The long and winding road

After a wonderful Holliday and a smashing New Year celebration in Sweden, it was time to return to the land of the midnight sun – Norway. It was hard to leave our vacation paradise – it was quiet in the car. But we have had a pleasantly relaxing and exciting Holliday so I guess everyone was just counting their blessings. As we drove in quietness, getting closer to the Norwegian boarder, the sun was rising and gave a wonderful view. It was a couple degrees below freezing and the trees were covered with icy snow. I just had to stop around noon to capture the wonderful scenery:

Fighting the thoughts about getting back to work, I tried to keep the vacation feeling and said to my wife: entering a new year, we now can be looking forward to our summer vacation. Yes she said, but why not look forward to the coming weekend first? She was damn right! It’s a long time to the summer and in between there are plenty of recreations and quality time opportunities left. The winter time in Norway gives a lot of options for enjoying both indoors and outdoors family and friend activities. The nature is tempting and calls for a ski trip and the intimate atmosphere in the dark season calls upon candle light parties with good food and wine. I can hardly wait to experience it all and my wife’s reminders tell me to enjoy it one day at a time.

The way in the winter land is winding and long, but I’ll try to enjoy every minute as I want to be living in the here and now.