I’ve met a new blog friend named Susie, signed up as Barefoot Mistress who gave me an offer I can’t refuse.

Susie – my chalanger!

She has sat up 5 questions for me on her blog and of course I accept her challenge:

1. So that we can all get to know you a bit better, may I ask you to write me a 55 in which you tell me a little about a hobby of yours?

I could say blogging of course, but that is too obvious. Another one is golfing. I started 4 years ago and was quite sceptical because I looked at it as a snob sport but I was wrong. The last years I’ve had most of my quality times at the golf course and with my wife. I love competition and in golf you are your own opponent. I love the nature and what is more wonderful than walking around the course and exploring the woods and mountains and the best: listen to the birds or watch a deer with its baby or a fox with the same, not to mention a duck mother with her 9 ducklings in a long row. Golf is also a very social game and I’ve met so many nice, gentle, interesting and charming people on the course. I would say golf is the best recreation you can ever have.

2. I saw your post in which you dispel the myth about polar bears roaming the streets of Oslo. Is there anything else about myths, lore or local reputation that you’d like to straighten out right here while you have the chance?

Thanks for giving me this chance Susie!
There is one major myth that I try to clear up in my blog regularly: Norway has an image of being a very cold and snowy part of the world. Of course it is that way in the winter time, but we have delightful summers. Then we have very long days and in the northern part, the sun does not go down at all. Norwegians are as know for their summer cottages, boating and love of the sun shine as they are for skiing and winter sports. As we have four significantly different seasons, we are good at taken advantage of all of them.
In addition to that I like to challenge the idea that in the winter time people need to stay indoors because it’s so cold. The Norwegian people have a very strong belief that we all need to be outside to be healthy. Even the small children in the preschools are outside two hour in the middle of the day every day. The wintertime doesn’t have to be cold if you know how to dress you know!

3. On your blog in May, you wrote about the russ festivities, the wild celebrations of graduating students in your country. Please tell us what you did when you were, erm, russing. Don’t worry about your reputation, it’s safe here!

I went to an alternative high school which means that I wasn’t a russ myself, but since ‘it’s safe here’, I will tell you a story about what I did when I started college: Next to our student dorms there was an egg storage house. One night we ‘borrowed’ a case of eggs and smashed them in the hall way of the dorm. Then I drove with a scooter over it to make egg liqueur (yes we added moonshine too!).

4. On your blog, you mentioned your hometown of Porsgrunn and it’s famous porcelain.
‘Crazy locals joke: Let me end with a saying about people from Porsgrunn, which I hope you understand: Never serve them soup for a late supper! Why: because they will always turn the bowl over to see if it is made by PP.’
OK Renny, I have to know, have you ever turned your soup bowl over to see if it was PP? And also, please tell us about some of your favourite handcrafts, arts or foods that Oslo is famous for.

I always check to see if it is a PP, but ‘usually’ after the disk is empty. I’ve been told that I did this one time, but naturally I had so much to drink, I don’t remember :-)

Oslo, the capital, is a cultural centre of Norway. We have an opera house (and a new one is being built), theatre district, and many parks and museums. My favourite places are Vigeland Sculpture Park and Holmenkollen Ski jump.

5. And lastly, Renny, what do you think about the president of the United States? Do not hold back, we can handle it!

I understand that Bush came into a difficult period after the 11th of September. My wife is an American and that tragedy affected us deeply. However I do not support Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq especially without the approval of the United Nation. I don’t think it makes the world a safer but more violent place. May I ad that I don’t think one man should take a role of the world’s police. One might wonder if the real interest is to secure the oil resource.

Thanks for playing Renny! You can post your answers on your blog and let me know when you’re ready…take your time!

So I did and I’m glad you gave me this chance:-)


  1. barefoot_mistress

    Wow RennyBA that was fast!

    It sounds like the golf courses in your town have a lot more nature than most of the courses in America, and they sound lovely!

    Thank you for reminding us all to dress properly for the weather, and to not be such whiners about snow and rain and cold and stuff!

    RennyBA, you were NOT a very naughty young man….I thought you could be a lot more mischievous than stealing eggs! How was the egg moonshine?

    Oslo sounds like a lovely place, I am going to have to visit someday……

    And finally, the Bush question. I’m no expert, but in my opinion, you have a very open minded, well thought out, sensible view on “my” president. You also see both sides, and I agree it is not an easy job, nor is it his responsibilty to police the world…and, the oil thing, yes yes, I think so too.

    Thanks Renny…now you know, if people ask you for five qs, you have to do it now! Haha!

    Just kidding you dont HAVE TO!


  2. charles ravndal

    I like reading it and the questions are quite intelligent I say. Lol, you have been a bit naughty Renny during college but who isnt anyway. I for one have been a bit naughty as well. My dad and bro is into golf but not me. I am more of a football person both in European and American. I played as a goalie and also a quarterback.

  3. I loved the questions and I found the answers very interesting. I hope someday to visit your country. My husband has been there and spent some time. He says I would love it.

  4. Hi Renny!

    great answers you have there. You seem to have put the right words on my sentiments on G.W. Bush but yours was in a very nice and diplomatic way :D

    I have a question about Norway, if you don’t mind…

    Is it a myth or fact that there are a lot of fishing vessels in Norway?

  5. Hi Renny! Thanks for stopping by mine :) I’ve sent you an invitation to “Link In” with me (I’m purple4mee)

  6. That is a very interesting questionnaire.
    Your friend has a great nack for asking good questions(Hi 5 B”Mistress!)

    I am enjoying learning stuff about bloggers.

    Nice work! Both of you!

  7. juice is justine

    We all need to be naughty during college coz you know? It doesn’t come again right? :)

    I should think about putting questions for my friends in my blog lol. :D

    Interesting answers!

  8. wow renny, what a challenge! and another wow for breaking the ice on sharing to us your russing day in college!

    i love it man!!!

  9. Hi liked reading through your blog,thanks for sharing, yes took a trip down memory lane,nice posting

  10. hello renny, golfing is an expensive sports its not for a middle class people like me :P

    anyways i enjoyed reading all your answers and the questions are quite interesting.

  11. Well, we play golf during PE classes and I have realized that it is the sport I am enjoying the most.

    Thanks to your extnesive answers, I got to learn about the summer-cottages. Also, I knew about the all-time-sun in the sky during Summers but was nice to be reminded because that’s phenomenal.

    Anyways thank you for stopping by and leaving such a considerate comment.

    Enjoy your day :)

  12. great q&a! thank you for sharing yourself with us – am glad to know a little bit more about you (apart from being charles’ friend). thank you, too, for stopping by and saying hello! hope i could visit your country someday soon! ;)

  13. oh wow that was a toughie! i’ve seen you around ‘the’ queerchef’s blog too! and thanks for dropping by!

  14. I PLayed a little golf when I was a kid (if hitting a golf ball on a course with clubs counts), but any sport, it really does not grab me. Although, your description of golf makes it sound nice.

    Too bad people always think northern climates are cold. They don’t know what beauty they are missing in the winter.

    Of course, some people don’t know how to enjoy the cold – my wife is one (not surprising since she is from Peru).

    Always nice to learn more about fellow bloggers.

  15. You’re a good ambassador for your country.

    And tell me more about this rhubarb soup concept…

  16. @BarefootMistress: Thanks for your comments to my answer, but most of all for challenging met his way – it has been great fun. 1: Golf is more than kicking the balls you know. 2: Yes, but barefoot is great too. 3: I might revile more mischievous things later. The egg moonshine was great; you should try, but maybe with a mixer. 4: Please tell me when you are coming over – I will gladly guide you. 5: I tried to balance out to have people lend their ears you know:-)

    @CharlesRavndal: Thanks Charles and one only need to read your blog to tell you can be naughty:-)

    @Maribeth: Your husband is right so come on over both of you!

    @Duke: I’m glad we agree on the President. Ohh yes, our fishing industry and export are the second most important after oil!

    @Teena: Thanks, but I have not got any invitation yet so please look me up at http://www.linkedin.com/in/rennyba

    @Lynn: I really support your Hi 5 for Susie and I enjoy the same!

    @JuiceIsJustine: Yes, I really think one should enjoy the time when you have it!

    @Mmy-Lei: Thanks and your welcome – as you can tell, I loved it too.

    @Zingtrial: Thanks for the compliments and welcome back any time.

    @Scart: The price is more reasonable compare to people’s income here in Norway you know.

    @Girl: That’s great! I really support starting golf earlier in life! Thanks for paying me a visit and I enjoy reading your blog too. Have a great end to your week:-)

    @Ribbiticus: Thanks and you are always welcome to Norway to, you know!

    @ces: Yea, but I made it through!

    @Richard: Yes, maybe you should pick up golf again? Yes, to bad, but now more people know and understand you know:-)

    @Pearl: I feel honoured by you recognition and I’m glad if people get to know more about my country as they read my blog. I’ll get back to you about the soup.

  17. A very good read, and lovely to get to know you a bit better.
    Your pictures of the summer on the beach is lovely!

  18. So now we know Renny a little better. :-)

    Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed learning more about you and your homeland. :-)

  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog RennyBA. Yes, my record collection is impressive, but I’m always on the look-out for more.

    Your beaches look very beautiful, but not much wave action. No matter when there is so much beauty to behold. Some of my favorite beaches are at Lake Tahoe, which also has no waves.

    Thanks for sharing so much about your country and your life there. I also appreciate your balanced political views. Mine are not so balanced–I cannot wait until this dim-witted cowboy we call president is sent packing back to Texas where he belongs.

    Cheers, RennyBA. Sideways Sam

  20. barefoot_mistress

    You see that Amadeus guy up there, RennyBA? I’ve known him since I was 16!

    What I really wanted to tell you was that I agree with what he has to say about our Idiot, erm, I mean president……

  21. Hi Renny,
    Just wanted to stop by & say hello from the USA. Thanks for stopping by my site at the beginning of the week. I was unable to see my comments until today, thanks to Tripod & their wonderful new “commenting” system. They hope to have the problems ironed out soon – but don’t let this stop you from visiting & commenting.
    Also – I have to tell you, I can’t stand Bush either! He is so wrong, in more ways than one.

  22. I only played gold on very few occasions and I thought it something I’d get into… perhaps, eventually.

    Good questions, good answers!

  23. @Logophile: I’m glad you liked it! Yes the beach is great and now we are going for an afternoon, romantic swim:-)

    @lenadianejennings: Thank you and you now I love to share about Norway too!

    @ Sideways Sam: Well it’s not that big lake so we have to do wave surfing in your dreams:-) As to the president: You have another chance in two years you know – good luck!

    @BarefootMistress: Wow, since 16! I was tempting to say that it can’t be that long time ago, judging from the picture of you in your birthday suit in your post at 2005 12 01:-)
    And you and Amadeus still seams to have a lot in common LoL

    @Chrissie: Thanks for visiting me too and to you and everyone: I’m glad to see that not everyone blindly accepts what’s happening, but take a critical view. That’s what a call a working democracy!

    @Missy: I would say give golf another try! Thanks for the compliments on behalf of Susie and me:-)

  24. hello Renny!

    Its nice to know a lil more of you!

    happy weekend!

  25. Great answers to the questions! I noticed you forgot to mention the penguins that roam the streets with the polar bears ;)

  26. Hello Renny! how are you doing?
    nice question and answer post*.*
    atleast we know a bit of you!!!

    have a nice weekend!

  27. Renny, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Susie is great at asking questions and outstandingly gorgeous as you can tell. Great questions and answers. I will answer mine this weekend so keep checking back. Have a great one.

  28. Ooh! Love this template too! You mean Chas did it for you too?


  29. lol.

    at least added information about you.


    have a nice day! *hugs*


  30. Mother of Invention

    Your answers were interesting and very tactful (about Bush…we all think the same here!)
    All I did in university was raid a guy’s dorm and spread corn syrup on the door handles and taps in the washrooms! WE got chased out and in trouble from Housekeeping dept.!!!

  31. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment!

    I loved your answers and especially your description of Norwegian summertime…it’s somewhere I’d love to visit in the summer…I’m not good with snow and cold so it wouldn’t be a winter trip!! :D

  32. lovely to meet you, renny. i enjoyed this post and scrolled down to check your others. really fascinating to read about norway. i just love learning about the places where people live, especially when it’s so well done and dispels misconceptions. i recall during the norway olympics hearing someone say what you said, ‘no such thing as bad weather. just bad clothes.’ i like that. and so now i really must add oslo beaches to my ‘must see’ list. therapist’s orders after all, hehehe.

    thanks so much for the visit by my place. i hope you’ll come back. i’ll be visiting you again for sure. great blog here:)

  33. Great post and great Q&A

    My wife teaches at an alternative school.

  34. Hi Renny….My first time visiting here and Michele sent me.
    Great blog and photos. Never been to Norway, but visited Stockholm and Copenhagan.
    I’ll be back to visit again.

  35. @ghee: I hope you liked what you learned then LoL. Happy weekend to you and your family too!

    @LynAnne: Thanks and also for the important reminder!

    @yorokobee: I’m doing great as I have my vacation and a lot of quality time with my wife you know:-) A nice weekend to you too!

    @Tommy: Yes Susie is great and I’ve gained a lot thanks to her. Your visit was one of them and I am looking forward to your answer too!

    @savante: yes, my blog is designed by Chas who is a master and I am so grateful to him. Do visit his blog and say hell from Renny! http://www.queerchef.com

    @aiRah: Thanks for the visit and have a great end to your week:-)

    @Mother of Invention: Thanks for the compliments and for sharing yours!

    @Claire: Thanks and do come and visit – I’ll gladly teach you skiing too!

    @lime: Thanks for your nice comments and reminding of the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer. Thanks also for taking your time to look around. I’ve learned a lot from your blog too and will of course come back.

    @djrange: Thanks! I wish you and your wife a great end to your week:-)

    @Terri: Thanks for the visit and since you’ve been to the capital of Sweden and Denmark, you should visit Oslo too. I’ll gladly give you a guided tour. Welcome back as I of course will visit yours!

  36. ah look at all of those admirers. :) great interview…

  37. I enjoyed this Q & A a lot!Thanks for sharing…

    Happy weekend!

  38. As someone who’s about to golf for the first time in his life, I appreciate your sharing your own experiences here.

    Nicely written.

    Found you via Michele’s. I’ll be back on my own: your blog’s an absolute delight.

  39. Wooot! Am I seeing a blog rendition of the Q&A portion of beauty pageants? Hehe.

  40. Heya Renny ;P
    The link to fida is http://www.fidainc.com =)

  41. My cousin lives in Germany, and he’s always after me to come to Europe. One enticement he always holds out is the sculpture garden in Oslo. He says there’s a ferry that crosses from (dumb on geography) Finland or somewhere, and docks at Oslo, and if you’re sober enough to leave the boat, the sculpture garden is a must-see.

    Hey, I’m a goat judge. I’ll only see Oslo in my dreams.

  42. wow! she really is reading your posts. hehehe. and it’s a great post. i learned more about your country and you as well :)

  43. Hi Renny, interesting survey :) so now i know you hehhe…

  44. those are some serious questions! love it!

    “The Queerchef says hi”

  45. @ExpatTraveler: I just love the attention you know:-)

    @CheH: I’m glad – me too! Have a great week ahead!

    @Carmi: Good luck with your first golf try and please keep me posted!
    Thanks for the compliments on my blog. Yours are recommendable too!

    @Talamasca: How else should we get to know each other?

    @ALBjørnstad: Hi AL – long time since I’ve seen you – good to see you again! Thanks for the hint!

    @AnneJohnson: I do agree with your cousin! Her are some examples:
    http://rennybasblog.blogspot.com/2005/11/vigeland-park-not-quite-as-erotic-as.html and

    @tin-tin: Yes, Susie is great and I’m glad you learned some more too:-)

    @ethel: Well, at least you know a bit more!

    @Luka: Thanks for the visit and welcome back!

  46. Hi, Renny! Here via Michele’s! Glad to meet you and was excited to see pics of Norway since I have never had the pleasure of visiting. Loved your Q&A.

  47. Oops, sorry Renny.
    I commented with my mom’s nick.
    But I loove the picture on this post. I’ll be back later to read it properly

  48. Hi Renny! I dropped by to say hello!

    enjoy your day!

  49. Hello,

    I found you in Norway, now, I know what you think of President Bush, I agree with you about the turmoil in Iraq, it is getting worse and worse by the day. More blood is being shed everyday for nothing, our United States Military is really messing up. This world has gone crazy and watch out, there will be another war, you will see. I agree with you about making blogs and not wars. That is what “Pretty in Pink” Woman’s Ministry is all about. Thanks for stopping by “Pretty in Pink” Woman’s Ministry. I live in Round Rock, Texas by Austin. You can write me anytime at barbara.bodling@yahoo.com

    God Bless You and Your Wife,


  50. Hi Renny!
    Thx for dropping by my blog. This post was great to get to know you a little bit. I’m in Canada and we are also thought of as a country with polar bears and igloos!! We have summer too! I do envy the long days in the northern part of Norway tho.
    Take care!

  51. The hubby, kids and I play minature golf, does that count for a golf game? Same concept but I can at least hit the little golf ball and not feel too embarassed.

    Love, Hugs, and Blessings,


  52. @SandyJ: Thanks for your visit and that you liked to look around. Welcome back any time!

    @AngelikaJane: Send my regards to mom then! Welcome back to read as much as you like:-)

    @ghee: Always nice to have you here!

    @Barbara: Thanks for your interesting comments. I do agree with you, but how do you come out of the mess? We have been exchanging some mails yes:-)

    @Nienke: Yes I know Norway and Canada is much alike but you have to come over to experience the midnight sun:-)

    @We play minigolf with the kids quite often and it’s real fun. But I’m afraid it is quite different from golf you know.

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