Boats in Hibernation

Trying to wake up on the bus to work the other day, in lovely sunshine, I saw the boats lying at the harbour. It’s cold, icy and they are covered in snow of course. Its winter time and we’ve had more snow than for the last 50 years in the Oslo area. I had to grab my Nokia Mobile Phone camera of course. These had to be captured to show the world how the boats look in hibernation :-)

I was thinking, how could the owners be that cruel to leave them in the cold? But then again the owner had other things to do as they where probably busy shovelling the snow from the roof of their houses or trying to find their covered cars. I was after all glad I found the bus this morning.

This is actually also an experiment from me. I have finally decided to change from Explorer to Firefox and it’s a huge improvement I think. I just love this browser with all its helpful features, the tab manager and all the toolbar facilities.

But back to the pictures (click on them to enlarge!): Be aware of that they are taken form inside the bus and that there are some reflections from the windows as the sun is low in the horizon this time of the year. It’s the land of the midnight sun you know, but we get more and more daylight every day. I can hardly wait to show you the nature waking up for a new spring season again.

A week after, I took some more pics of boats in hibernation and as you can see, there are quite a few who use their bikes to work even in the snowy, winter time. Crazy Norwegians you might say :-)

And before I end this story: maybe you would like to see the icicles from the roof of our house.

It’s sertenly a nice view, but still scary to hear the roof creacikng under the weight of so much snow :-)