Today I’ll tell you about the most historical buildings in Oslo. During a business meeting on Wednesday we talked about my blog, so my host kindly let me take some pics from their office windows. It was in the middle of the city with some fine historical buildings around. You will find links at the end if you would like to learn more.

To the left is The National Theatre who had its first performance on September the 1st 1899. My first experience in the theatre ages ago was ‘A Dolls House’. The second picture is from the front of University of Oslo, founded in 1811. I haven’t studied there, but have attended a gala where a Nobel Peace Prize winner got his award in the eighties.

When I was walking back to the office, I passed in front of the theatre and of course I had to capture two of the most famous authors in Norway, Henrik Ibsen (e.g. “A Doll House” from 1879) and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson (winner of the Nobel Price in literature in 1903).

I’m proud to be able to show you these historical monuments from Oslo, the capital of Norway. But what touched my heart and gave me a thrill money can’t buy, was when I heard children having fun ice skating. Can’t you see they are having a ball, skating around on the rink challenging their ability and making more and more spectacular figures on the ice? They where singing and laughing as they where experiencing a happy day in the Winter Wonder Land.

It brought back the memories from my childhood of course and I remembered those happy and care free years in my life when everything was pure and innocent as I felt I was free like a bird. This time I had to go back to work in the adult world though, but I carry the memories in my heart and are counting my blessing for a wonderful life.

Links: The National Theatre, University of Oslo, Henrik Ibsen and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson.


  1. It looks like a nice city.
    I need to add this city on the list of places I need to see before I die ! :-)

  2. Great site, Ren! Its very informative….Keep up the good work!

  3. nice pics. actually all the snow in bergen is gone and now its more like spring is surely around the corner

  4. Sidney: You’re welcome any time and please tell me when you are coming – I’ll gladly show you around!
    Wena: Thanks – good to hear from another cytizen too :-)
    Chas: Sorry you are out of snow – we gladly share some of ours with you as we have more than a meter now!

  5. Although I was in Oslo for ONLY 3 MONTHS this is the city that captured my heart.
    Amazing I could for hours and hours and do not get bored.
    Ha det

  6. I was in Oslo today and have seen a lot of these historical sites. I was showing around a friend from Berlin. I must admit that there is always something to rediscover in Oslo. :)

  7. Of course I’m a Los Angeles wimp when it comes to the weather (my blood has thinned from when I lived in the SF Bay Area and NYC)… but I love the wonderful “tour” you’re giving us of your beautiful city. I hope to visit it someday… and take the same cool route “Olivia” took! :)

  8. Schatzli: Glad you liked Oslo and welcome back again!
    Al: Yes Oslo is sweet and small but always exciting. Hope you’re friend liked it too!
    Madley: My wife is from the US and do understand you. Pay us a visit please – it’s nice and warm in the summer time and then you could see Al too and we could both guide you around :-)

  9. well its okay and I’ve been to Oslo for only 3 days but I am itching my way back to Bergen. But i will pay another visit as my bestfriend will moved there

  10. It’s so magnificent there! I’m a sucker for historical places… The older and the more ruins-like, the better… And yeah, nothing beats childhood days… Oh I wanna go back to those good old days!

  11. Renny, my friend loved Norway and she will be coming back in the summer. I showed her some of the places that you have posted here…
    To Madley, you are welcome to Norway any time! Maybe Renny and I will take turns showing you around. :)

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