Frozen Paradise

Some of my regular visitors – especially those from the Far East and Asia – ask how we could survive in this winter wonder land as they see my snowy reports. I would say how could we not as it has a lot of fresh air and beautiful nature. Having another wonderful quality time with my wife today I’m glad I can give you the proof of the pudding. We had a walk on our paradise island where we go swimming in the summer and now it is frozen but still temping and relaxing.

I had my mobile phone (Nokia 6680) ready or course and in these first pics you see her feeding the birds on our way to the island.

From there we passed this funny “ducks crossing” sign and saw the beach covered in ice and snow.

The day was lovely, the time was precious and the view was so beautiful I just had to capture it. Sitting on a beach drinking coffee we talked about our life and how lucky we are to be able to experience this wonderful land of significantly different seasons. Of course we are able to recall and look forward to the warm summer time and the swim – the anticipation – when we are sitting on our frozen paradise.

We met a nice German girl who was visiting a friend in Oslo. She was photographing too and was especially fascinated by the rocks. I helped with some pics for her to be captured in the frozen paradise. In return she was willing to pose. I hope she will visit my blog and comment!

The name of the island we were visiting is Kalvøya meaning the island where they had calves in the summer. They even have a nude beach there! Take a look if you dare ;-) So it’s not only possible but lovely to live in the land of the midnight sun. You should all come and visit one day. Remember warm cloths are required but only in winter time!

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  1. I need to admit that it looks like a great place. Lovely snow landscapes. But I am sure I wouldn’t survive the cold! :-)

  2. Hei Renny! Beautiful Photos.

    Very true, here in winter wonderland — the air is crisp and fresh, the skies more dramatic, the nature fantastic. These are the things that makes me forget my being away from my family. :)

  3. Sidney: You would adapt after a while. People have lived here for thousens of years you know:-)

    Al: You said it! and this weekend we’ve got even more snow. Adding to you’re description: who can ask for more? :-)

  4. Wow! Magical. This is one thing I miss in India; the chill of winter, the warm fireplaces, and watching the stark beauty of snow and ice (I love the landscapes at night when the moon is bright).

    Thanks for the compliment and for reading some of my old posts too! I do agree with you: nothing is more romantic than a fully moon shining on snow in the dark winter night!

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