I attended an early morning business network meeting today. On my way to the office afterwards I met this wonderful view in the horizon behind Akershus Fortress in Oslo. Another wonderful picture of blended sky on fire and of course I had to use my mobile phone to capture the phenomena. The town was quietly waking up to the 13th day of Advent and not only the anticipation for Christmas, but also the atmosphere was smoothly electrifying. The fortress is built on a hill in front of Oslo’s harbour; build in the 12th century to protect the capital of Norway. At the bay you can see some sailing ships still in use for tourists and sight seeing on the Oslo fjord and for learning new recruits to sail ships for the Norwegian fleet. You can also have one or two weeks manoeuvre as a civilian if you dare to climb the 160 feet high masts in storming weather. You’re welcome :-)

At the dock you can also see a fisher man offering his last night catch of fresh delicacies from the Oslo Fjord. Today it was cod, cat fish, flounder, shrimps and crabs. I was thinking I am glad I have an ordinary office job and don’t have to go out in the middle of a winter night to earn my living. Never the less, I love fishing and make my own sea food meals, but normally at holidays in the summer time.

With this wonderful and colourful experience as a great start to the day, I went to work thinking of how lucky I am being alive and able to capture a glance of this atmospherical sensation. It’s soon the darkest day of the year (the sun turns at the 23rd of December) but if you take notice, there are wonderful moments to catch. I count my blessings and am glad I can share some with you.

For you who would like to know more about this Akershus Fortress, you can take a look here!
If you like to know more about one of the ships: Norways Grandest Sailing Ambassador, look here!


  1. What a coincidence! My husband and I was at the same spot today where you took the picture. I am not sure but is that the Christian Radich boat? Fascinating boat.

    I like walking in this area. It relaxes me.I posted a little something about this area on my new post too.

  2. Hi Al – Great to hear a blogger friend find the same recreation in this wonderful aerea of Oslo too!
    Yes it was Norway’s Grandet Sailing Ambassador you saw. You Read more about this boat here: http://www.radich.no/eng/pgs/hovedsiden.html
    The pics and the story in you’re post today was great!

  3. something cheesy:……….

    I left my heart in Oslo, no doubt.
    One sunday after each other I never get bored walking in akerhaus area.

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