"Gone Golfing"

This post will be about the impact of the significant four seasons in the Nordic countries. The reason for my fascination is the change and the fact that things are more precious if you don’t have them all the time. Don’t you think life would be boring if all day’s where Sundays and it was Christmas every weekend? I wouldn’t survive either (as many of you have commented) if there was winter, snow and freezing all year around. But I do survive because I know there will be warm, sunny summers and before that the anticipation in spring, where the nature starts to show life as the plants grow their leaves and the ice melts into lovely waterfalls. To demonstrate my point, I’ll take you a round tour at my ‘home’ golf club in Sweden:

All pictures are taken with my mobile phone. Please click to enlarge!

We where there in the beginning of April when the snow had almost melted. It was still cold, but of course I had to try my swing. At left you see me practicing my swing in front of the club house and to the right in the beginning of June; I’m starting from the tee at the 10th hole.

We played even earlier last year, but the ground was frozen. That means fun golf, because the ball bounces around in even more unpredictable ways:-). At left you see the winter golf opportunities in the Nordic countries and to the right; you see my taking a rest at the course now in the beauty of summer.

In the winter time, at least the bunkers are full of snow and the greens are closed to protect them. While in the summer time the fountains are sprinkling and the ponds full of baby ducklings. For me golf in the winter time is done out of curiosity or fun while at summer time out of relaxation. Nothing gives me more energy, more joy or peace in my soul than having this quality time on the course together with my wife. We can chat about everything, or we can listen to the birds and watch the mother deer on her daily walk with her baby. We sometimes see foxes and rabbits or a snake here and there (there are not poison or at least not deadly here!).

To give you one last example, I’ll show you how the waters are frozen in the winter time and how much alive and providing a home to the duck family in the summer. Sometimes I forget time and place watching them. Times stops and I count my blessing for being alive and have the possibilities to experience and explore the mystery of nature. Then my wife very gently whisper in my ears: “we are playing golf dear…” and then she helps me to find the ball (I dream of the day when I have this remote control on my mobile phone to get the ball whistle telling me where it is :-)

So now it is summer time and I have learned to fully take advantage of its opportunities for the human spirit and health. The subject “Gone for golfing” of today’s post means that I will be spending more time with my family and have some weeks of vacation now. There will be fewer posts from me in July, the summer vacation time in the Nordic countries. Stay tuned though, as there might be some more adventures to report from quality times with my wife and the children as I love swimming, boating, touring, biking, fishing and playing in the water:-)