A Doll in the Winter Wonder Land

We’ve had an unusual visitor this weekend. A little girl named Olivia Dalyla who is a doll made by a family member from the US. My sister in law is studying for teaching and has a project to show how you can travel around and experience nice things around the world. Tomorrow the doll will be sent to Illinois for new adventures.
Her mother did not send any appropriate clothes for exploring the winter wonder land so we made her a nice snow suit. Above you see her before and after getting ready for winter adventures.
So we had a special tourist friend to show around in Oslo today and with lovely, sunny weather too. At first we went to Holmenkollen Ski Jump up in the mountain, close to the city. It is the famous ski jump from the Olympics in 1952. Nearby we also introduced her to our former King Olav V who was very sporty both skiing and sailing. He also won a gold medal in sailing in the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam.
After this slightly scary jump, we went to Vigeland Park and Olivia vas introduced to the sculptures. The most famous is the angry boy – the pics to the left.
Olivia was delighted about the snow, the sun, the nature and the atmosphere and staring until her eyes nearly popped out of the beauty. As I have written in an article before: Vigeland Park is just beautiful and not as erotic as you might think :-).
All this pics were taking with my Nokia 6680 and to mix it all together with some typical Norwegian music (Edvard Grieg, ‘The Wedding March’ from Peer Gynt), I made a movee which I gladly share with you.

So now we hope Olivia will have a nice trip back to the US. The rumours about her trip is already running, but don’t tell her mom as she want to describe the adventures herself :-)
Olivia is a part of an international literacy and communication activity for primary and junior students, teachers and families and called “Flat Stanley Project”. Please visit their site to see how this assignment can be used to open up the whole world to children! If you want to meet one of Olivia’s Big Friend Kim, click here! If you like to see the rest of the 33 pictures we took this wonderful and exciting day, you may click here.
As to my referrals in the article, read more about King Olav V here, Edvard Grieg here and Vigeland Sculpture Park here.