The Queer Chef in Oslo

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a special blog friend of mine. He is the one who designed my blog: Charles, who you can visit at “The Queer Chef”. We were blessed with the loveliest, warmest weather, so by this I declare the summer has started in Norway. I take the chance to give some examples of the significant four seasons too, since this is one of the themes for my blog. As always, I had my mobile phone camera on hand to capture the highlights:

Charles came over from Bergen with a friend and I took the opportunity to show them around a bit in Norway’s capital. We met at the Royal castle, where Norwegians now show their hunger for the sun by tanning in the park.

From the castle, we walked along the main street Karl Johan where you now see a lot of musicians, street dancers and others who earn their living by entertaining. Earlier, I have told you that Oslo is listed as the most expensive city in the world. Some of the street entertainers come from all over world as they make a fortune here compared to the average income level in the home country. So in the summer, Oslo changes into a multi cultural town with a lot of entertainment. You can hear everything from wonderful Brazilian samba to Australian Aborigines didgeridoo playing.

At lunch time, what was more suitable than ice cream on a hot day? We all ended up with a banana split and it was refreshingly delicious. Then Charles wanted to go shopping and I took them to our largest shopping mall. He went crazy in the boutiques and ended up with a pair of shorts and t-shirt, very nice.

After that we went to The Stenersen Museum, which is located right in the heart of the capital and a part of the City of Oslo’s Art Collections. The current exhibition was a Degree Show where students from Oslo National Academy of the Arts were showing their work. I just love contemporary art as it is surprisingly good in all its craziness. It is hard to explain to others what we saw, but it gave us a art time thrill:-)

We also passed the lovely park in front of the parliament, another chance for me to show you the significant four seasons in Norway. Admit it doesn’t this look lovely, warm and summer green. Then take a look at my post: “City Whites” where you see the same park used as a skating rink just 4 months ago.

Thank you for the visit Charles and send my regards to you’re friend! If any of you want a guided tour in Oslo, just drop me a line:-)