea and then of course the area around Oslo Fjord is perfect. On Saturday we were up early and went to our favourite island, Kalvøya and this photo is taken at sunrise a bit after 9AM:

The Magic of extreme cold and snow at Oslo Fjord #1

I’ve mad a lot of posts from this island (From frozen Paradise to hot summer beaches in Oslo Norway) and also demonstrated the significant four seasons. Allow me again to give an example from yesterday and the same place from last summer (I’m sure you’ll sort out the right season 😆 )
The Magic of extreme cold and snow at Oslo Fjord #4 Hot summer at the beach in Oslo Norway #2
I assume you agree there is a significant difference from January to July 😉

Then we went on of Oslo’s boat harbour from where I’ve posted; Boats in hibernation on winter docks in Norway. There you can read how they keep the water from freezing during winter:
The Magic of extreme cold and snow at Oslo Fjord #22
Notice the icy fog coming from the fjord.

Since pics say more than a thousand words and I have posted it at Flickr, here is a slide show – enjoy:

Then today we went to Bygdøy, the island where you’ll find the Folk Museum, the Viking Museum, the Maritime Museum etc. and of course beaches:
The Magic of extreme cold and snow at Oslo Fjord #11
This pic is taken at 1:30PM – The sun is low in the horizon (sets at 3:30PM)

Here is a slide show from our lovely beach day:

I end up this week’s quality time with my wife at the Oslo Fjord by the Maritime Museum:
The Magic of extreme cold and snow at Oslo Fjord #5
Taken 12:30PM

Another slide show from my Flickr account:

The Scandinavian people know how to enjoy all the four seasons. As I have said many times, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. And with a good layering of wool you can be out in -20 degrees Celsius and still not be cold. It is a natural part of life in the north, and you can see this in how the children and the animals are looking forward to going outside to play. The snow was like powder and perfect for having a good time, and the sunshine was warm on our faces even though the temperatures were quite low.

Sometimes in taking my photographs I get a bit carried away – I have to get down where the action is you know. Here is a little vid from my wife (DianeCA) showing the action during our photo hunt:

You should go visit her blog to see Diane’s catch from our adventures!

Many were also out getting sunshine these past two days because here our daylight time is still quite short, and around Christmas we had a lot of snow, and therefore not that much sun, so everyone was charging their batteries. We as creatures of this earth need the sunshine and the fresh air, and even to get used to the cold in order to keep us healthy and happy. I do hope that you have been out enjoying the weather wherever you are as well.

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44 thoughts on “The Magic of extreme cold and snow at Oslo Fjord”

  1. My husband just got on a plane today to fly from Sydney australia to Oslo. it is the middle of summer here 40 degrees today and incredibly hot, and looking at your photos i dont think he took enough warm clothes!

  2. Wonderful winter photos, but you know me: now I’m fed up with the winter and really, really want the spring to come! Yes, the snow is beautiful with it’s glitter, but I’m craving some warmer sunlight now 🙂

  3. I hope someone official in Oslo appreciates what a tremendous piece of advertising you are doing for the city and sponsors your upcoming venture accordingly.

  4. Oh. Hope the temperature of Oslo in August is warm. I’m making plans to visit you. I would have to request to borrow you from Diane to keep warm if it is this cold then. hahaha…..

  5. breath taking views!! and the video that diane took was great!it was good to see you and hear her voice at the same time.

    more power to you guys this year!!

  6. have anyone ever told you that you take awesome pictures?

    well imma say it again.

    you take awesome pictures. really AWESOME ones.

    especially the one of the sunrise you took in the morning! oh that’s totally beautiful! 😀

  7. My favorite spot was the little wooden pier under the tree (of the first picture), and the rocks around it where you can be all by yourself and nature. Sweet trip down the memory lane 🙂

  8. Now that I live so much closer to you, Renny, here in Holland, I can totally identify with this post! I walk outside every day (though we don’t have as much snow as you) and Astrid and I walk together every weekend. Our town is a citadel which we can walk around in less than an hour…a perfect walk. I can imagine taking pictures of it in all the seasons! This weekend we plan to train to Amsterdam to walk on the frozen canals…something I never saw while I was there. It will be a real memory for us both!

  9. Your photos just get better and better, Renny ~ absolutely beautiful stuff . . . thanks for making me feel better about the cold. It sure can be pretty! Now I just need warmer clothes. 🙂

  10. Its here cold
    but on your place its COLDER
    Soooooooooooo cold
    I send you a warm breeze ………… LOL
    Amazing snow shots thanks for sharing !!!

    (Its here snowing again 🙁 I wish it was spring …;)
    I’m not a winter person !!

    Have a nice evening
    Anya 🙂

  11. What a beautiful series of pictures. It does look cold and here in Georgia we do not have the clothes, the cars, the houses for that type of cold or snow. But I love looking at your pictures.

  12. Wonderful photos as always!! I can’t wait to see your new camera in action (and to take over the Nikon hahaha!!) Thank you for encouraging me to go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather. I am so glad we didn’t sleep away the weekend!

  13. Every time I see your pics of Norway I say to myself: I really have to go there! This time no different. The beach is beautiful in every season! I’m one of those people that doesn’t hate winter, on the contrary…

  14. lovely pictures as always. the low slant of the sun casts such a lovely glow to everything.

    last week i used your motto about no bad weather just bad clothing. my car needed to go to the shop which meant i had to drop it off and walk the 3 miles to work. it happened to be on what has so far been the coldest day of the season for us. people thought i was a bit crazy but i dressed properly so i was very comfortable.

  15. Beautiful photos and vids, Renne. I’ve been too busy with work since before Christmas, so haven’t had the chance yet to get out for a ski or a walk in the woods but am hoping to do that one day this week. I’m so grateful for the sun this year! Totally different to last winter. You’re right about the clothes—I need new gloves and boots for this weather! This winter, my fourth, is my favorite so far in Norway.

  16. The clear days have been a blessing! We’ve been taking the opportunity to ride as much as possible, and it’s so amazing to go through these white silent fairytale forests on horseback. Cold toes when we get home, but worth the adventure!

  17. Looks so beautiful even in those temperatures. At least the sun comes out and you can slightly feel it’s warmth. In Bremen it’s shades of grey and a rare showing of sun.

  18. The colors in your first picture of the morning light is amazing. The wide range of subtle color is very lovely.

    But I’m afraid that is too cold for me. Just as you might suffer from our hot summers I would suffer from your winters. Extremes of temperature require some acclimation.

  19. Hi, thank you for the pictures and story – it’s perfect. Kalvoya is also my favorite island in the world for all seasons. I spent a lot of time there during my 2 years at BI. And I love the snow and the pleasant cold weather of Norway fjord. I am from Vietnam by the way. Tusen takk. LH

  20. Lovely photos as always, Renny. I love the snow and wish we had more, but we’ve only had a dusting. Very cold here though, down to 2F on a couple of nights and not getting above freezing in the daytime for the last 10 days. I love the Winter time!

    Have a great week, you and Diane. 🙂

    Love and hugs,


  21. It’s cold here in FL too. yesterday we had 29F and that’s way to cold. The turtles, manatees and Leguans have big problems to survive. But of course, it’s never that cold like by you in Norway. The pictures are beautiful, Renny!

  22. The light is amazing!

    The crisp blue sky when the temperature is extremely low is something I love in Nordic countries and in Canada. At least, we have light and a nice sun, even though it’s cold and sunset is early. I didn’t like the grey winters in France.

    We have similar temperatures here right now in Canada. I still go out and take pictures though!

  23. It’s beautiful, but I couldn’t live in that cold. I don’t care how much wool there is for warmth. I like three seasons…spring, summer and some of fall. I can do without winter.

    Have a terrific day and stay warm. Big hug to you and Diane. 🙂

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