The Arctic Gondola

This will be the second last article about the northern part of Norway (I do hope you enjoy the others below!). As I always want to be on top, I went to the roof of Tromsø by a gondola. Of course I had my mobile phone with me to capture the exiting moments and share them with you:

The meeting gondola

In just four minutes the cable car in Tromsø takes you up to “Storsteinen” 420 metres above sea level), where you can take pleasure in a fantastic view overlooking the town and surrounding mountains. At the “Fjellstua” restaurant, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner, while delighting in the view. Fully-licensed bar. Outdoor café, kiosk and post box with its own stamp.

higher and higer – and – on the roof of Tromsø

As the gondola gets higher, the town gets smaller and the view more and more impressive and beautiful. It was a bit windy so we where swinging a bit from side to side, but that just increased the feeling of flying – free like a bird :-)

feeling on top of the world

This time I was together with some other delegates for The Norwegian Computer Society (their national assembly was the reason for my trip) and the where so kind taking pics of me for fun. Hope you like the view and bear with me for my craziness as I just had to sit on the belt tractor :-)
After this, there will be one more article about the Arctic and that would be about reindeer sleighs – so stay tuned and you will have a jolly good ride in a couple of days!