By all means and with respect for the Americans, of course I congratulate you and Landis as the winner of Tour de France! He was simply the best! I’m looking forward to see David Letterman interview him:-)

Picture from AP

I would also like to congratulate my fellow Norwegians! There was a Norwegian cyclist, Thor Hushovd who won today’s race and best of all, he beat McEwen in the finish – his strongest sprint competitor!

Since this blog is about my daily life and habits, you just have to bear with me putting up this post to celebrate this historical moment. Norwegians can do more than ski, you know:-)

You might not know at all about Tour de France. Take a look by clicking here and you can read about one of the biggest sports event in the world! Watching this race with my family is a tradition I enjoy every year on my summer vacation:-)


There was another great Norwegian sports victory the same day and of course it should be mentioned for the record of today. Marius Thorp won the Silver Medal for the leading amateur at the British Open Championship after an impressive closing round of 71. Thorp finished the event on level par, seven shots better than Italian Edoardo Molinari – the only other amateur to complete four rounds. The 18-year Norwegian native ended in 48th place overall in the prestigious golf championship. Thorp intends to turn professional should he be successful at the European Tour in November.

Have I told you my favourite sport is golf:-)

Update #2 (2006.08.05):
It would have been a shame not to update this post with the fact that Landis was a cheater. As you know: The B sample also tested positive for a high ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone and Landis is dismissed by his team, Phonak. I also hope he lose the Tour title and face a two-year ban, as well the loss of his €450,000 first prize. If this is the case, Spanish rider Oscar Pereiro Sio will be declared the winner after finishing 57 seconds behind Landis, in second place. Go Spane, go!


  1. Go Norway!

  2. hello renny! congratulation on your fellow men for winning sports event.

    you really had a great time with your family. take care :)

  3. Congrats Norway!

  4. that was a good race..saw him accelerating at the last min! congratulations!

  5. You do NOT need to apologize at all for hootin’ and hollerin’ for your Norwegian winner, RennyBA! OMG! You all can be darn tootin’ proud! We were proud of him, too :) We watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it all.

  6. How bad am I, I hadn’t even realised the Tour de France had started let alone finished…I will suitably punish myself!

    Well done to Norway!

  7. Norwegians can do more than ski, you know:-)

    — hahaha. now that’s a trivia. hehehe :)

  8. renny!congratulation for you and Norway,Wish you all the best

  9. congratulations to thor on his good showing! good on him! i caught little glimpses here and there. i also have to admit to watching the miss universe pageant just so i could root for miss trinidad and tobago. alas she did not make it past the top 10.

  10. charles ravndal

    I am so happy to see that he won! Heia Norge!!!

  11. i cant relate, i havent watch this kind of game… hehehe.

    Thanks Renny!

  12. Estupidormitorian Neil


    Though I’m not Norse, still…


    Cheers for Norway!


    Thanks for dropping! I like your blog. I’ll link you right now–bleep-bleep-type-type…


  13. Yeah! he won also on the 1st day!
    and the last day (yesterday) in Paris :)
    Go Thor Hushovd! congratulation. :)
    And you know Renny, I didn’t expect to Landis after losing over
    ten minutes last Wednesday, and outside the top ten in general.
    I thought he’s opportunity to win has gone.
    But last Thursday! Gash, i was really surprised :)
    I can say, Landis was really strong bikers.
    I think his mental positiveness was just huge. Congrats to him!

    The Queer Chef pimped me here

    Happy Monday to all ya’ll…

    Kumusta ka! How are you!

  14. BTW, Renny, I have just added your blog as a link on my sidebar. Hope that’s okay :) That means I can now read you more regularly. I like your blog, especially after visiting Oslo on our cruise at the end of May. What a great city, esp. Vigeland Park! OMG. I’ll never forget that place.

  15. @Missy: Thanks and we do!

    @Scart: Yes and that victory ad a litle extra you know.

    @TravelItaly: Thanks.

    @Analyse: Thor was fabilus!

    @Ginnie: 1: Thanks – I’m glad you enjoyed it too.
    2: Please let me know next time and yes, Vigerland Park is beautiful – have you seen my posts? Thanks for linking me and be my guest:-)

    @Claire: There is a newe Tour next year!

    @Tin-Tin: Didn’t you know Lol!

    @Zingtrial: Thanks!

    @Lime: Thanks! I’m sorry for the Misses, but I’m sure they where all beautiful and tallented:-)

    @Charles: Yes : Heie Norge – you are a good Norwegian too:-)

    @Mmy-Lei:So what’s your favorite game then?

    @AsiaticNeilL: Thanks a lot and for the honor of linking me too!

    @Ethel: Your so write about Thor – he is great!
    And yes Landis has the abilety to pull himself together after a bad race and showed the whole world he was the best in the end!

  16. Hey
    Thanks for droppin by and leavin a comment on my blog…

    Running a bit behind schedule on replying but my blog explains why – lol

    Btw also wanted to let you know I got my 5 answers up

    Come on over

  17. Congrats norway! and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  18. OldOldLady Of The Hills

    Congratulations to Norway and to you, in turn! I’m happy for you all!

  19. Hi Renny, Thanks for dropping by my blog. Returning the compliment. :-)

  20. It’s nice to see a winner who didn’t turn to drugs! Bravo for Norway!

  21. Ullrich messed up. I think Landis will be the next Armstrong:)

    Congrats to Norwegian team ,too:)

  22. ahhh speaking of golf, Tiger Woods won too! He was really emotional about it :D

  23. @Noojes: The 5 qs from Susi was great and I recommend all others to see your answers too!

    @DaneBramage: Thanks, and you are welcome back any times!

    @OldOldLadyOf TheHills: Thanks for your support!

    @Anonymous: Thanks for the return, please let sign with your blog next time!

    @Barbara: Norwegians don’t need steroids you know. We have plenty of fresh air and love the out doors.

    @CheH: Yes Landis might, but there is a Norwegian running up you know:-)

    @Duke: Yea, I saw him interviewed and with tears in his eyes, he really showed his great personality.

  24. i go for water and extreme sports!

    i was a mountain climber and scuba diver.

  25. now look at that. I slack and you put up too many posts at once. ;-) But congrats on the win. I know it’s special!

  26. Thank you for your nice post on my blog.

    And how about Floyd Landis NOW? We are quite disappointed in him, as you can imagine…

    All the best from California…


  27. @ET: Thanks, yes it always good to see a Norwegian can reach the top too you know:-)

    @KleoPatra: Yes, shame on Landis – I hope the air is cleared out now and that the next Tours will be a fear game!
    I had to update my post of course.

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