Hole in One

Golf is out of season in Scandinavia at Advent due to the deep frozen ground and normally a couple of feet of snow on top. But my wife and I were at our vacation house in Sweden this weekend and it brought up some memories. At the doorstep we found the local golf club magazine for Christmas and guess what was one of the headlines: I was one of only two club members who have had a Hole in One this year. Even if it was a bit cold and dark outside, I easily remembered that day, the 12th of July when I had my first Hole in One at the hole 16th with my iron 5 club. A lovely warm sunny day and another quality time with my wife. Closing my eyes and thinking of it, I could remember that exciting moment when the ball 165 meter ahead disappeared in the ground and this time by the flag. I remember the smell of grass, the brightness in the sky and the sensational feeling. Time stood still and I was so very much alive – me at my best.

On Saturday we visited the club house and found this shield with my name on – as you can see in the picture. I know it is bragging, but I wanted to give you the proof of the pudding. And no, I don’t have a problem hearing – it is my hands free headset :-) as I always am ready for connecting with people.

The rest of the weekend was dedicated to Christmas preparation as we where shopping, decorating the house and prepared for our stay with the rest of the family the week between Christmas and New Year. As we walked through the city decorated for Christmas with lights and Santa in all size and shapes announcing their gift suggestions, my mind took me back to my childhood. The advent time and the anticipation, the smell of ‘gløgg’ (a warm Scandinavian Christmas drink) and smiling faces all over the town. It’s less than two weeks to the big evening and I’m glad I’m as childish as to feel it touch my heart and soul. The life would be less worth living without this advent sensation and that goes for my first Hole in One too:-)

Update July 21st 2008
A blog friend: Speedcat Hollyday in Minnesota, US is a great golfer too!

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  1. Hi Renny! What a cool post :-)

    My hole in one was at the age of 15 … playing by myself one afternoon at Greenhaven Golf Course in Anoka MN. It was a horrible topped shot, but it rolled a long way – and right into the cup!!!!
    At first I thought it went over the green, but alas, after a search I checked the hole. THERE IT WAS.
    I quickly looked up to see if anyone was around to tell them, but the course was silent.

    As your moment of golf history will always be a vivid memory, so will mine. 33 years ago and it seems like yesterday.

    Thanks for the link, I enjoyed reading this, and “re-living” my own hole in one.

    I will finally be getting a high speed connection next week, and will bne able to visit more sites with regularity … as you know my slow computer and dial-up combo has made it almost impossible to load your page, mainly because you have slide shows / flash on many posts. I have stopped here many times and then had to shut down in the past.
    The link was perfect … this post must be about 100k.

    I’ll be here more often soon ;-)
    Hello from Minnesota!
    Eric “SpeedyCat” Hollydale

    PS: I think I will add this to my post, hope that’s OK
    Happy weekend!!!!

    Hi Eric, good to see you and you’re the first one to comment this old post – cool!

    Its always great to share excited experiences in Golf and I congratulate you with your HIO too!

    Welcome over to the Internet Highway – looking forward to see you more often :-)

  2. There are some golf clubs that I know/knew of here in Paradise that do winter golfing….

    Bright coloured golf balls and snowshoes…. and I’m not kidding !

    I’ve played a few times… I’m a sorta PAR 3 course kinda gal… out for the weather and just hoping not to bean anyone on the head ( wonder why my Dad won’t play with me… not that I’ve asked, but I can predict his frustraion factor)

    Speedy 15 + 33 …..HAHA.. Im younger than you are, but not by much. And the hubs is way older than us *lol*

  3. Renny…. have you seen the 2 videos that about Father Christmas… the Finnish version…. kinda scary , but yet……

    Lemme know… I had them as a part of my old blog page, but I havent them on my new format.

    If you want the links & they are still working, e-mail me at medstudentwife@gmail.com

    Christmas is still very magical in many ways, for me.. and its because for a day or two I stop thinking about “now” and focus into the magical of our past beliefs of the land…. hard to express.

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