From snowy winter to hot summer in Sweden

My regular readers know that this blog is about the four seasons in Norway and the Nordic countries. This time I’ll give you another wonderful example of the significant seasons from our summer place in Sweden. We go there regularly, both in the summer but also in most of our spare time year round. The city is Mariestad, placed by the lake of Vänern called it’s pearl. It’s a lovely small town with about 25 000 inhabitants. Let me start with the point of this post and show you a picture from the towns square and opposite (all pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone as I normally do to illustrate – please click to enlarge) :

Let me then show some pics from my post the 2nd of January from the same spot:

I can’t decide which is the best season as I love them all. Winter has a lot of exciting advantages like skiing, Christmas, romantic candle light when my wife lights up over 20 candles all over the house, and anticipation for the spring. Summer times for us is golfing (although I have told you we do it in winter as well :-), swimming and romantic evenings on our balcony when the sun lies low on the horizon until almost midnight. It just takes one to appreciate the other I guess.

I’ll show you one more pics from Mariestad (same street can be seen in my January post) in the summer while I tell a bit about the town:

It is easy to be enchanted by Mariestad’s small-town atmosphere. The town was founded in 1583 by Gustav Vasa’s son Karl IX, who named it after his wife, Maria af Pfalz. Cobblestone streets, charming wooden houses in Gamla Stan (the Old Town) and a beautiful cathedral (but no bishop!) all bear witness to a long, exciting history during which plenty has happened. Places of historical interest are also to be found outside the town; ancient remains, disused millstone mines, castles, old villages, mediaeval churches and museums. Filling days with interesting excursions is no problem.

These last pictures are from the harbour and where you can see the church in the background. In a few months the water will freeze to ice again, but then we can have a skating trip. All seasons has it advantages you know:-)