In my privies post, I told you we took my mother in law for a trip from Oslo to Bergen. Going by car, it gave us all a chance to experience one of Norway’s most beautiful landscapes. From the deepest valley at sea level, to the highest mountains above 2 000 meters or 6 500 feet. Hardangervidda is a national treasure and includes Norways largest national park. It is the home of the largest herd of wild reindeer in Europe and is also the southern limit of many arctic plants and animals, such as the Arctic Fox and Snowy Owl. The park is also famous for its numerous lakes and streams with excellent mountain trout.

I start with a picture from the top of the plateau. It’s taken with my Nikon CoolPix camera. It’s late May, but still some snow left from the winter, although most of it will soon be gone with the long summer days ahead. On both sides of the road you can see some sticks. These are to show the snow plows where the road is during the snowy and windy winter season. Notice also there are no trees. The tree boarder or level are at 1 000 Meters or 3 300 Feet.

The rest of the pictures are as normal for my blog, taken with my mobile phone camera. We had to stop many times to capture the beautiful view. The trip one way is only 450 Km or 280 Miles, but we used 9 hours because we really wanted to take it all in.

I guess the most breath taking sight is the many waterfalls. Some far away in the mountains and some quite close. It’s so wonderful to see the elements showing their power, the water endlessly falling as there is more and more coming from the mountain top. That is also the reason why most of the electricity in Norway comes from natural waterfalls and why the price of it is relatively cheep.

Coming down from the mountain tops, there where farms up in the steep hills. One can wonder how they came up with the idea of settling there, but in Norway it has been that way for hundreds or even thousands of years. Some were so steep that you wonder why the sheep didn’t fall down, but then again as the farmers, they are great climbers.

There are also many deep valleys with more breath taking views. One time when we stopped to take some pictures, my mother in law said: ‘I get goose bumps’ by looking at this. As host we felt really happy that we had given her a thrill money can’t by :-)

Let me end this post with anther wonderful view. It was just outside the cottage we rented just outside of Bergen. The picture is taken at 10:30PM, at dusk. A taste of what the land of the midnight sun can bring you in May.


  1. I also saw those lovely spots when we drove towards Tønsberg and also going by train to Fredrikstad. I like the part around Fløm. It’s so nice and the view is breathtaking!

  2. Mother of Invention

    I would so like to see the herd of wild reindeer and the other arctic animals! That would seem so magical! You could almost picture a Santa-like mountain herder with them! (without the red suit of course!)

  3. This looks very beautiful and unspoiled!
    When and how do you decide to use your camera or your cell phone? Your cell phone produces great quality pictures.

  4. Expat Traveler

    Renny – that is such a cool trip and yes it does look like a cross between Switzerland and BC.

    I still can’t get over the endless sun and dusk at 1030pm. But then again, I was in Paris and that put me in awe. (Yes I know it’s still not even close to you!)

    I loved all the pics especially the first one and some of the very last ones..


  5. @Chas: Yes, you can find lovely spots all over Norway you know:-)

    @MotherOfInvetion: I’ve seen some of those herds while walking in these montains, but more often up North in Finmark.

    @Sidney: Nothing like pure nature you know. I use the camera on special trips or ocations and mobile phone in the daily life. Sometimes it become a mix you know:-)

    @ExpatTravele: I recomands others to see you’re blog to notice the simularety in the landscape! Yes, the evening daylight is lovely, but it’s sometimes hard to get to sleep. But who bothers – you can always sleep in the winter time:-)

  6. Great pictures! I want to visit Norway again. But the last time I was there (in 2003) I got a speeding ticket that I never paid. Do you think they will remember the next time I come for a visit? I wouldn’t want to be told that it will now cost me $3,000 to enter the country!

  7. These mountain photos are spectacular, Renny! You make me long to go to Norway!

    Thank you so much for your visits and nice comments, and especially on my new blog.

    I hope you have a wonderful evening!

  8. the views are really captivating!!

    you gave me an idea how beautiful Norway is…truely goose bumper. :)

    thanx for droppin by my site ^_^

  9. Great photos Renny. I like the ones on the waterfalls. Thanks for commenting on my site…Best regards

  10. Mother of Invention

    When I click on Create a Link on your site, is this for putting your URL on my links or mine on yours? (I’m trying to get yours on mine) Then, what do I do next, click Publish?
    Still trying to learn the basics!

  11. @Barbara: Don’t you worry, but go easy with the gas peddle next time – gas is to expencive in Norway to waste:-)

    @Lisa: Thanks – I am glad I did and hope to see you in Norway one day:-) Have a great end to you’re week!

    @Ghee: Thanks and I am glad to give you a peek – welcome back!

    @Anna: Yes the falls are breath taking.

    @MotherOfInvention: I hope my note to you will help and I feel honored if you tag me of course:-)

  12. Renny,

    What a beautiful trip! Something very transitory about this time of year, with snow living side by side with lush meadows alive with life.

    It’s very poetic, and a lot like life, yes? We let our troubles lie dormant when we are moved by the beauty of life.

    Nice blog, my Norwegian friend.

    Hey, I like your sweatshirt! As we used to say here in the States: “It’s swell!” (1950s)

    Don’t change, Bud

  13. Hei Renny!
    sorry for being absent for a long time. I was in a hibernation period. hehe.

    Anyway I am back and I must say that Hardangervidda is one of my favorite routes to the West coast.

  14. Expat Traveler

    I had just heard of people getting stranded for taking too long on a hike they did. Can you imagine taking a mountain with the type of snow in your first blue photo! (It’s my fav by the way.)…

    I did the hike these people did and well, they were insane for trying this during spring!!!

    Anyhow – thanks for directing those people Renny. :)

  15. those are some great pics … maybe I’ll trade you views for a few days … though not too long; can’t handle too much cold LOL

  16. @Buddy: As usual you really get the main idea behind my article.
    As for my sweatshirt: I bought it in Lake Placid as I wisit my family in Saratoga last fall. That place brings a lot of good Olympic memories to a Norwegian you know:-)

    @Al: Glad you are safe and sound out of the hibernation:-) Yes, Hardangervidda is one of my favorite too and it was great to have my mother in law from the US with us!

    @ExpatTraveler: Well, it takes some preparation and you have to be fit and prepared for a hike in this nature. But is is great when you are used to it!

    @DZER: Just come over and I’ll teach you how to survive and even enjoy it – including the views!

  17. charles ravndal

    Hello Renny! I am just saying that I have shifted to a new website now and the address is

  18. @Chas: Congratulations with you’re new home. I recomand everyone to pay you a visit to see why I am honored of having you as my blog designer!

  19. i hope i could visit Norway soon :)

    happy Sunday renny! (racky)

  20. oh thank you very much Renny! I really appreciate it!

  21. Those photos of Hardangervidda are fantastic!

  22. @Kisses: You know you are welcome any time and please let me know in before hand!

    @Chas: My pleasure too!

    @Richard: Thanks for the compliment. I’m so pleased to see you here and will of course visit you’re blog again and recomand others to do the same:-)

  23. wow. amazing photos. maybe this is where Koss practices for the olympics before. :-D

    nice capture!

  24. @S.Crypt: well, they say that Norwegian are born with skiis on. Koss – the best olympier at Lillehammer 1994 – was probably born with skates on:-)

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  27. Excellent stuff. Just back from a trip to the Hardangervidda myself – camping out in the wilderness. Wicked.

  28. Just wonderfull, like I saw in 1999.
    Lakes, mountains, forrests and waterfalls, with a magic August light until 11:00 pm.

  29. I would love to be there once during the midnight sun. What a beautiful landscape. Of course, growing up in the alps, I especially love the last three pics;)

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