Nordic Santa Claus

The week between Christmas and New Year we are at our vacation home in Sweden. The small charming town of Mariestad is in mid Sweden and has a lot to offer for tourists. We’ve been here in our spare time for more than 5 years now. Situated near Vänern, Scandinavian’s largest lake, it holds a lot of exciting opportunities. In the summer season we go boating, swimming as well as golfing and relaxing bike trips. The other villages nearby have summer activities, the most exiting of which is the Medieval Festival.

In the winter season the area is into a sort of hibernation, but still amusing. Normally I hate shopping, but going around in the city and saying hello to the shop staff we know, is charming and fun. The anonymous big city atmosphere is changed to a family like neighbourhood where the services are at the highest standard.

The local craftsmen are often showing their creations in the park and today we saw this Nordic Santa Claus chainsaw sculpture. If this isn’t art! This old man has a characteristic wrinkled face and the right mysterious smile. His winter hat with pompom is so typical. In front he hold his lantern to light up the dark Christmas night as he sees to the best for the farmers animals and brings gifts for the children.
Reed more about this Nordic Santa Claus here!

Soon it is New Years Eve and tomorrow we will buy some fireworks for topping the celebration at midnight.