Snow is in the air :-)

Finely we’ve got the real good snowy weather. The last week we’ve had around 1 meter or 3,2 feet of snow. The temperature mid day is around – 5 °C or 23 F and that’s what I call a perfect weather for skiing, skating and playing in the snow. This brings back memories from my youth when I was in my prime. I loved cross country skiing and ski jumping where I was the local champion. I also played on the local bandy team and normally we were winning – at least that’s how I remember it ;-). Other fun things to do were sledding and making angels in the snow. I can’t remember that it was cold, even if we were out the whole day. If we were hungry, we went into the closest house in the neighbourhood to have a sandwich and warm chocolate. So when we have this weather, I welcome the snow and recall my wonderful winter childhood.

Having my mobile phone camera handy, I had to capture this phenomenon of course. In this way I am able to share it with you, one of the reasons for this blog.

These two pics are taken with my Nokia 6680 while I was running to the express bus on Tuesday morning at 8:20AM. One can see it was a really heavy snow fall.

These pictures were taken on Friday, a bit earlier – at 7:20AM – together with my wife who was taking an exam in her social work study. We caught the buss at the last minute and had another quality time on our 30 minute trip. She was looking forward to her challenge and I was praising the weather. That means we did not talk that much but we snuggled together and tried to wake up and get ready for our duties of the day.
And then yesterday evening, we had another couple over for bridge and while cleaning the living room, I saw this beautiful view outside of the window. I had to capture it of course :-). For photography buffs: the first pic is taking with normal exposure time and the other with “night modus”. I leaned it on the window frame to hold it steady.

I have now downloaded all my pics taken with my Nokia 6680 mobile phone camera at flickr if you like to see the whole collection. Stay tuned – there will likely be more to come.