We’ve had gorgeous weather in Scandinavia this week and we sure do know how to appreciate it! My regular readers have seen how the Nordic countries have changed from dark and cold in November last year and today I’m going to take you to the hot sandy beach of summer. From -20C (-4F) in December to around 30C (86F) the last few days. We’ve even been warmer then 20C (68F) at midnight, which we call tropical nights in the Nordic countries. Add to that a late sunset and early rise and you can tell it is an eldorado for romantic evenings or nights :-) I took some pictures around the area where we have our summer house and more are shown in my previous post, gone golfing. I’ve saved the best for this post though, let’s start at the hot sunny beach.

All pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – click to enlarge!

Since we don’t have it all year around, the Nordic people go crazy when a hot sunny summer day comes along. The streets and the malls are empty and all the people are enjoying a refreshing cool down in the sea. Four months ago they were walking around in snowsuits, hats and gloves. Everyone was skiing or skating and enjoying the winter time. Today they wear as little as possible and are crazy about getting a tan. Some even drop their tops, which is fairly common and not that noticed in Scandinavia.

These two pictures were taken in the beginning of April and you can see the same beach and pier in the background as in the first picture above. If you look at the picture on the left and see the first picture in this post, you might get an idea of why we love the four seasons. It might be cold and icy for a while, but the nature never betrays us, as we know their will be days like this in the months ahead.

Here is another example from another nearby beach taken at the same time. I take it you can tell which of them are from which season :-)

I’m still “gone golfing” (see my post below!), so let me give you another example of the significant seasons from the course. At left a photo from April, and at right from yesterday. Yes, you see me putting without my club shirt (sorry if you fine this offensive!) and yes it is against the roles, but my wife are entitle to some excitements too you know:-)

Some of you have commented before that you could survive the summer time in Scandinavia, but not the winter and the cold. You might have missed the point here. Winter with snow and ice are fun! Besides, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. I would not miss skiing in the mountains or a skating trip on the lakes. The nature and the opportunities are great at that time too (just see some post in the archives from January or February!)

But now it is the hot summer and we know how to appreciate that too:-)


  1. yup, no bad weather but only bad clothes. here in the philippines, we only have two seasons, rainy and summer. that’s why we can’t really appreciate nature as much as you do. coz somehow it’s kinda the same. we can always go to the beach anytime :)

  2. juice is justine

    I sooo wanna go to Europe sometime. :D I saw your pics with Charles when you showed him around. Thanks for dropping by my blog! The pictures are lovely..

  3. Lovely pictures but I find it too here in Vestlandet. Sometimes I wished that it rain from time to time to cool things down. Thank you Renny for participating on my game and also you can play again and again. There is no limit and I hope other people will be playing as well.

  4. Maybe Norway gets the best of summer to make up for those cold winters. Where is your summer place — on the south coast near Kristiansand?

  5. Good contrast between the summer and winter pics. I can almost feel the sand between my toes :-) Maybe I will go for a dip soon!

  6. those sure are some hot bikinis! great selection of shots.

  7. Wish I was there! Would have loved to have been in Blekinge or Gränne for midsummer.

  8. Expat Traveler

    Renny – you have such a great perspective. I’d imagine it snows when it is cold so the lack of rain is much better than rain all the time in the winter like here in Vancouver.

    We’ve had that same great weather in Van too, with about the same temps. And thanks for the well wishes on vacation. :)

  9. barefoot_mistress

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Scandanavia looks like an interesting place, and I love that…no bad weather just bad clothes thing, so true!

    Here in Northern California, the ocean is freezing all year round….theres never a time to swim in it without serious wetsuits, and/or the risk of hypothermia and the threat of
    sharks. But still, lovely beaches anyway!

    Enjoyyour summer!

  10. Wow! Hope you enjoy the beaches and the tropical nights!

  11. Mother of Invention

    Your seasons aren’t that different than ours in Ontario, Canada, except that I think you have a little longer and darker winter. But we have the exact same seasonal activities. I’m interested in your summer house to see how they compare with our summer “cottages” here. Ours can be rustic but many are like homes. They are mostly built of wood, with no heating, just wood stives. Most have electricity and there is a really wide price range depending on what lake you’re on. Please post a picture sometime!!

    (Thanks for your compliment on my poetry!)

  12. You just reminded me of Lithuania the country I was born in Sweden and Baltic sea away from you… Yes the winters are cold and harsh and maybe skiing is not as possible as in Norway as there aren’t any mountains, but the summer time would really pay it of! And it is so wonderful to jump into a mini summer dress for a first time!

  13. Thank you for “pimping out” my blog from Charles’ game.

    I left a note at your wordpress account tho.

  14. hi renny,
    i doubt if you’d get lost in philly. i’m sure you’d have a blast. as for the seasons, i think it’s roy ayers who sing that song with the lyrics “everybody loves the sunshine.” and it’s true. even here people flock to the beach on the weekends.

  15. 역갤블로그

    Hello, I’m glad to meet you. I read your posts pleasantly. :-)

  16. @tin-tin: I think you should be happy for that you can go to the beach at any time. Appreciate the seasons you have as we do:-)

    @juiceisJustine: You’ll welcome any time and will get the same treat as Charles had!

    @Charles: Why do you want rain now since you have the most in your part of Norway?
    The game was fun and exciting – thanks for starting it and I do recommend others to participate!

    @Barbara: It takes a good winter to make a good summer, yes – but we love them both!
    I love the south coast of Norway, but actually our summer place is in Sweden:-)

    @Scarlet: Thanks for the compliments! I’m glad I gave you the right summer feelings:-)

    @Ana: Thanks for the compliments – especially coming from you being such a great photographer. I do recommend others to visit your blog!

    @JackYan: And you know I’m in Vestra Götaland, so welcome after!

    @ExpatTraveler: Thanks, and yes: when we have winter it is real and when summer it’s real too – thanks to the golf stream you know (I’ll have to do a post about that). I’m looking forward to you keeping us posted about your vacation and the lovely pics you use to take!

    @BarefootMistress: Very interesting point. You are living much, much further south than Norway, but we have the golf stream from Africa which keeps our county from freezing over, and gives us water temperature of about 20C (68F) in the summer. That’s why for sure I can say we enjoy it:-)

    @Aceian: We do, and count our blessings!

    @MotherOfInvention: Many Norwegian cottages are the same, without plumbing and electricity. Norwegians like it simple and rustic you know – the closer to the nature, the better. However, we have the best of both worlds, as we are near the sea and the woods, and we enjoy electricity, warm showers, TV and an internet connection:-)

    @Carra: Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments. Come to Norway one winter to experience the mountains then! I love the first jumping in for the season too, and the less cloth, the better:-)

    @K: Thanks for replaying my pimping out and for the first comment on my wp blog too!

    @April: Thanks for the encouragement then – maybe I’ll pay you a visit:-) and yea: sunshine is great both in the winter and the summer time!

    @랄라라: Glad to meet you too. Thanks for the visit and welcome back any time as I will be visiting you too!

  17. Nice area, Renny! Man, I wish I was back there. It’s winter here, though we do get really sunny days on occasion (like today).

  18. Great pix! Thanks for sharing your life :)

    And thanks for stopping by mine :)

  19. Seasons? I long for seasons, here in The Dusty City we have 2, hot and hotter! In the hot season it’s mid 30s, in the hotter season it’s mid 40s. At least. Humidity runs around 80% and the hottest I saw last summer was an egg boiling 63 Centigrade – that’s 145F in old money!!

    Great pics tho!!

  20. Snow and cold are fun? You are the perfect candidate for Canadian tourism. Not now of course. We’ll give ya 6 months to get your tickets. ;-)

  21. Nice shots. I just envy you with that kind of camera phone at hand. Just like what I said in my blog post today, the weather is so hard to predict, yesterday it was cold and stormy, now it’s warm and sunny again.

  22. Estupidormitorian Neil

    Oh… I envy you camwhoring. I don’t have my own digicam. Aww…

    Pics are nice. Gives me more creativity.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hehe

  23. wow.. love the pics.

    what model of nokia phone are you using anyway?



    thanks for the visit! *grins*

    anyway, that’s one hot summer over there.

    too bad, i haven’t enjoy my summer real good and whatdoyaknow.. it’s already rainy season here.

    Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih.. :frowns:

    anyway,have a nice day! *hugs*


  24. Renny I live in the mountains right now! France Hautes Pyrenees… We are sweating here at the moment! I can’t ski and we came only in February so the skiing season was coming to an end anyway. You know the most depressing thing? They don’t have a real skating rink within 100km radius from where I live. The only one that does exist is made out of Plastic! I’m telling you even in Lithuania they manage with real ice! Anyway I will be definately comming back to your blog. And surely one day I will be visiting Norway.

  25. hi renny, your post is impressive and informative. You really love your 4 seasons.

    Here in dubai is currently hot and humid and i hate it! Weather is so extreme here compare to my country!

    Happy Sunday and enjoy the sun!

  26. Hejsan!
    visiting your blog and think that it is so cool that you blog the differences for people. I always forget to do that…! (must remember) Hope you are enjoying the heat, but I cannot WAIT for winter! MVH från Uppland!

  27. Hey, thanks for dropping by and leaving some support. It really means a lot to me. I feel a lot better now, although the weather is still as grim (so it was not to blame the weather after all hehe). You have had some awfully nice weather. Way to go. I think you desreve it after such cold Winters.
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and a great week for you :)

  28. @JackYan: Thanks for stopping by – have a great week ahead!

    @Teena: You know I gain a lot by sharing thanks to all you visitors and commenter’s.

    @Taunted: So I count my blessings living in the Nordic then:-)

    @Pearl: Thanks for the nomination!!! The Norwegian tourism likes me where I am (an example of how much fun snow and cold can be: http://rennybasblog.blogspot.com/2006/02/doll-in-winter-wonder-land.html)! But I’m locking forward to receive my tickets in 6 month:-)

    @Jhay: Yes the phone cam is convenient when you like to shoot from your daily life. Hope you’ll have a sunny week ahead!

    @ASIATIC NEIL: Thanks for the compliments – visiting your blog were a pleasure!

    @aiRah: I have a Nokia 6680. Hope you enjoy your coming up summer then!

    @carra: So you’ll have to make the best out of it then. Thanks for stopping by and welcome back any time and to visit Norway too!

    @Mmy-Lei: Thanks for your lovely compliments! I enjoyed our Sunday sun and hope you’ll have a great week ahead:-)

    @JerseyTjej: Hej min svenske blogvenn! Thanks for your compliments and for catching the idea about my posts. We enjoy the heath but it takes a winter now and then to appreciate it that much you know:-)

    @Girl: I’m glad I could give you some support and you really deserve it. Our Sunday was great too and we enjoyed another lovely round of golf. A great week for you too!

  29. Here from Michele.

    My brother is an opera singer and had several performances in Norway last winter. He loved the country and the weather. The only thing difficult to get used to was the light. He primarily sings in Germany and Austria.

  30. Beautiful pictures, Renny. My next door neighbor is from Sweden, and she has never gotten used to the heat, even after 40 years in the US. He husband says she freezes him at night, with the airconditioning set at 63* in their home.

    Welcome to Michele Agnew’s Meet n’ Greet! Nice to have you with us.

  31. barefoot_mistress

    LOL Renny, I got you again on Chefs blog! I am working on your five qs, but as I dont know you that well…give me some time!

  32. Hello again Renny!!!
    beautiful pictures!
    i like your blog very informative.

    thanks for dropping by my blog again,and kind comment.

    enjoy golf!

  33. Nothing beats European summers!

  34. wow, your phone takes great pictures

  35. ei Renny! thanks for dropping by my burst… and u’ve got nice pictures here… I hope to visit Norway when I get to travel back to Europe… i’ll be visiting you often from now on… cheers!

  36. Sari-Sari Winkel

    it’s great to be outdoors. i love this time of the year in europe and people seem to be more in high spirits. i like what you said about no such thing as bad weather but only bad clothes. i should always keep this in mind during the dark cold wintery days.

  37. wowowwoweee!very romantic and hot pics!! Thanx for sharing this,Renny!

    have a nice week ahead!

  38. rampant bicycle

    Must…visit…Scandinavia… :)

    Your comment about there only being bad clothes is probably correct…though I am one of those people who tends to always, always have the wrong clothes for the occasion, no matter what it is. :)

    Hello from Michele’s!

  39. Hello From Canada,

    Well I am lucky to real life and net friends from Norway. Yeah!
    Thanks for stoppin by my blog. Perhaps next time you could join my frappr map.
    I will add you to my now revamping blog network list.
    I think that Charles has done a great job on your design.
    Canada went from freezing to hot hot too. We have had a few days around 40 degrees Celcius. I believe the only difference between Norway and here is that Norway gets much more winter rain than we do. It is record breaking in Canada if we get rain in the winter. Our only precipitation in winter is Snow. Lots and Lots of snow. Otherwise our winters are very dry. Sometimes we are called a frozen desert because the air is so dry.

  40. @srp: How exciting – you have to tell me when he is back in Oslo. Maybe for the opening of our new Opera House?

    @kenju: Thanks for the compliments! Well, Nordic people are from the Vikings you know:-)

    @BarefootMistress: I’m shivering thinking of those questions so please take your time as there are plenty of me in my blog and homepage:-)

    @yorokobee: Thanks for the compliments – I do the best I can for my readers you know:-) I do enjoy golf and had another quality time with my wife today!

    @Missy: You said it right – we might be two of a kind in many ways:-)

    @infatuatedflip: Thanks, and yea: it’s very handy!

    @gaiL: Please tell me when you are coming to Norway – I’ll gladly guide you! And you are welcome back to my blog any time as I will keep you posted until you come over:-)

    @Sari-Sari Winkel: I do agree with you and the high spirits shows in the Football World Cup too. How lovely to see all those audience cheering together in peaceful harmony (for the most at least!).

    @ghee: Nicely said – it’s always good to read your comments! A nice week ahead to you too:-)

    @RampantBicycle: Welcome to the Nordic any time and please tell me in advance!
    I do understand your cloth problem. My guide is to look at the calendar and right now it says July so since I’m in Sweden, the less the better:-)

    @Lynn: Welcome as my new blog friend and for your lovely comments – and for listing me of course! The precipitation in the wintertime is mostly snow in Norway, just you take a look here: http://rennybasblog.blogspot.com/2006/02/heaven-and-hell.html

  41. That’s the Nokia 6680 you were talking about, huh? Its resolution kicks major ass! Enjoy the rest of your summer while it lasts! :-)

  42. I like snow more than anything, but I get a little depressed in the darkness. Today it is 92F here in New Jersey. I don’t want to leave the house!

  43. I don’t blame you guys for getting crazy and getting outdoors! It is beautiful there. I enjoyed the photos and want to look around a bit.

    Thanks for stopping by to see me. It is a pleasure to meet you. Really.

  44. barefoot_mistress

    Still working on your questions REnny!

  45. Thank you. I enjoyed reading your blog as well. It seems you have a…well relaxed life filled with promise and joy. I’ll be a frequent visitor from now on. How’s that golf swing coming along?

  46. barefoot_mistress

    OK Renny, your questions are up on my blog! Come and get them!

  47. enjoy summer renny while it’s HOT!!! ;)

  48. @Talamasca: yes, my mobile is a Nokia 6680. I promise I will enjoy every minute of it:-)

    @AnneJohnson: I do understand the depression, but the summer is never far away you know:-)

    @Anonymous: I’m glad you liked the pics and the posts. Please name yourself next time, so I can return the favour!

    @BarefootMistress: Thanks for the challenge Susie – it was real fun and of course I am curious about the comments!

    @Amanda: I’m glad you liked your stay at my blog! The golf swing is getting better every day, thank you:-)

    @RackyakaBakyaNiNeneng: I do – the hotter the better you know!

  49. I think I’d like to live there. I love the winter months, the snow and the cool winds. I’m definately not a hot sunny day person.. it wears me out even if I’m not doing anything.

    Thnx for visiting my blog :=)


  50. there are times when I wish the Phils. had more season than dry & wet only….

    someday I’ll go to Europe! cross fingers & toes

  51. @Mandy: Norway is defenatly a place for you. You are welcome any time!
    Thanks for visiting mine too:-)

    @Jairam: Please tell me when you are coming – I’ll glady guide you around!

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