LifeMastering – a minute to learn, a lifetime to master

Inspired of an invitation from a good friend of mine Rune Semundseth, I subscribed to a brand new net service called Life Mastering. The main purpose of lifemastering™ is to transform your dreams to specific visions, goals and activities. It provides goal setting tools to unleash your potential in all the important areas of your life!

Can a man be free like a bird?
Like most others, I sometimes feel up and sometimes feel down. Sometimes I am sad and sometimes I am glad – even hysterically happy. I’ve noticed that mostly these feelings come from my perceptions – the strokes, good or bad – of what others might think or say too me. My actions, work or what I do, was driven by achieving acceptance from others. Instead of gaining energy, my life juice was draining and the harder I worked, the unhappier I was. In this stressful mode I was running away from myself and I forgot to notice the good things constantly coming up, course I had lost the ability of counting my blessings. Never satisfied, I was living I a world of “I am not good enough” and I’m not worth it. I was not free like a bird, but was living in a cage. But my rebellion child wanted it different, so I started to look for tools to mastering my life.

It works if you work it, so work it, you’re worth it.
Taking advantage of various situations like participating in courses, work groups, seminars and network activities, I worked with reduction in fears of what others might think, feel and mean about me. This includes attending “The Art and Science of Coaching course” from Erickson Collage. Day by day, step by step, I had a glance of what gives me energy and what drains it. This does not mean I consider myself as a coach as I am not yet certified, but I try to make use of a coaching approach in my work and daily life. I have gained a lot from that. As a salesman, a CIO or a CEO, I often function as a consultant – even a practitioner. In this I have felt it’s stressful always having to give advice and suggestion to other’s problem. Instead I have learned to guide the people passing my life in finding the solutions within themselves. I’ve started to listen instead of looking for the “right answer” within myself. This has opened my eyes to the fact that the answer lies within the owner of the challenge and cannot be solved by others. Mastering of Life is about finding your consciousness and belief systems toward positive changes in your life – a better life.

Why lifemastering™?
In trying to find my consciousness and belief systems, I was attracted to this new net service. I’m a newbie but have worked on my visions, my goals and my activity planner and have learned and experienced that “what you focus on, is what you get”. I believe in sharing knowledge, also personal experiences, and if this is a help for you too, my mission is completed. You’ll find Rune Semundseth’s webpage here and lifemastering™ here. At least listen to their introduction and judge for yourself!