I’m not new to this, but wanted to start all over again. Trying, experimenting and exploring this new way of communicate with the world. If I don’t exite you right away, bear with me. I will go on trying and give you some of my life in this Cyber Space way.
So stay tuned, there will be more and more and more!
Renny :-)


  1. Good luck Renny. I think it is a fun way of communicating with the World and hopefully, spreading the EUCIP word!


  2. Thanks PJ, you are the first to comment my blog and you know I apriciate that a lot! I’ve already had a lot of nice experiences in this new way of communicating with the World and are looking forward to expand my horizion as well as spreading the EUCIP word and everything else that interest me. So stay tuned!
    Renny :-)

  3. Hello! I enjoyed your blog. Never had a chance to visit Norway, but felt that I’m experiencing Norwegian culture through your blog. I met with people who from Norway, they said that weather especially winter time is very similar with my country (Mongolia).
    Again, very nice blog.

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