Golden sky beach beauty in Scandinavia

The pure natural beauty of nature in the significant four seasons and seasonal lighting fascinates me. Early or late sunset in winter vs. summer time in Scandinavia adds another dimension. Looking out of the window last night at 9PM gave a great reminder. My wife and I are at our vacation home and Sweden and inspired by the special sky we hurried to the local beach for a photo hunt. We’ll gladly take you along and hope you find it worth while:
Golden sky beach beauty in Scandinavia #1

Going crazy with my new Cannon Power Shot G11, let me share some of the shots from today (click to bigify & enjoy!):
Golden sky beach beauty in Scandinavia #6 Golden sky beach beauty in Scandinavia #2
Golden sky beach beauty in Scandinavia:
Golden sky beach beauty in Scandinavia #5 Golden sky beach beauty in Scandinavia #8

This is our favourite photo hunting beach in our “home away from home” in Mariestad. My regular readers know I love to play in posts with photos from the same spot in different seasons. Let’s start with one from tonight’s golden sky:
Golden sky beach beauty in Scandinavia #3

Then the difference from spring (now) to fall, then winter and at last a hot day for tanning: Amazing to observe this is the same place, don’t you agree?
Fall at Lake Vänern in Sweden #2 Winter at Lake Vänern in Sweden #1
Left: Fall gives golden beauty too! Right: Winter with nice fresh and crisp air!

Ekudden Beach #8
Summer time – even topless tanning.

The days are growing longer here in Scandinavia, with the sun not going down until almost 9:30 in the evening. Soon it will be summer and the nights will be lighter than any other time of the year. I do hope you will soon be experiencing this with us at the Oslo Blog Gathering 2010. If you haven’t done so already check out the program and join the team!!

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22 thoughts on “Golden sky beach beauty in Scandinavia”

  1. Well we need to know how many are invited, what types of seafood, will there be a buffet, or just Appetizers to nibble on, will there be a sit down dinner. This all plays in to how we can assist you in figuring out how much per person you will need…

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. The colors are so lovely that the pictures look more like paintings. I also like the trees which could be made of lace. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Simply wonderful and fascinating my dear friend.
    As far as can recall, we have been there all seasons but the Spring. Am I right? Ok, during Ester, but that’s not like it is these Days.

    Hope we could join you in Mariestad for some Days during the Summer, before the OsloBG. Second half of July?

  4. We’re experiencing the same long days with you, Renny, going to bed when it’s still not totally dark yet. Thank God for thick drapes! 🙂 And I do love the spectacular photos you’re getting with your little G11 camera. I know your love it.

  5. Nice to learn you take now good time in Mariestad with Diane! I am impresse to see how different are the same landscapes depending of the season! The colours, the atmosphere! We are nothing similar here south of France!
    I can’t wait now to taste the Scandinavia night during the OBG!!!

  6. Gorgeous! I saw the pictures on Flickr and I would have guess it was taken in some sunny exotic island if I didn’t know better!

    These sunsets are stunning.

  7. These are beautiful pictures, and I like seeing how different places look during the 4 seasons too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve had quite a hard time keeping up with everything this year…also discovered Twitter and got a little too into it at one point. A great tool but a little too easy to let everything else go. This spring I decided I missed the blogging world. I may not spend as much time on it as I used to, but am going to try to keep up a bit.

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