City on Fire – Oslo, Norway at dawn.

I had some more quality time with my wife the other day. Living in a suburb we took the express buss to work. We do not talk that much during the ride as we are waking up together. Besides, I usually read the news paper and she got her peek on the headlines too. We started at 7:30 AM and the morning broke in a lovely, colourful way. Approaching the Oslo city, the sky was on fire. We both agreed this was a wonderful view and of course as easy as always, I captured some of the fascinating scenery with my mobile phone camera. Conveniently, I used my wife as a tripod to have the very best result:

Isn’t this beautiful, powerful and electrically fascinating. Again I was thinking of Luis Armstrong: “Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day”. The marked places in front are quiet and people are walking behind us rushing to work and not noticing anything but the time and getting in the office at the right time. On the left side you see Oslo Dome Church, at least the tower. The Dome was built in 1697 and the most spectacular ceremony happened last, was when our Crown Prince Håkon Marius, married the coming Queen. You find more information about the church by clicking here.

My wife and I went our separate ways, but I could not let go the wonderful view and shot some more which I gladly share with you:

Tomorrow it’s Thanksgiving, which means nothing for an ordinary Norwegian. But I married to an American, and we will have turkey on a family gathering. Stay tuned, I might share the celebration later!