Oslo, Norway in White Silence

Walking around in Oslo, Norway – the Winter Wonder Land – this morning, it was in silence. You could hear a pin drop or I might say: the snow flakes falling. We’ve got back the normal winter weather for the season: – 6 degrees C and some snow. Horrible some will say, but I say wonderful ;-) One of the fascinating things about Nordic countries are the significant different between the four seasons. You cannot enjoy a sunny and warm day at the beach as good without experience a snowy, cold day. The only thing I miss was a day off to go skiing in the mountains.

The pavements are covered with snow, the branches on the trees are bare and the horizon is in a whiter shade of pale. These pics are from down town – silent right?
Walking from a meeting back to the office, I also noticed silence in the snow cowered sculptures on my way. In a funny, sleepy face, on the sculpture of Christian Krohg -August 13th 1852 – October 16th 1925 – who was a Norwegian naturalist painter, author and journalist.
Even the Lion – guarding the parliament – taken from The Coat of Arms of Norway, one of the oldest in Europe – was covered and looked freezing cold, but majestic. The last one I saw was this cute “Newspaper Reader” in front of VG, the biggest Norwegian tabloid paper. He was in white silence too, but still reading with pride and dignity.

Entering the office, I thought how lucky I was living in the land of the significant four seasons.

And then: in the evening I attended a meeting where a famous Norwegian blogger – Eirik Solheim – was giving a presentation. Among a lot of other things he has done is a season capture experiment. He had taken pictures after pictures throughout a whole year from the same spot in his living room window and put them together in a muvee. I strongly recommend you to see in Eirik Solheim’s blog!

Read more about Christian Krohg! If you like to read more about the Coat of Arms of Norway, click here.

I met this tiger the week later and could not resist sharing the cold wildness with you :-)