Another wonderful, sunny winter Sunday in Oslo and I had the privilege to have a nice cook out with my wife. We were heading out for Paradise Island (read “Frozen Paradise” for more pictures and information!). We packed our back bag with coffee, juice, hotdogs, mustard and ketchup and some snacks. Of course I also remembered my handy pocket knife as always when out in the nature.

Here you see me grilling hotdogs on a disposable grill. What more can a man ask for as a perfect end to the week? Again this reminds me of my childhood when my parents took us out for picnics most weekends. We didn’t have any disposable grills at that time, but cooked the hotdogs on an open fire.

Right beside us, there were some other families who enjoyed the lovely weather. As you can see, the smallest got a ride in their carriages. I noticed that they had made a snow man and had to capture it of course. I tried to remember, but I have lost track of how many snow men I have made during my life.

Although the water is frozen the weather was warm and sunny, so sunny in fact my wife and I actually got suntanned sitting out on our “beach front” picnic! Between the fast land and the island there is this nice fjord, and since it is still solid ice, a lot of people had the Sunday trip walking on water. It looks more or less like a migration don’t you think?


  1. wow i like outdoor barbecues and also nice pics. And finally I am back now in Bergen

  2. Wow, you are so adventurous! You sure wont find people walking around with their baby carriages with that sort of weather around here!
    Looks like great fun, and the hot dogs look yummy. Nothing tastes like a hot dog cooked over a flame. Well, except for a hot dog cooked over a flame.

  3. Oslo Foodie has been on my blog roll for months and I have written her up on Blogher too.

  4. by the way, I am still working on your new header Renny but for now I am still finishing this deadlines!

  5. Renny,

    Oslo looks so beautiful; I especially like the 19th century facades to the buildings. Reminds me of a scene out of Dr. Zhivago.

    Hey, was Oslo bombed during WW2? If it was, then it seems that not all was lost.

    I’m going to try and find some winter scenes in the villages in Vermont. All the houses and shops are from the 18th & 19th centuries. Evokes America before the industrial revolution – when we were still an agrarian country.

    I would like to visit the Nordic countries someday, perhaps take a cruise through the fjords.

  6. @Chas: Glad you like that too and welcome back! Looking forward to the updates on my blog, but please take you’re time!
    @Ana: Fresh air have never harmed babies you know, as long as you know how to dress them properly. Yes, the hot dog tasted terific :-)
    @Sam: I’m sorry I did not checked you’re blog carefully,, but glad you have Oslo foodie listed. Both yourse and hers are great food blogs!
    @Buddy: I do agree that Oslo is nice and it was founded around 1048, so you have buildings here fare older than the 19th century. To you’re questions and remarks:
    1:No, Oslo was not bombed during WW2, so there are a lot of old buildings still remaning. Akershus Fortress is from the 12th centry, the National Theater from the 18th as well as the University and the Roayal Palace. Read more about Oslo here: .
    2: Please find som winter scenes from Vemont. Remember there was a lot of Norwegian agrarian people imigrating to the US in the mid 18th. Most of them sattled in the mid west I think. They say there are more Norwegians in the US than in Norway today:-)
    3: I do recomand a trip to the Nordic. Tell me if you make serius plans, so that I can give you some more recomondations!

  7. Hei Renny!!!
    Wonderful photos! I wish I have a little spare time these days to take advantage of the weather we have (like you).

  8. send me one of those… i’m hungry.

  9. He,he… a BBQ in the snow! It looks like fun!
    (For me) an amazing picture !

  10. hi,cool picnic :)it’s spring time here in my place no snow…but oh well it’s -3 deg.c…….*sigh*

    stay warmth.God bless

  11. very norwegian indeed
    I tried it u know when we went up to the mountains and locals where making hotdog BBQ with disposable ones

    So what we did we bought one too and did ours.

    anyhoo like the penguin migration.

  12. @Al: Hope you soon will have some spare days soon then:-)
    @LetterShredder: Come and get some!
    @Sidney: The same amaizingness as I get while watching you’re blog then. I do recomand a visit to otheres!
    @LWS: Yes, spring is in the air and you know it will soon be warmer.
    @Schatzli: Glad you’ve had the same joyfull experience then!

  13. I see the ‘rainbow’ effects on the photos…. nice. :D

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