Advent Calendar – The Anticipation of Christmas.

I had an SMS from Mom today sending me an Advent hug. That brought up a great deal of good memories from my childhood for December. Each year my sister and I had an Advent Calendar and we competed over who could open the morning’s flaps first. We also had a candle, a long white one, with a mark for each day. It was placed on the breakfast table and when the day’s portion was burned, it was about time to go to school. The holiday season was also the time for orange from Palestine and Mom put one in our lunch bag of course. When we came home from school there was this Christmas smell in the house as she often had baked one of the seven traditional types of cookies or some of the assorted meat delicacies. Day by day the anticipation became stronger and the big evening closer as the were fewer and fewer flaps left.

I found a collection of net calendars at *Michelle’s Mental Clutter* Blog which brought up these memories in me. I hope Michelle excuse me for copying!

Advent Calendar 2005 – each day contains a happy Christmas memory, a holiday link, and something special!
Advent Calendar featuring daily meditations and pieces from the crèche exhibit at Washington National Cathedral
2005 Interactive Advent Calendar by Q-Creative Multimedia
World Christmas Customs Advent Calendar
Happy Holidays from Castle Arcana – daily stories and accompanying an increasingly festive holiday scene
Animated Rooney Design Christmas Advent Calendar
tibi+beens Animated Christmas Calendar

Memories are a grown up’s best friend and the anticipation for the Holliday Seasons are one of the best I think.