The moon is shining so brightly

On my way from home to the office yesterday, I obeserved a lovely fall scenery – the moon was shinging so brightly. I was thinking: why worship the sun as it shines only at day when daylights after all? The sun is much braver and helpfull as shining at night! So I had to capture this fenomena and as easy as always, I used my celluar phone camera. It was 7:21 AM and to quote Louis Armstrong: “Ohhh what a beautiful morning, oh what a wonderful day”:-)

We are moving against the winter season in Norway and then the days are short and it is fairly cold. But the Norwegians saying is: “there is no such as bad weather, only bad cloths”. So we manage and really are enjoying the mysterius snow covered landskape. And of course we should ->we all are born with skies on they say:-)

How cold is it and how dark/bright is it then? Well from the net I’ve found some facts and figures from the 18th of November 2005:
UV Index: 0 Low – Wind: From NW at 5 mph – Humidity: 56% – Pressure: 30.06 in. – Dew Point: 23°F – Visibility: 6.2 miles.
And the sun set and rise: 8:22 AM – 3:39 PM.

Some may ask: Isn’t Norway the Land of the Midnight Sun? The answer is yes of course, but it is up north – on top of the world. At that part the sun is not up from November to February, but then again the sun never set in the summer time. Imagion a place where there are far below freezing in the winter and a natrual posibilety to get tanned at 2 AM. It’s a great place for candle light lovers in the winter and a place to charge you’re soule batteries day and nights in the summer time.

Don’t miss the chance to visit the mystifying country!