Golden dawn in Oslo

If you divide people into category A and B, where A are the ones who are early up in the morning, I am a C person :-). But as a public transportation fan, I can manage as I use the time on the bus waking up. Living in a suburb, we have a fantastic service in express busses bringing me to town in 20 minutes, while the cars are bumping away using twice the time. We still have great weather for the time being, so while morning is breaking at dawn, I couldn’t help but notice the wonder- and colourful sun in the horizon. My mobile phone camera is always ready for action and the pictures were taken from the buss at 9AM.

In front you see the boat jetty, empty in the wintertime, of course, since the sea is frozen, but overcrowded in the summertime. You can also see an eager biker, not being stopped from using his bike to work, even if the temperature is below freezing. Did I mention that we originally are Vikings :-).

It was a wonderful, quiet and peaceful morning filling my heart with gladness to its brim and I was humbling: Ohhh what a wonderful morning…. and the advent time is shortening, and the Christmas is soon here and the sun is turning, so soon it is spring again. What more can a Norwegian ask for?

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  1. Hi Renny! You are very good at seizing the moment! Taking lovely pictures to make the sunrise last forever. Keep on taking your life one day at a time, one minute at a time and you may just wind up being happy!!


  2. Hei Renny
    This place is very familiar is this by Bygdoy after the big round about? near the royal yacht club?

    if not wrong this is where I spent my time walking around.

    gee I will visit this page daily to see beautiful oslo.

    somebody asked me what I miss badly in Oslo.

    I SAID ITS THE LIGHT, that gives all hue to the skies.

    ha det renny

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