Stavanger from Above

I had a business trip to Stavanger a couple of weeks ago and captured some of the scenery from the plane with my Nokia Mobile phone. I was not quite satisfied with the quality in the pics, so I hesitated in showing them, but then I am thinking what the heck: everything doesn’t have to be perfect. After all it shows something from Norway and how King winter still is in charge. Besides, the purser in the plane wouldn’t let me open the windows to get an open view lol!

The trip started early in the morning from Oslo Airport, Gardermoen. Too early for me to be awake, so I was going on auto pilot myself :-). Before entering the terminal I saw this special figure or sculpture and even more: the wonderful red sky in the background. It reminded me of how many paper airplanes I made in my childhood and I could easily picture myself in the figures place when he is about to send the plane. How long will it stay in the air this time? All the way to Stavanger I hope.

It was a partly cloudy morning and of course after taking off we were heading towards the blanketed sky. The light reflection that it gives is amazing, I think. In the first picture you see a suburb of OsloCity and the village is so nicely covered with snow. It looks nice and quiet and well taken care of by nature. In the second picture there was not that much clouds and you see the rocky mountain landscape which actually is very typically for Norway – I was on top :-).

Getting closer to civilisation and Stavanger at the southwest coast of Norway, there where less and less snow. The sun gave me still more wonderful views though and I was capturing and thinking: oh, what a wonderful world. Entering Stavanger’s harbour (in the right picture), you can see the local ferry bringing the workers to the city.

Stavanger is Norway’s third larges city with 115 thousands inhabitants (Norway total has 4.8 mill). It’s founded at 1125, but before that, the area was an economic and military centre as far back as the 800-900s. Actually the consolidation of the nation took place not that far from Stavanger, at Hafrsfjord in about 900 AD. So you might say I was on historical ground.

What about the trip back home, you might ask: I had my power nap for the day – the trip only takes 45 minutes :-).
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