Let’s go on with my experiences in Tromsø last weekend:
Housed in a very distinctive building that represents ice flows that have been pressed up on land by the rough seas of the Arctic, you will discover Polaria, just five minutes walk from the centre of Tromsø. Polaria has an Arctic aquarium and interesting knowledge-based exhibits. We had our dinner there at Saturday evening and I had my Nokia mobile phone available of course. We started with a cocktail before the Polar Buffet with smoked salmon and seal, but I had to try the snow scooter first of course :-)

RennyBA in scooter action

Polaria was established in 1997 on the initiative of The Department of the Environment, in order to spread knowledge and awareness of Arctic flora and fauna, climate and environmental consequences, to tourists and other visitors.

Don’t feed the polar bears!

You can experience first hand some elements of Arctic nature – a snowstorm, a dozing polar bear, the tundra and the (Northern Lights). In the aquarium the main attraction is the bearded seals. The bearded seal is an arctic species, and they are very popular among children and adults alike, due to their quiet disposition and intelligent nature. One of the seals was sick the night we where there, so therefore they have emptied the aquarium. They did that to check the animal and gave it anti biotic and the next day we where told he was much better.

The bearded seals – and – The catfish

In the aquarium you can also get acquainted with the marine animals by touching them. You can also make your own waves, and study the maelstrom. I did not dare shake hands with the catfish in the picture above though :-)
From the Norwegian coast, up to the Barents Sea and towards, the ocean is filled with cold arctic waters. Most fishes have a preferred temperature in witch they thrive. Therefore the composition of species will change when you enter colder arctic waters.

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  1. As a tropic girl like me,I always have great fascination with all these animal you just mentioned.They’re for me, special! & Uhhh, I love seals!! my first time to actually hear bearded one:)

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my site!I just added you to my link so I can check your blog as well;)

    enjoy your easter holiday!

  2. Very interesting site! I like what you have here. I will stop by again. Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Hah! You did enjoy this trip! This is a very very interesting series of post on Tromsø…

    :) Have a blessed week….

  4. Enemy of the Republic

    The Arctic and Antartica fascinate me, even though I’m no fan of the cold. Have you seen that movie…it’s from Spain…I think it is called The Arctic Circle? God, my dream vacation. Good blog.

  5. Cool place. I heart animals and zoo-like areas. I sooo wanna go there. :-)

  6. Yesterdays_ashes

    Very nice post, love the pictures of the animals….sounds like you are having the time of your life. Hope you continue to have a great time. Take care.

  7. Wow! as usual very informative post. Cool photos!
    Happy weekend!

  8. that catfish looks different from the ones we have in the Philippines, ours purr and meow. hehe.

    cheers, renny!

  9. @Cheh: I’m glad you tropical girl liked the bearded onece:-)
    @Mathias: Thanks for the compliments and you know, you are always welcomed back!
    @Al: Yes, I just loved the trip and even more to share it with you! Hope you had a good and relaxing weekend and with you Happy Easter.
    @Enemy: I have not seen the movie, but will defenatly check it out – thanks! You deram might come faster than you think – tell me when you are on you’re way and I will guide you :-)
    @ Talamasca: You’re welcome any time you know ;-)
    @Y-Ashes: I had and I will and of course keep you posted!
    @Ethel: Thanks for the compliment – Happy Easter!
    @LetterShredder: Ours too, but that one we don’t eat LoL

  10. Very informative. It is also my first time I heard of bearded seals! Do they shave ? ;-)
    Nice initiative from the Department of Environment.

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