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My model of the Earth

Today I learned about the mysterius word: Terella – A model of the Earth designed to illustrate the magnetic field. From the net I found this about the phenomeno:
Electromagnetic waves led to radio and television, and to a huge electronic industry. But they are also generated in space – by unstable electron beams in the magnetosphere, as well as at the Sun and in the far-away universe, telling us about energetic particles in distant space, or else teasing us with unresolved mysteries.

In Norway, aspecially on a clear winter night, you can easely see this in the Northern Lights, described as: “Of all naturally occuring heavenly phenomena, few come close to a night with a magnificent northern lights display. Flickering curtains of dancing light against the dark skies, northern lights is certainly one of the most spectacular of nature’s phenomena.” See a wonderful picture of this in the links in this article below!

And of course there was a Norwegian who started the surch of this phenomena: “Birkeland published the first realistic theory of the northern lights, the main point being that electrically charged particles ejected from the sun are captured by Earth’s magnetic field and directed towards the polar atmosphere. To prove his theory, Birkeland performed his famous “Terella” experiment, where he artificially created the aurora – and by doing so he amazed the entire scientific community.” Copied from the linked site of this article.

Update – links:
Nother Lights – about Birkeland and his Terella
Wikipedia about Terrella and
about William Gilbert, Terrella inventor in the 15 sentury.

Welcome to Norway to experience this magic yourself!

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  1. Looking at your profile holding a plate in your hand and asking what is Terella, I thought it was a norvegian recepee ! To my surprise it wasn’t. Don’t think I am especially keen on cooking, but I am always interested in other country’s food. No really I learned a lot and it must be beautiful to see it. I have never seen a northern light, but there is still hope, I already have an invitation to Finland. I have a travel blog, last theme “Amsterdam”

    Thank you for this comments and because of that I have changed my ‘About me’ link at the side bar, so that everyone can see a Terella!
    You and every one is welcome to Norway to experince the lovely Nothern Lights of course. Please tell me in advance so that I can give you some advice and maybe see you. Bloging connets people you know:-)

  2. Interesting scientific post. My first experience of amazing Nordic Lights was in late September, in Iceland. We had beautiful sunny weather all (still) long day and around midnight, the show started. “Show” is a little word to express the moment of incredible beauty and grace. The huge golden Manta Ray flying slowly through the skies, the multicolor organza stripes of gold falling from heaven and most of all, the complete SILENCE. For the non-believers like me, it would almost give me an idea of what could be an encounter with god…

  3. Can you really see the northern light from everywhere in Norway? Isn’t it just in the north as it is in Sweden?

    Never the less, it’s a fantastic phenomena and I hope to experience it some day :-)

    We didn’t see it when we were in Iceland, because we were there in June and the best time to see it there is in the autumn, late September as Cath says.

    You can, but very seldom, see it in the south part as well, but it has to be in the clear late, fall night. I have never seen it very clear either.

  4. Dear RennyBA,
    Thank you for your comment on my site.
    If you would like to know about me, please click the following link

    I would like to wish you, your family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous Happy New Year with Peace, Love and Joy.
    God bless you!

    Your welcome – I liked your blog and thanks for returning the favour. Its always great to welcome new visitors you know!
    I wish you a nice and happy one too and welcome back!

  5. Hello Renny BA. It was quite an experience for me being here. The Northern Lights is indeed one of the amazing phenomenas. Wow!

    Thanks for stopping by – always great to see new readers and glad you found some of interest!

  6. The attacks on our magnetic shield from recent sun and deep space supernova explosions may change the life on earth by 2012.

  7. Renny, thank you for all of your wonderful information! My son has been living in Bergen for 4 months and has absolutely loved it! He is being moved to Narvik in the middle of the month and I was worried about how cold it would get, clothing he might need, etc. Your information has been so helpful! Thank you!!

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