Blogs of Summer 2006

As you might have noticed, I was nominated to Blogs of Summer 2006 last week, Category #4: Random Blogs. You can’t blame me for being happy to announce RennyBA’s Terella as the winner:-) Thank you for all of you who visited and voted for my blog!

Blogs of Summer is an informal, friendly competition and for me a very interesting experience. In ‘About my blog’ I say: “My model of the Earth designed to illustrate the magic of communicating my daily experiences, thoughts and ideas through the Cyber Space.” This BoS has really given me the opportunity to do so. Through my posts during the last weeks, I’ve got a lot of new readers and even more comments about my vacation experiences in Sweden which have been really interesting. People seem to have enjoyed and learned a bit more about places we’ve visited and I have gained a lot from the comments. For me that’s what blogging is about – the more you give, the more you learn. Or as I like to say: Make Blogs not Wars!
Please click on the score card to the left if you like to see the result!

Let me also add that this competition came at the right time as I had my vacation and a bit more time than usual to both participate and contribute as a host. It also happened this summer when I finally got my broad band connection, which is very handy for blogging, keeping in touch with friends and even doing some work when needed. I consider myself a network evangelist and blogging has taken this phenomenon to another dimension. The most important though as shown in my posts: I’ve had a lot of good memories and quality time together with my wife and family during this summer and that is the most important to me!

Quality time at Lake Vänern (taken with Nokia mobile phone)

So now I’m back to ordinary life in Norway and tomorrow I’ll have another fun blog experience. I am meeting another blog friend of mine from quite another part of the world – but in real person. So stay tuned:-)