Office Christmas Party Season

An important ingredient for Christmas anticipation is all the parties going on with co-workers, friends and other acquaintances. Tonight I was out with members of the IT strategic work group in the Norwegian Computer Society. After a whole year of intense work to provide our member a variety of rocket science or cutting edge subjects, we thought we deserved a memorable end to the year. We are all looking forward to this annual tradition where the social network and enjoying each others company is topped off with culinary delight. The more we drink – and eat of course – the more satisfied we are about ourselves, our work and the outcome of the year.

In Norway we call this Christmas table, a long tradition habit from the raw Vikings who needed to get through the dark winter period and lack of vitamins, proteins and other needed fuel for their bodies. The only difference now is the costumes – we wear sports jackets and ties – and very few wear a hunting knife or at least use them to sort out differences. We usually debate nowadays, although I can’t remember the main issues for tonight. I am sure we solved a whole lot of world’s most important challenges though.

At these parties, they often serve traditional Norwegian Christmas food, like pinnekjøtt, rakfisk, ribbe or lutefisk. It taste like shit, but you can live on itJ If you like to see some of the stuff, e.g. rakfisk, take a look at Oslo_Foodie!

We were at Aker Brygge, Norwegian largest shipyard, turned into a more convenient party facility. Opposite Aker Brygge is the Oslo City Hall which is shimmering in the night.

There are 17 days to Christmas Eve and some more Christmas Parties to go!