The Easter Egg Hunt

I’m so exited to report about this quality time with my family as this tradition is one of my favourites. I’ve done this as long as I can remember – the Easter Egg Hunting. The first time, my father gave me a ride in his back bag for the egg hunt in the forest. Most of you might think of Easter Eggs as something you decorate. We did that of course as well, but this tradition is about hunting them. Not ordinary hen egg, but egg laid by Easter Hare in the forest. Do I believe it is possible? – Well of course, I’ve seen it done on this Holiday for decades! We actually never saw the bunny, but my parents told me they did it, so then it has to be true, and it has never been quested in the family. It’s just the same as Santa brings the gifts of course. People who don’t believe in this have missed out something important from their childhood I think. I’ll start with the picture of the hunting trophies. Then you’ll have the story.

The Easter Egg Hunters

Thinking of the preparation brings a lot of lovely memories from when I grew up. Spring is in the air. The nature is waking up and you can almost smell it when you go out in the forest. There might be some snow left, but you also see the first spring flowers peeking up from the leaves on the ground. Mom is making cacao and packing the back bags with thermos, hot dogs and rolls. This was also the time to bring our forest knife – I got my first one when I was 6 – and to make tree bark flute, bows and arrows and other fun things. It was also useful to make sticks for cooking the hot dogs on the fire of course. I remember I felt free, alive and very much a part of the nature and the elements. But back to the hunting:

Hunting the Easter Eggs

We have used the same spot by the sea for ages 20 minutes walk from the parking spot and my father is always the one who comes first as we are looking at the nature waking up in all its details on our way. We never asked why dad was there first as the “obvious” reason was that he had to find the best spot and start the fire :-) But as soon as we got there, the hunting began. Dad always gave some hints and said he might have seen the Easter bunny in this or that direction. The excitements, the struggle in climbing and the adventure while hunting was fun – and still is! Just look at the pics (click on them to enlarge) and you see what I mean.

The egg and my sister

The hare has hidden them quite well, but one after another they are found and the hunter is shouting out: “I’ve found my egg”. My sister’s and my egg’s are the same ones we used as children and always filled up with sweets by my mom. This event is full of rituals and traditions you know!

At the open fire

After the hunting we are exhausted and hungry and the next exiting episode can start: Cooking the hot dogs over the open fire. The last couple of years my sister has made a type of dough to wrap around the hot dogs. When the hot dogs are cooked, the dough bakes into a delicious roll. Sitting around the fire, we share stories and sing songs as we eat and drink the hot cacao. If that isn’t quality time and wonderful family tradition, what is?

The sign of spring!

I told you about the nature waking up as well: here you see the most significant sign of spring in Norway – the ‘blåveis’ (hepatica). This blog is about the four seasons in Norway. I now declare the spring time is finally here! Thanks to the long, cold and snowy winter, we appreciate it a lot, you know.

What was in my egg

Haven’t heard about the Easter Bunny Egg, well here is the mythology: Eostre found a wounded bird in the snow. To help the little bird survive the winter, she transformed it into a rabbit, but the transformation was incomplete and the rabbit retained the ability to lay eggs. In thanks for its life being saved, the rabbit took the eggs and decorated them and left them as gifts for Eostre. Read more about it by clicking here.