Through the streets of Oslo

On my way to the annual meeting at The Norwegian Association of Masters of Science, I went through the streets of Oslo. It was a lovely, sunny weather but still cold (just above freezing) since the winter continues in Norway. I have told you that this blog would among a lot of things in my daily life, be a chronicle about our significant four seasons. This afternoon I saw some signs of spring and I could not resist capturing some and sharing it with you. The pictures are again taken with my Nokia mobile phone – please click to enlarge!

First to give you the right atmosphere and show you that king winter is still in charge, I show you again the lovely ice skating rink in the middle of the town in front of the parliament. There is still a lot of snow around as you can see.

But then a spring sign: The outdoor street cafés are popping up all over. For the guests to survive the cold they are covered with awnings and on the wall beneath, you have a glance of the heaters. Some without heaters and less covered (to the right) have less guests and they are well dressed up for the season. But they are sitting outdoors and that is a tiny little sign of spring for us Norwegians.

Some cafés are even escalated their services by offering the guests extra blankets on the chairs. These are mostly used by smoking guests since you are not allowed to smoke inside a public building in Norway. Another spring sign is that the street troubadours are invading the city of Oslo. To the right you see an Englishman singing the song inspiring me to give this post the title – the song of Ralph McTell: “Streets of London”. So spring will soon be here and I will let you know when it is for real. In the mean time I like you to enjoy the rest of the winter time in anticipation with me :-)

But my most important message today is to say thank you so very much to the lovely person – Chas – who have done the makeover of my blog. He sais he is still working on it, so please come back to see it. Visit his blog and give him the credit he deserve: !

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  1. i am particularly interested on how you became a CEO… what books you read, what it took to be one, what discpline (if there is) should be practiced well…

    i want to make it big in the business field…

    which particular list are you referring to?

  2. The layout suited your blog perfectly!

    …. I am really looking forward to summer. Winter was really beautiful this season but it has been really really really long.

  3. i love european cafés by the street. just the perfect ambience for some smart conversation. i miss europe

  4. Oh, I love the shot of the musician and the woman rushing past..not to be bothered with that sort of thing. That is a great capture.

  5. @ LetterShredder: Since I believe in sharing knowledge, I’ll gladly give you some guidance:
    A: Follow you’re heart, believes, standards and values. Have fun and find a thing to do that gives you energy!
    B: Learn to build network and how to use it. The Internet can be useful and here you see how I present myself in some of them:, and in a more personal way: You’ll find my CV here: (not updated!) and you also find some more at my homepage:
    C: Education always pays. I have my Master of Science in Economics from The Norwegian School of Management. Make sure to take some of you’re education abroad. Keywords today are globalisation and innovation!
    Hope that answer some of you’re questions. If you have more, email me :-)

  6. @Al: Thanks and you know Chas is the creator ( ). Let’s take spring first – one thing at the time :-)
    @Slim Whale: Those cafés are perfect for all kinds of conversations, yes! Welcome back to Europe and don’t forgett to visit Norway!
    @Ana: Thanks for you’re compliments – yes some don’t notice important things as their life past in revenues -)

  7. i haent tried ice skating in a natural ice, in our country we dont have winter, we only skates in an artificial ice.

  8. Amazing! It still looks too cold to drink a beer outside ! ;-)
    Did you noticed that you have a lot of Filipino friends?

  9. Its amazing seeing some places without snow or ice. What a great weekend I have….spent it this time in Sweden, its still very much winter here :-)

  10. i was in dusseldorf Renny but I saw the change of your blog before Chas gave it to you ;-) wink wink
    he maybe living in Bergen that boy but we are from the same city way back in Philippines.

    Ok first photo this is by the theatre.
    i know this mona lisa cafe too down central oslo not far from karl johanns st.

    theatercafeen is just below the palace isnt it?
    the one with the singer is karl johan not far from grand hotel


    ha det bra

  11. @Schatzli: Yes Chas is fantastic and I do understand you know him well :-)
    and you are so right; the National Theater is behind me when I take the first picture! and Theatercafeen is to the right from the Theater. Ha det bra du også :-)

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