Blogging – connecting people!

I like to make friends all over the world as much as a love to share my daily life and learn about others, their habits and cultures. Since starting to blog actively in November I’ve gained a lot in that prospective. I’ve been giving the opportunity to tell about Norway and the Nordic countries, our ways of living and how we cope with the significant four seasons. Even more, I’ve got a lot of readers and blog friends who actively have commented and giving their point of views to our traditions and specialities. The more I’ve shared, the more interesting feedback I’ve recieved. This has given me the chance to see myself, my country and our way of living in a retrospective from which I have learned a lot. So therefore I thank you, all my readers – the regular one as well as the newcomers, for your visits and your comments showing your interests and compliments.

Mark & Renny – taken with my Nokia mobile phone

The subject line of this post refers to NOKIA’s slogan: ‘… connecting people’ and you know I use that mobile phone to take most of the pics to document my posts. This time there is more to it because my message today is to tell you about another blog meeting I had this week. I friend I ‘met’ a long time ago, Mark from the Philippines, has taken the big step to move to Oslo, Norway. So as soon as I came back from our vacation in Sweden, almost four weeks after he arrived, I met him for lunch at Youngstorget square. He is one out of over 85 million people on the other side of the globe, and I am one out of 4.7 million, but we met – because we have established a friendship through blogging:

Mark has a lot of gutts, taking this big step in his life. He is a clever, well educated, charming, outspoken and open-minded fellow. It was a pleasure to invite him for lunch and have an hour to talk about life, immigration, his land and mine, his culture, our culture, the similarities and differences as well as what we have in common. I remember he said he has never seen snow – you have a lot to look forward to:-) From his posts since he came here, you can see that he has experienced a lot of Norway already and he has even learned a lot of the Norwegian language. I admire his attitude and am looking forward to meeting him again and getting to know him better, as well as meeting some of his friends.

Back to blogging connection people; this isn’t the only blog friend I’ve met this year. Charles is another one and hi is special to me sine he did the makover of my blog. Click on the pic to visit him! Actually I’ve met him twice this year, once in Bergen and then earlier this summer in Oslo. Click here if you need a reminder for May or June.

I’ve also noticed that other bloggers post about the same phenomena. An example is a blog friend of mine from Switzerland who immigrated to Canada. Last week she met Christina in Vancouver and had a similar experience. They’ve even met a year before in Switzerland.

Challenge to my readers:
What do you think about this? Have you experienced the same? Please leave a comment and if you’ve got the same experience, give a link to similar posts on your blog! I want to see if I’m right: Blogging is connecting people?

2006.10.01. we had Mark and Knut to dinner and he has written a nice post about their visit on his blog which you can read her!