Heaven and Hell

Tonight I will make it sweet and short. We’ve got wonderfully loads of snows the last couple of days and as you know: I just love it! It’s falling down so quietly, making the scenery so much brighter. It’s tempting and inviting for joy, play and lots of fun. This is what met me when I opened the door this morning:
But it also causes trouble at least if you like to get to work on time. After almost half a meter of snow last night, there were quite a few neighbours who used a lot of time trying to find their car or trying to shovel their way out.
I just love it and memories go back to childhood when I could ski to school and skate and play with friends in the afternoon. Today I had to go to work thought, and thank God the buss was on time.
The last pic is from the entrence of the house. Look how nicely the children have shoveled. I’m looking forward in 3 month from now, to show you how the scenery will change to a warm and lively place – believe me:-)