Blogs of Summer 2006

As you might have noticed, I was nominated to Blogs of Summer 2006 last week, Category #4: Random Blogs. You can’t blame me for being happy to announce RennyBA’s Terella as the winner:-) Thank you for all of you who visited and voted for my blog!

Blogs of Summer is an informal, friendly competition and for me a very interesting experience. In ‘About my blog’ I say: “My model of the Earth designed to illustrate the magic of communicating my daily experiences, thoughts and ideas through the Cyber Space.” This BoS has really given me the opportunity to do so. Through my posts during the last weeks, I’ve got a lot of new readers and even more comments about my vacation experiences in Sweden which have been really interesting. People seem to have enjoyed and learned a bit more about places we’ve visited and I have gained a lot from the comments. For me that’s what blogging is about – the more you give, the more you learn. Or as I like to say: Make Blogs not Wars!
Please click on the score card to the left if you like to see the result!

Let me also add that this competition came at the right time as I had my vacation and a bit more time than usual to both participate and contribute as a host. It also happened this summer when I finally got my broad band connection, which is very handy for blogging, keeping in touch with friends and even doing some work when needed. I consider myself a network evangelist and blogging has taken this phenomenon to another dimension. The most important though as shown in my posts: I’ve had a lot of good memories and quality time together with my wife and family during this summer and that is the most important to me!

Quality time at Lake Vänern (taken with Nokia mobile phone)

So now I’m back to ordinary life in Norway and tomorrow I’ll have another fun blog experience. I am meeting another blog friend of mine from quite another part of the world – but in real person. So stay tuned:-)

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  1. congrats renny!
    long time i know. i missed reading your posts. now i’m back to blogging. you definitely deserve your win as you keep up with your blog. also, you get out (in the cyberworld) and meet new people.

  2. Congrats on your win! The contest was a lot of fun, and hopefully we all got some new readers out of it. I know my husband looked at your blog because he told me he really likes it. Thanks for being the host for Cluster 3.

  3. congratulations renny!!!

    when i saw it at your sidebr, i really voted for you coz your blog really makes one see the beauty of summer and any other season in your country. thank you for always touring us virtually :)

  4. Glad you could participate. Appreciate your blog and attitude toward a fun summer event. Stay in touch. PS, we get our student from Sweden in 10 days! Should be a great experience. lgp

  5. Hey Norwegian Buddy –

    A hearty congratulations to you! You deserve this one, bro, as it’s obvious you’re passionate about blogging and sharing the Norwegian experience with the world.

    Again, I use that 50s word that I am so fond of: SWELL!

    – American friend, Bud

  6. Hi Renny, congratulations for a job well done! It’s great to see all the pictures of your country.
    Your “cousin-in-law” from CT, Maureen

  7. congrats! looks like you are getting more followers. So cool.

    and I’ll be looking for the post, but time is not on my side for blog reading this week… (as you found out yesterday)

  8. Congratulations, Renny! And that’s a great picture. I wish my cell phone took pictures that were that clear.

    – Your friend in blogging and brutally hot Virginia.

  9. Congratulations Renny – I came here via Sar’s blog as I like to check out new blogs and did so in time to cast a vote for you.

    Nice family pictures ~ truly what life is all about!

  10. Congratulations, Renny. My readers and friends of mine voted for your blog. Check out my blog sometime, I got some new articles on “Pretty in Pink” Woman’s Ministry. The eBook is coming along fine too, might be using some pictures from your blog. Do not know yet. My editor is still working on the eBook.

    Best Wishes,

    Round Rock, Texas

  11. @Claire: Thanks, how sweet of you to say so.

    @Ramo: Hope you’ll get back again and thanks.

    @Ethel: Thanks and for the pic compliments too.

    @jhay: Thanks :D

    @zingtrial: Thanks pal, and if you came to Oslo, it would have been a splendid party:-)

    @April: Thanks! Good to see you back – have missed you, you know:-)

    @PhoenixRavenflame: Thanks and give my regards to your husband too! Yes, I’ve got a lot of new blog friends through this and that’s great I think:-)

    @tin-tin: Thank you dear friend – it’s always good to see you and your nice comments! I’ll go on touring you, you know:-)

    @Lyn: Thank YOU for starting and organize all this fun – please folks; visit her blog and give her the credit she deserve! Please keep me posted about your Swede guest for a year!

    @Buddy: Hello American Buddy and thanks for you SWELL words:-) I’m glad for everyone who likes to know more about my country you know!

    @Rosewater: How nice to hear from a family friend over there. It was real great to meet you when I was over last! Thanks for your comment and stop in often:-)

    @ExpatTraveler: Thanks and yea, a lot of new followers! Take your time, have fun and I know you’ll be back anyway:-)

    @Noojes: Thanks – great to hear from India too!

    @Sar: Thanks pal – come on over here to cool down then:-)

    @G: Thanks for paying the visit and for your vote and welcome back any time!

    @NeiLDC: Thanks friend – I’ve red your post and really hope you feel better tomorrow!

    @Barbara: Thanks so much and also for your friends support! You are a great blog friend too:-)

    @CheH: Thanks – how sweet of you to say soo!

  12. congratulations, renny! that’s exciting. i hope your meeting with a fellow blogger is a lovely time .

  13. wow!wow!wow!

    congratulation Renny! you really deserve to win… way to go and more informative post to come.

  14. Congrats Renny! I enjoy reading about your adventures so I guess it should be obvious that you would be #1.

  15. opps.. i mean norway.. sometimes I can be a stupid American.. but I’m intersted in learning more about the culture.. Do you want to exchange web links on each other pages as well?

    Let me know

    nick schmidt

  16. Do you get a silver bowl or something? Or just the appreciation of all of us who follow you around in our wildest dreams?

  17. congratulations Renny!!!

    i think i did the last vote??

    you had nice time on the lake Vanern*wink*

    enjoy and more quality time with your lovely wife and family!!!

  18. That is so cool, RennyBA! I wish I had been there to vote! I am back now!


  19. Congrats! You seserve it and I cannot believe the photos you get with the mobile!!! Mine are horrid!
    (Nice button, too!)

  20. My congrats to you, Renny! I am glad to have “met” you in the blogosphere and thank you for visiting my blog! You have indeed gained much popularity in a short time. People can tell you are kind, genuine, open, honest, and not the least bit pretentious.
    Just a real nice guy!!

  21. @Pearl: Thanks, yea I’m quite happy with the result thanks to all my blog friends!

    @Lime: Thanks. The meeting was great as you can see in my next post.

    @Mmy-Lei: Thanks and yes, just you stay tunded.

    @Missy: Thanks for your contribution Missy!

    @TravelItaly: Thanks for the compliments. Coming from you it’s an honour and you know I love to read about Italy on your blog too!

    @Ginnie: Yes it was and thanks.

    @NickSchmidt: It’s okay Nick as you can read both about Sweden and Norway, my home country here. The best thing about Swedish: The have great neighbours I guess LoL. Btw: Check your mail!

    @AnneJohnson: Well, to have you all following me in my wild dreams is a thrill money can’t buy you know and that’s good enough for me:-)

    @CharlesRavndal: Thanks Charles and your blog design helps a lot to you know:-)

    @yorokobee: Tanks and for your vote too! Yes, Vänern is great and we are back this weekend for more quality times!

    @Barefoot_Mistress: Thanks, I know you where on vacation but also that I can always count on you!

    @Duke: Thanks dear blogger friend!

    @FatBastard: Thanks for the visit and welcome back any time.

    @JerseyTjej: Thanks – always nice to hear from a Swedish blog friend to you know!

    @Racky aka BakyaNiNeneng: Thanks and of course not: the summer will be here for at least one more month and I enjoy every minute of it! Filen Dank:-)

    @TheArtist: Thanks and good to see you back. Have a great end to your week!

    @MotherOfInvention: Thank you so much for the compliments and your kind words.

  22. Congratulations, Renny and you so deserve it, as going through your archives, you have done a lot of ambassador-like duty for your country. Now I know more of Norway, the culture and its people and Norway is now a special country for me and have in fact put it down as one of my destination places one day. More power to you!

  23. Thanks for dropping by my site and leaving a comment. Congrats on the BoS win. If ever I want to visit Norway, I definitely know where to come for the info =)

  24. @VICKY: Thanks for your nice comments – exactly what I want with my blog and I’m glad to hear it works! You are welcome to visit any time, just give me a hint in advance so that I can guide you around:-)

    @CajunTiger: Thanks Tiger and you are welcome to Norway too of course – any time!

  25. Hei Renny!
    Jeg er student på Høyskolen i Oslo og hørte på din tale igår. Den var fantastisk og jeg ble meget imponert. Jeg ønsker med dette framtidig kontakt med deg.
    Håper det er i orden for deg.

  26. Heisann Renny! Jeg måtte bare gratulere deg og tusen takk for den fine talen du hadde for oss på Høgskolen i Oslo i går. Det var mye viktig info for oss nye studenter. Ellers så får du bare stå på med blogginga di! Du gjør en virkelig god jobb når det gjelder blogs. Jeg holder ikke på så mye med slike saker, men jeg øsker deg alikevel lykke til med din entusiasme innenfor blogging!
    Mvh David Mikkelsen

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