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This blog is about sharing my daily life. This time I have decided to share some of my professional side as a CEO in EUCIP Norway Ltd. – providing a new European standard for certification of IT-professionals. As a network evangelist, I love to attend seminars and congress to meet others for business and social benefits. My motto is: “no network is weaker than the strongest link” and I’ve gained a lot from sharing knowledge and mingling on different occasions – blogging is one of them!

IBM Norway – a perfect place to networking!
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Last week I attended IBM’s Strategy and Technology conference in Oslo. It was an interesting guided tour in future aspects of how to use IT in an innovating way. Key note speakers were IBM’s general manager in Norway, The president of Abelia (Business Association of Norwegian knowledge- and technology based enterprises) and the leader of IBM’s Business consulting group (former Norwegian Minister of Modernisation). Some of the subjects were Norway’s strategic opportunities in the global economy, our advantages and disadvantages.

Abelia’s president referred to the Untied Nations ranking of the best places to live in, and Norway has been in the top spot since 1995. I discovered this article on International which reads: “It may get down to chilly sub-zero temperatures in mid-winter, but the cold climate country of Norway remains the best place in the world to live, according to the latest research by the United Nations”. I think it is interesting to read how foreigners view my country: “Norway can also be an expensive place to live. A survey late last year by the UBS bank found that once rent and housing is stripped out, the Norwegian capital of Oslo is the costliest city in the world for goods and services, ahead of the perennial front-runner Tokyo.” But my regular blog visitors know that Norway is much more that expensive and cold:-)

Street Bygdøy Allé – Historical residencial community
at 5PM and at 9PM

The tastiest part of the conference:

After the meeting we had a social gathering with wine tasting on the agenda. I have reported about the Heavenly good wine from South Africa before, this time it was a lovely wine journey to Argentina. Mr. Ketterer from Eurowine Corp., guided us through the appearance, fragrance and the taste of some excellent wines. My favourite was from Bodega y Cavas de Weinert from the Mendoza area. It was a wonderful blend of wine from grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Merlot.

Our wine guide and the wine lined up for a taste.

I’m sorry my mobile phone camera doesn’t shoot as well as normal from a dark wine cellar, but you can see Mr. Ketterer was wearing a soccer jacket and as a tribute to Diego Maradona, an on the back of his jacked it said: “The hand of God” :-).

So this was a typical, interesting and educational (at least for me) day in my life. I do hope you enjoyed it as much as I love sharing some of the adventures from the coolest and best place to live. You are welcome to visit any time!

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