Still on vacation, we had some quality time with my sister and her two daughters visiting our summer house in Sweden this week. The weather is fantastic and it’s hard to go to sleep in the long, bright summer nights when you have a cosy family chat on the balcony. My sister is fond of trivia questions and the answers get even more creative the more wine we drink:-)

The top of the cream was our trip to Läckö Castle though, and I had my mobile phone available to give you a glimpse of this fascinating building with a lot of history in the walls. Let’s start with a pic of it (as always, please click on the pics to enlarge!):

Läckö Slott is best known as De la Gardie’s magnificent castle on the shores of Lake Vänern, but it is much older. In 1298 Brynolf Algotsson, Bishop of Skara, laid the foundations for a fortified castle here. Probably no more than a redoubt surrounding a few simple houses, it was nevertheless strategically located in the middle of his diocese.

From their brochure I quote: After the reformation in 1527, Läckö ceased being a bishop’s castle, reverting instead to the crown. Gustav Vasa took possession. For a while Läckö was poorly maintained until his brother-in-law, Svante Sture, took possession, repairing and improving the property. He was followed by Hogenskild Bielke, married to Sture’s daughter Anna. He was made a baron and granted Läckö as his barony in 1571. His accounts and letters describe all tasks and inventories at the castle. Tradition has it that he was the one who ordered the still extant painting in a couple of the rooms. The couple was also known for having owned one of the largest libraries of that period. After various problems Hogenskild Bielke was sentenced to death and executed at Stockholm in 1605.

When we entered the castles’ porch, we heard some lovely music from the chapel. It’s built by Count Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie 1655-1668, the chapel tower is a technical masterpiece. Five girls where playing baroque music and really gave us the right atmosphere for our guided tour.

On the tour, I had lovely experience I have to share with you. Look at this painting first:

When my wife saw that she whispered to me: “Look, that’s me!”. I nodded recognisably and smiled, but she continued. “It’s Diana, the goddess of the hunt!” (Wife’s name is Diane, you know:-)

Let me end with sharing some of the lovely views we had:

The dining room – The porcelain

The silver wear – The kitchen

I just love to see and hear about history and the old days and my blog is after all about culture and tradition in the Nordic countries you know:-)


  1. Wow! How much do I want a summer house in Sweden! Lucky!! One summer we should switch. You can have my place in the Gulf Islands and I will hang out in Sweden. Deal?

  2. wow – this is so cool. I still can’t get over how well your cell phone takes pics… Vacation is always nice. I’m off of work for the next 5 days, but I’m just in town. I’m going out for a photo hunt more than likely but that is all…

  3. My, you have been getting around! I’ve never been out of the States, and probably never will, so I really enjoy your pics of places I can’t visit. Hope you’re having a great time, Renny, and tell your wife I like her name. ;-)


  4. rampant bicycle

    Eee! I love old buildings – great castle! Renny, how’d you know? :) Pretty pictures as well…those are from a cell phone?!?

    (Thanks for your visit, too!)

  5. and i thought it was because your wife looks like the one in the painting. hehehe. thank you for always giving us a tour. i’m really starting to appreciate norway and its culture :)

  6. Do enjoy your vacation renny & keep us updated with interesting post/s like this one;)

    Take care and have a nice weekend!

  7. Hi Renny! your really having fun this summer huh!?
    nice photos!(as usual)
    the painting…fabulous!!!
    i think your wife too*smile*
    the silver utensils…i want to have that!!!(hahaha)

    happy weekend!

  8. barefoot_mistress

    What a fun trip you had AGAIN! Traveling is the best, isnt it?
    Wheres your HNT, Renny?

  9. Oh WOW,
    that castle seemed really nice.
    And it also looked like u had a great time!
    Great photos! =)

  10. My cell’s pictures are barely recognizble as picture. I’m glad your’s does well though.

    Nice story about your trip. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well see ya’ later :)

  11. Hi Renny,
    thanks for the fantastic pics. It looks like you had a great adventure.
    Really, I enjoy traveling with you through your photos. Thanks for sharing. :)
    I’m looking forward seeing some of your trip pics!
    Thanks a lot! maraming salamat!

  12. thanks for the positive comment. very musch appreciated man

  13. hello renny!

    I am so envious that you are in Sweden now. Most of my friends here are Swedes and they will all go back home in August sans me!

  14. ‘gidday from queensland australia. you dropped by my site and thanks- i came across such wonderful posts and pictures. more power to you and will surely visit regularly- will read your archives too sometime- norway is such a long way away from australia. have a good weekend.

  15. cool pics renny! summmer this year is really great … have fun fun fun!

    schönes wochenende (happy weekend)!

  16. I love castles!!!!

  17. I wish I could go there one summer day. BTW, my fridge is full of left overs too. LOL

  18. Thanks for stopping by my site! While you can’t comment on Healthcare in San Francisco, what is the policy in Norway? Who pays for it?

  19. charles ravndal

    OMG! This is lovely! I love the pictures you took and also the castle looks nice both the interior and exterior areas. That’s really nice to know that you had a wonderful summer vacation there

  20. Those are beautiful photos! Thanks for letting me see what I am missing! Call me when you get to Stockholm area.Hejdö!

  21. @Nome: Never been at your place, so why not – and the children are thrilled:-)

    @ExpatTraveler: Yes, vacation is great and I’m looking forward to the result of your hunt!

    @Diane: Great name (I’ve told her) and your welcome to visit any time and for free you know:-)

    @RampantBicycle: Thanks for the compliments and yes, it’s all with my Nokia 6680.

    @tin-tin: Well, there is similarities:-) I’m glad you liked the tour and I’m glad you get the hang of the Nordic!

    @CheH: Thanks and I will. Have a great end to your week too!

    @yorokobee: Thanks for the compliments which I pass to my wife too. You too have a great weekend!

    @Barefoot_Mistress: yes, course you learn a lot from travelling you know. HNT: I’m working on it – takes courage you know;-)

    @AngelikaJane: Thanks – a great weekend to you and your family!

    @Grish: Yes, I am more like a technical freak than a photographer and it’s kind of my blog brand you know.

    @ethel: I’m glad you liked the tour too and there will be more to come, so stay tuned! Maraming salamat for visiting mine too:-)

    @infatuatedflip: I’m glad if it could be of any help!

    @duke: I feel sorry for you, but then again you always have my blog:-)

    @VICKY: Good dag to you! Yes Australia is fare away, but I do remember my first visit in ’96, both in Perth and Sidney!

    @Racky akaBakyaNiNeneng: Thanks and I will and hope you’ll have the same! God helg (happy weekend).

    @TravelItaly: Thanks – and every one who likes to know about Italy, wine and food should visit your blog!

    @manzkee: Your welcome any time!

    @suki: your welcome and I’ll get back to you.

    @CharlesRavndal: That’s nice of you to say so and yes we do have a great time. I wish you a great end to your week Charles!

    @JerseyTjej: Thanks and I bet you’ve been there too. It would be a pleasure to see you in Stockholm as I love to meet blog friends! Hade’

  22. I have a little summer place that looks something like this. Yeah, in my dreams!

    Don’t ever bother coming to America. We don’t have anything as wonderful as Swedish castles. That canyon out there in Arizona is only a bunch of rock.

  23. I need one of those…

    I have always dreamed of living in a castle… I just need to hit the lottery and then I can make it come true…!

    Michele says howdy!

  24. RennyBA, thanks for the visit! Welcome to the meet n’ greet, too. My next door neighbor is Swedish and my daughter works for the law firm in NYC, in which Jonas (Princess Madeleine’s boyfriend) did an internship this summer. He invited her to Stockholm for a visit! My favorite perfume is Norwegian. I bought it on a web-site, but first learned about it at Epcot (Disney) in FL.

  25. Mother of Invention

    You are having an incredibly fabulous summer! To combine family visits and travel is great. So do you have summer house in both Sweden and Norway? My Finnish friend had one in Finland and her family took 6 weeks in summer too.

  26. Looks absolutely beautiful there. I have barely been out of the US and would love to travel. Some day. I enjoyed poking around your blog, very interesting. Thanks for visiting my site today.

  27. First time visit and I’m happy to see a Swedish castle! I saw your comment in Amy’s blog ( and I was happy to see a fellow Scandinavian. :)

    I’m a Swede who emigrated to Québec, Canada in May 2005 to visit my internet flirt. Since he turned out to be the Big Love, I’m still here. :) We’re going for vacation in Sweden in ten days and I had planned on, among other things, going to Läckö slott with him. So it was extra fun to see pictures of that castle here.
    I’ll be back!

  28. OldOldLady Of The Hills

    Thanks for your visit! Very nice to meet you…I’ve never been to Norway, but it looks very very beautiful in all the photographs I have seeb of it…
    And Sweden, too…Never been there either…All the scandanavian countries are very intrigueging….

  29. Hey Renny, Thanks for fulfilling #13! I love that you visited again.
    How I want a summer place in Sweden… and visit on the porch with my sister & wine!
    Enjoy your vacations – pics are wonderful!

  30. I might be going to Sweden in a few weeks! Thanks for featuring the castle. I might go and visit it!

  31. wow! thanks for the travel pics Renny, really enjoy travelling with your photos.

    More photos to come

  32. wonderful tour. thanks! we have almost nothing that old in the USA. st augustine’s fort in florida (1672) is the oldest thing on the east coast. so these castles and other structures the predate us by so much just amaze me. i have a cousin who visits sweden every year and no is asking me to come along. i think i must save my pennies and go along with her.

  33. I thought the castle WAS your summer house. I need to read more carefully. Oh, yeah, Michele sent me.

  34. wow. superb.. try to vist castle in spain as well!

  35. charles ravndal

    Hi Renny! I noticed that something’s wrong with your blog so I checked it out. It seems you accidentally erase all the stuff, from your links, profile and listings. I fixed it but since I dont have a copy of your new design including the links I brought it back to your old one. Just check it out if I miss something. Btw, if you have something to implement in your blog. Don’t hesitate to drop me a message! TC

  36. verniciousknids

    There’s nothing more magical than a castle!

    Michele sent me…

  37. Hi renny, Thanks for dropping by my blog. Have a great vacation! Loved the castle picts.

  38. How beautiful!! Thanks for sharing, I love your blog ;).

  39. We visited Sweden a few summers ago, to visit friends that have come here a lot. They took us around for a week to see lots of castles, and their summer house down on the lower right corner of Sweden. It was pleasant, but still the winter ice is too much for me.

  40. Hi Renny.

    Loved your lovely pics and travelogue. I too love Castles and old architecture… but we don’t get a lot of that in Australia ;)

  41. liked the tour of Swedish countryside. thanks

    have a great Vacation

    take care

  42. I’d like to thank you for visiting my blog and came to visit yours.
    I love your travels and especially you answering your questions that Susy posted for you to answer.
    I visited you web site too.
    Mostly I love all the wonderful pictures with your discriptions. It’s a wonderful tour for someone who has never been to your part of the country and gave me a much needed on-line vacation from the fight we are up against in mine.
    Thank you. :)

  43. We hope to take a 4 day rip to Norge i august…
    I have been and the husband but not the kids! We will be driving the car and hopefully we will not have the dog and cat! LOL! I enjoy your photos and descriptions!

  44. What a wonderful tour of the castle! I can’t believe you own a summer house in Sweden! Can I come visit you and go on tour? The pictures add so much to your description!

  45. @AnneJohnson: My summer place isn’t exactly a castle either, but we love it for what it is:-)
    I’ve been to the US a lot, my wife is from NY, and I find it quite interesting too!

    @guppyman: I hope for the same and when we do, let’s buy it together!

    @kenju: Yes, the Nordic countries are not that fare away you know. Hope your daughter had a nice stay! What brand is your perfume?

    @Mother of Invention: Yes we do enjoy the wonderful Nordic summer time. I only have in Sweden, the Norwegians are too expensive!

    @Twist ofKate: I’m glad you could have this peek on my blog, but please come visit one day!

    @ida: How lovely to have a Swede visitor! I met my wife on the net too – becomes more usual day by day. I’m glad you’ll have the chance to show Big Love Läckö castle for real too! Please keep us posted in your blog!

    @OldOldLadyOfTheHill: Hope you’ll come visit one day!

    @Chrissie: Put it up on your wish list and it might come true! Thanks for the compliments:-)

    @missy: Then I’m back in Norway, but have a great time anyway.

    @Mmy-Lei: Thanks for the compliments – glad you liked it.

    @lime: Well, the roots are longer and thicker in the Nordic you know:-) Hope you save enough to see you next year!

    @carli: I haven’t shown you my summer house yet! :-)

    @NeiLDC: Is that an invitation to your house?

    @CharlesRavndal: Thanks my blog designer and rescuer – you’re always there when I need you!

    @verniciousknids: You said it!

    @Florence: Your welcome and thanks!

    @LilDuckDuck: Thanks and welcome back any time.

    @JoeinVegas: I’m glad you had a great time – come to Norway next time! Winter time is great too, just you read my posts from that period!

    @h&b: Thanks for your visit and compliments. I’ve been to Australia once and it was great too!

    @jel: Thanks and you too!

    @Conners: I’m glad you like my guided tours. Welcome to experience it in real life too if you like!

    @JerseyTjej: Hope to see you in some weeks then!

    @Barbara: You are of course welcome any time Barbara – both in Norway and in Sweden and I’ll gladly guide you!

  46. Happy that you visited my blog. Yeah, we had a great time in Oslo, but are now back in Stavanger (Norway!).

    I am back at work… keep up the contact!

  47. Wow..That is indeed a lovely place to be on holiday!!

  48. Now, I know who Diane is…your wife…I got ya…Renny and Diane in their castle in Sweden and Norway. You must win the lottery so Robert and I can come see you. Can you send me a free vacation for Robert and my vacation for our 25 year Wedding Anniversary…we will be waiting!


  49. I’ve been looking around a bit on your July posts now. Impressive! And I’ve never been in Läckö slott, so that was really nice to see! I love old castles.

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