This post will be about the impact of the significant four seasons in the Nordic countries. The reason for my fascination is the change and the fact that things are more precious if you don’t have them all the time. Don’t you think life would be boring if all day’s where Sundays and it was Christmas every weekend? I wouldn’t survive either (as many of you have commented) if there was winter, snow and freezing all year around. But I do survive because I know there will be warm, sunny summers and before that the anticipation in spring, where the nature starts to show life as the plants grow their leaves and the ice melts into lovely waterfalls. To demonstrate my point, I’ll take you a round tour at my ‘home’ golf club in Sweden:

All pictures are taken with my mobile phone. Please click to enlarge!

We where there in the beginning of April when the snow had almost melted. It was still cold, but of course I had to try my swing. At left you see me practicing my swing in front of the club house and to the right in the beginning of June; I’m starting from the tee at the 10th hole.

We played even earlier last year, but the ground was frozen. That means fun golf, because the ball bounces around in even more unpredictable ways:-). At left you see the winter golf opportunities in the Nordic countries and to the right; you see my taking a rest at the course now in the beauty of summer.

In the winter time, at least the bunkers are full of snow and the greens are closed to protect them. While in the summer time the fountains are sprinkling and the ponds full of baby ducklings. For me golf in the winter time is done out of curiosity or fun while at summer time out of relaxation. Nothing gives me more energy, more joy or peace in my soul than having this quality time on the course together with my wife. We can chat about everything, or we can listen to the birds and watch the mother deer on her daily walk with her baby. We sometimes see foxes and rabbits or a snake here and there (there are not poison or at least not deadly here!).

To give you one last example, I’ll show you how the waters are frozen in the winter time and how much alive and providing a home to the duck family in the summer. Sometimes I forget time and place watching them. Times stops and I count my blessing for being alive and have the possibilities to experience and explore the mystery of nature. Then my wife very gently whisper in my ears: “we are playing golf dear…” and then she helps me to find the ball (I dream of the day when I have this remote control on my mobile phone to get the ball whistle telling me where it is :-)

So now it is summer time and I have learned to fully take advantage of its opportunities for the human spirit and health. The subject “Gone for golfing” of today’s post means that I will be spending more time with my family and have some weeks of vacation now. There will be fewer posts from me in July, the summer vacation time in the Nordic countries. Stay tuned though, as there might be some more adventures to report from quality times with my wife and the children as I love swimming, boating, touring, biking, fishing and playing in the water:-)


  1. great post renny! I love the differences in the seasons. This fascinates me a lot because I grew up where the seasons changed in temps but not much else. REally I didn’t see many of the leaves coming or going either. At least I notice them and try to take my camera to document them.

  2. charles ravndal

    That’s the reason why I also like in Norway or probably any country with four seasons since you never get bored . It is always fantastic to see the changes and all. By the way, Renny did you receive a mail from me and also my likebanana email address is no longer available. My new email is on my blog.

  3. Summer is beautiful but I would like to experience Winter – it’s a season we don’t have here in the Philippines.

  4. charles ravndal

    And also Renny I already made my design button and if it’s okay with you can I post it here instead of the text link “template by: Chas”? I hope you dont mind,

  5. That’s a wicked camera phone! Thanks for the photos!

  6. If it were Christmas every weekend, I’d gone broke from my two godchildren, plus my friends whom I give gifts to. hehehe

    Nice camera phone, sure wished I had one too. :D

  7. i like what you wrote especially when you said that you appreciate each season and knowing that it will end and another season will come and you await it. here in the philippines we only have two: summer and rainy (monsoon) season. but you’re right, though you like one over the other, you need that season and a season brigns out the beaty ofthe world :)

  8. Sheesh! I haven’t been here for a while! I sure did miss a lot! I dunno if I could catch up!

    Anyway, nice photos. As always, as expected. :-)

    Belated Happy St. Han’s day! Go out and have lotsa fun! :-)

  9. @ExpatTraveler: Thanks for the compliment – coming from you its really an honour as you picture documentations are always great!

    @CharlesRavndal: I’m glad you are able to experience it in Norway:-) Thanks for the button on my blog. I hope all my readers click on it and go visiting your charming blog!

    @Jairam: You are welcome in the winter time too – please be my guest!

    @Missy: yes the mobile phone is both wicked and handy you know:-)

    @jhay: Yea, that’s another good reason for not to mix the daily routines from celebrations.

    @tin-tin: You said it right and I love both to stay in the present and feel the anticipation for the season to come.

    @Talamasca: Take your time and you know, you can always come back! Thanks for the compliments too and I do promise to have a lot of vacation fun:-) I wish you a great end to your week too!

  10. As usual nice post Renny, with perfect pics.
    You know Renny, i love snow but don’t like winter season hehe..
    but the most i really loveee… summer in europe, u know why? vacation time… :) as u said you’ll be out with your family, :) we too somewhere around and i wish we could in Norway too :) – you’ll be my tour guide, yeah? (joke) don’t worry i dont speak tagalog in person,. =:)

    Perhaps later you’ll learn some “tagalog” hehe.. btw, thanks for always there in my blog :)

    Happy weekend to all you there, have fun and enjoy your vacation!!!

    Thank you (Salamat)

  11. enjoy your vacation renny :)

  12. hi renny,
    i often wonder why people live in california and love having just one season. it freaks me out a little. i left some norway questions for you in the comments section of my blog (in respose to your comments about living in norway).

  13. Somehow cross-country skiing seems a much more appropriate sport for Norway. I thought all Norwegians disdained Sweden. I’m surprised you go there to play golf! Do you shoot par? I actually won a golf tournament when I was 12, but I probably can’t shoot that same score today!

  14. @Ethel: Salamat – for your sweet words :-) and to be yours and your family’s guide would be an honor!

    @Racky: I will – have a great end to your week!

    @April: Just one season must be boring!
    I’ve answered your question to the best of my abilety:-)

    @Barbara: Yes, cross-contry is our national sport you know.
    Swedish/Norwegians: a love/hate relationship I guess:-)
    I shoot Hole In One last summer !!!!:

  15. I also hate winter,but I always fascinate the changing of season.
    I bet now is your season,huh? :)

    Renny,you lokk cool swinging your golf club!My hubby plays golf too,though he s a busy man and he does it so rare.I hope he could fing enough time to play it.

    Enjoy the season,while it lasts,Renny!Happy weekend to you and your family :)

  16. thanks for visiting my blog and comments too!!!

    i also used mobile phone camera,(my flikr pics)not that good but your right! ,handy….

    interesting blog!,,,here in japan have 4seasons too!! and Im lovin it all…but my favorite is the summer season,love playing in the water!!
    enjoy and have fun with your family ,have a happy summer days!!!

  17. Mother of Invention

    We have very similar seasons here and I like the change…just wish winter was a tad shorter! Is it very rainy in your summer? Is the air humid or ever muggy? It is here.

    It is Canada’s Birthday today, Canada Day! Everyone is away at cottages etc. (Not me…see my blog for july 1st.)

    Have a great summer with your family. It is nice for European people to take so many holidays now! Do most people have 6 weeks?

  18. When I was younger, I loved the winter. We emmigrated to Canada when I was 4 (a few weeks before I turned 5). I remember the huge piles of snow, they were more than 2m high. Every year I waited for the same, but it never came. 1971 was the year of a huge snowstorm in March that shut down most of the Eastern part of Canada. I know my dad had to sleep at work that night – even though he was only about 10-15km away from home.

    When I lived in England, there was not much in the way of snow. If we were lucky, it snowed in the morning and by afternoon it was melted and people were tending their rose gardens. Nowadays, England has much more severe winters.

    As I have gotten older, I feel the cold of the winters more. But a good walk in a snowstorm is still a wonderful thing.

    Spring is very beautiful, with all its vibrance and colours. As is Fall with its crispness and colours.

    I think too many people focus on the cold and foget how truly beautiful it is to have 4 wonderful seasons.

  19. Teach me how to golf and lets go hiking one day or fishing as well with those bloggers world.

  20. Hi again, Renny. Enjoy your vacation time. :-)

    I expect your summers are far shorter there than in the Southern US where I live. We have 4 definite seasons here, and I think I would miss the changing of the seasons if I lived somewhere else.

  21. It must be difficult to golf during winter!

    Your pics looks amazing. Thanks for sharing them :)

  22. I didn’t know anyone would try to golf when the ground is frozen. You reallllly love it.

  23. hi again,Renny!still golfing? enjoy your days! :)

  24. Great posting as usual!Yeaah, summer is finally here!Enjoy your summer holiday renny! take care!!

  25. @ghee: Come over to Norway and I’ll teach you winter is fun! I’m glad you support your husband golfing and why don’t you try yourself?
    I enjoy every minute of it as you can see in my next post:-)

    @Yorokobee: Your mobile phone pics are great too! Thanks for sharing from Japan – happy summer time with you come to it too:-)

    @Mother of Invention: Both summer and winter is fine! Not that much rain or at least I remember the sunny days the most:-) In the Nordic countries we have 5 or 6 weeks vacation all together and most of the population takes at least three of them in the summer time.

    @Richard: Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences – that’s the whole idea of my blog. I do agree with you: The significant four seasons is amazing!

    @NeiLDC: Just you come over and I’ll give you the whole package!

    @lenadianejennings: Depends, but at least four month. But the spring and the fall are great too you know:-)

    @Duke: Golf in the winter is almost impossible. Thanks for the compliments!

    @Pearl: Well, it was for fun, but it actually great:-)

    @CheH: Thanks for the compliments. Hope you’ve had some hot summer days in Bergen too!

  26. so you really play golf. i’ll try to post three year old photos of anothergolf course herein the philippines.perhaps you also try to consider coming over in these tropical islands :P

    I do – just you use my blogs search engine (on top right) for ‘Golf’ and you’ll see. Never been in the more tropical part of the world though but would love to try :P

  27. hi renny, for your appreciation, i posted something about golf in the Philippines to see how many options you have in golf here in these tropical isles :P

    What an impressive list – all you need to know if you’ll like to golf in the Philippines – thanks!

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