Yes I’m a Beatles fan, but most of all I’m fascinated of the nature and especially how the sun effects the scenery. Inspired of a famous blogger in Norway, I have started to take pics from my living room window in the evening after work. Eirik did the same over a year, and I recommend a visit to see the result.

In Norway, the winter wonder land, you have the privilege of seeing the sun painting wonderful picture in the sky as it stands low in the horizon. The most famous phenomena in this are The Northern Lights. Below I give you a link to a site describing it and from where I paste: “Of all naturally occurring heavenly phenomena, few come close to a night with a magnificent northern lights display. Flickering curtains of dancing light against the dark skies – northern lights – is certainly one of the most spectacular of nature’s phenomena.”

In the pictures I have taken over some days – with my Nokia 6680 of course – you don’t see the Northern Lights, but you se marvellous scenery of a dramatic and naturalistic painter: the nature itself!
These phenomena are also followed by the Norwegian Space Centre – you find the link below, who present themselves as: “a government agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. NSC promotes the development, co-ordination and evaluation of national space activities as well as supports Norwegian interests in the European Space Agency (ESA)”.
My fascination is not scientifically, but emotionally. Coming home from a hard day of work with a lot of stress in my body, I get reminded of the fact that we are luckily living in a wonderful world of beauty. It touches my heart and sometimes I can stand forever looking at the naturalistic drawing in the sky… until my wife says: “its dinner time” and I get reminded of what a wonderful wife and family I have too. So I count my blessing and try to live in the present observing the wonderful world around us as time goes by. We never live twice!

I’ve captured on film with my Nokia 6680 the wiev from my livingroom window early this morning – enjoy:

I also took some pics with my mobile phone this morning:

Update #2:
My blog friend Al has captured the same phenoma in a beautful way which I strongly recomand looking at here!


  1. the pictures are really amazing! The mixture of colours in the sky looks brilliant!

  2. Thanks Chas – yes the diamonds are right in front of you if you care for noticing the beauty of nature you know:-)

  3. Hei Renny, I was on the way to the cabin just last week when I told my husband that it seems that the sky is burning! It was beautiful. Like I said before, I have never seen skies so dramatic as the skies of Norway.

  4. It´s Nico from NokiaLand, Finland. You found my nokia blog and invited me to take a look at your personal blog. Thanks for the tip!

    The photos are great. The cameraphone pictures are great. Well, I won´t sell my Canon, but anyway…

    I have also been experimenting shooting video with my new phone (Nokia N70). The quality is much better than on my previous phone (Nokia 6630).


  5. Al: I’m glad you are a kind of person who notice the important things in the nature – it’s both beautiful and dramatic.

    Nico: Thanks for the compliments! Yes the Nokia mobile phone camera is great and I am glad a proud that it’s made by Scandinavians – the Finish of course – with the SISU! My wife has a 6630i and it make quite good pics too. It goes in the family you know :-)

  6. sha in athens missing oslo

    this is so bewitching this is what i miss of norway

    al said I should move there ;-)

  7. Hello Mr Networking.
    Don’t be depressed beacause of the Norwegian results in the Olympic Wintergames in Torino.
    It’s more important to be in good shape yourself.
    Your Blog has a lot of interesting pictures, movies and music. You have lots of interesting stories to tell, so keep up your good work.
    In Cyberspace you meet Cyber People, In Real Life you meet Real People.
    We’ll meet again, both in Cyberspace and in Real Life.

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