This post is first of all a contribution and acknowledgement to my wife. She is the most caring, concerning and supportive person I have ever met. She came into my life from the US through the internet 8 years ago and had the guts to come over to Norway.

This has given me the privilege to see my country and our way of living in a new light. Our culture, the way of bring up our children, the Nordic landscapes, the climate, the significant four seasons … everything … became exotic all of a sudden. That’s also what this blog is all about and I’m pleased to see all you visitors and the comments from friends – old and new – and families all over the world.

Life is always fun seen through children’s eyes. They take the environment as is and explore the physics in nature with childlike wonder. Here you see some from a typical Norwegian preschool in the winter wonder land. Despite the temperature or weather conditions, they are out at least two hours a day and show a great deal of creativity in playing.

My wife has her own Nokia telephone (6230i)with camera, of course, and sent me the following message from her part time job at a local preschool: “Here I am on the Norwegian Rivera, the grownups are sunbathing and the children are enjoying a swim!”. You see the Norwegian flag hanging outside becouse it’s one of the children’s birthday.

For Norwegians there is no such thing as a bad weather, only bad clothes. If you look at these children, you see what I mean. I remember from my own childhood, it took some time to dress for the winter season, but then again the strong winter condition never stopped us from having fun. Snow was something we where looking forward to and instead of closing school, we went to school on skis and the recess in the school yard was never more fun than that time of the year. My wife also tells me that one of her co-worker actually skis to work most of the time this winter. That’s the Norwegian spirit. No wonder Roald Amundsen, the Norwegian explorer of the Polar Regions was the first, beating Robert F. Scott, to reach the South Pole in 1911.


  1. What a lovely, sweet post!

  2. yr wife’s wicked sense of humour nearly made me fall off the chair THE RIVIERA haha

    yes i have noticed this too when i was there no matter what the weather is the kids are outside and they wear this kind of over all to keep them dry,

    i truly miss norway!

  3. Amazing to see how creative children are. Wherever they are they make fun.

  4. @Caryn: Glad you looked at it that way too :-)
    @Sha: Yes my wife has a good sence of humor too. Hope you will have the chance to come back and visit Norway one day!
    @Sidney: Yes, it’s a small world after all :-)

  5. I’ll be in Norway one day. Watch out!

    I’ve included you in my “list” (if u remember)… but you’re on my sidebar already. Would be visiting more often.


  6. Sari-Sari Winkel

    hi, thanks for visiting my site. now i realized i should stop complaining about bad weathers :-) great insights and photos too.

  7. they look so adorable! that’s why i also wanted to work part time in a barnehage to be with children. Probably will do that when I am starting my Uni studies

  8. What a wonderful post and thank you for droping by my site. It fills me with joy to know that my poetry can reach out to be understood

  9. hei renny
    i fly out to nice tomorrow
    dont know yet where I will be the next few months
    thing is i am not sure about my internet connection either
    just a kind of bye
    ha det

  10. bright spots for the children they really look enjoy the snow.

    rb can i add you in my friendlist?God bless ur family :)

  11. @LetterShredder: I’ll be watching! Thanks for adding me to you’re list (I remember:-) Thanks for listing me and welcome back!
    @Sari-Sari: Yes: It the cloths that matters:-) Thanks for the compliments!
    @Chas: I think you would be a great barnehagetante :-)
    @David: Thank you and recommend others to read you’re blog too!
    @Sha: I wish you the very best trip and please keep us posted if you get the chance! See you :-)
    @LadyWhiteSpirit: It gives me joy to see these lovely children too and also it reminds me of my childhood you know:-) But of course, feel free to ad me. I will be honoured!

    To all: I am going to Tromsø tomorrow. They call it “The gateway to the Artic” and I will keep you posted of course! (

  12. hi rb!thank’s :)

  13. Hello Renny! How do you write your URL when you make a comment on my blog since I am making avatars on my commenting system.

  14. @LWS: You’re welcome:-)
    @Chas: I simply use my blog URL:

  15. Yup! It already works now if you try to leave a comment on my blog u can already see your avatar! Thanks for the email and I will reply to it later!

  16. God dag Renny!

    children + snow = real fun

    Gute reise (happy trip)!

  17. Oooooh!!! Such cute kids!!!

  18. @Chas: You’re new blog is teriffic – I recomand all a visit!
    @Racky: God dag til deg også! Yes, children and snow are a perfect Match. Thanks for you’re greetings and I will kepp you posted of course :-)

  19. wow, this is amazing to see. thank you for sharing this. There are areas in the US that totally close down because of a bit of snow, but where I live, life goes on no matter what. but most kids don’t play outside as much as it sounds like the kids there.

  20. @Ana: Yes I know. I am married to an American and have seen it. But how sad: Winter and snow is fun, so why keep the children away from the exiting experience?

  21. you are really lucky to have such a caring and loving wife and cute kids too. Life becomes so wonderful and easily when life partner is there with you to help you and support your :)

  22. I wish i could be a child again. And i am happy that you have such a loving wife. Wishing both of you a very happy life.

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