Even if the vacation is over, we still go to Sweden on the weekends as we love to explore what the entire area around Mariestad and Vestra Götaland has to offer. Yesterday we had a lovely trip to Öhns Gärd (a farm) and I hope you will enjoy our crazy adventures as much as we did! I had my Nokia mobile phone ready to shoot the highlights of course (Please click to enlarge as alwasy!). Let’s start with an overview:

As we entered the farm it was mysteriously quiet, but the owner, Elisabeth Svantesson soon came out of the farmhouse. She told us their 30 guests – a Swedish team playing America football – were in the city to play in a tournament. This farm is actually an activity centre for groups or companies who will give their members, partners or customers a special experience.

Coming from The Norwegian Computer Society I told her this was very interesting and she then urged me to take a look around and explore all the facilities. The farm was all ours and what could be more fun than doing it together with my family:-)

Just farming around :-)

Of course we had to explore all the buildings. We started with the barn where a pig welcomed us. Further in I saw a huge pile of newly shorn wool in a corner and I could not resist jumping in. Soon my wife and a cat joined me and one of the children assisted as the photographer.

The demonstration – To keeep balance in marrige:-)

The top of the cream was when we entered the loft as we saw a bow and a target. I have played Robin Hood and made a lot of bows in my childhood and was of course eager to demonstrate. We had a competition of course and a friend of one of my bonus children who joined us this weekend won. The prize was that he could pick what to have for dinner that day and his choice was my wife’s delicious home made burritos.

We heard oink – oink here, moo – moo, there, baa – baa, quack – quack, cluck – cluck, miow – moiw, and everywhere a woof – woof so we knew we where at the right place:

Did I mention that there were animals around? heheh. It felt just like the good old days of childhood when I visited a lot of my friends farms. You feel so alive, close to the nature, relaxed and so happy. Is there anything more giving in life than to interrelate with trusting animals who have been well treated and don’t know anything about our modern, hectic urban life?

The stone – The kitchen

Other things that reminded me of the good old days was to see a sharpening stone with a scythe as I remember walking in the fields at my grandfathers farm with one of the farm hands showing me how to use it. In the kitchen they still had the old stone oven where I remember the milkmaid made the very best bread. My favourite topping was just sugar with milk fresh from the cow. Yes, I am born in the earlier century as I also learned how to milk a cow with my hands. Roots and traditions are important to me and on this lovely day a lot of good childhood memories came back to me.

A cairn from Bronze Age

As I know my regular readers like to hear some history background from The Nordic countries. Today I have a scoop as we passed a cairn (burial mound) on our way back home. This is one of the largest Bronze Age monuments in Västre Götaland (1800 – 500 BC). It has a low, stone brim round edge. Large cairns of this type that have been investigated have often contained a cist build stone stabs, for one burial. Bronze Age cairns are found in the whole of Vestre Götaland. Grave goods from the same period have been found in a number of rather large, low stone settings. Numerous loose finds also show that there have been many more graves, now destroyed.

With this lovely memory in mind together with all the others, we are heading back to Norway. But I’ll keep them all in my heart and dwell on all the good quality time with my wife and family this summer too:-)

Here is the referral link to Öhns Gärd (sorry but only in Swedish) and I want to thank Elisabeth Svantesson for the hospitality!


  1. 服從到只一 A.K.A: Sugar Cat

    Thank you for stopping in and visiting me today. It was definitely a pleasant thing to read with all that’s going on at this time.

    I’ve never lived outside of Texas and have not vacationed outside of it either. I guess you can say, I’m a Texas born, raised and destined to die Texan. As much as I love it here, I have always and still dream of traveling. I enjoyed your post, especially enjoyed reading of your adventures.

    You have a great site, I’ll have to add you to my blogroll and visit every chance I get.

    I wish you and yours a great upcoming week.


  2. That was a great adventure, Renny! Coupled with great photos, what else could we ask for? Keep off-the-beaten-track travel stories like this coming!

  3. What fun! Looks like a great time and I love all the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kitten, other baby animals and all that activity. Sounds like a lovely place. I grew up on fresh cow’s milk too, but I can’t say my memories are as vivid. Mostly’ I remember squirting it and the cats running to try and catch the squirt in their mouths. :)

    Cairn’s neat. Never seen one of those in real life.

  5. Oink! Oink! A farm with a lot to see and do. I love to try lying on that pile of wool. Quack! Quack says the duck: “That cairn is interesting!”

    BTW, the queer chef says bonjour!

  6. Renny, I was raised on a farm and I love animals. Your pictures bring back many good memories of growing up in Arkansas. I can tell your family enjoyed your visit to the farm.

    I’ve seen the burial cairns on documentaries on TV, but never in real life. Earthen Indian burial mounds are very common here. As a matter of fact, there is one less than a half mile from my apartment, on the outskirts of my little town.

    Very interesting post and pictures, Renny, thanks for sharing. :-)

  7. I really enjoyed the post and the photos you have provided. You are a big explorer if you have gone as far as Bulgaria even hehe
    Enjoy your Monday

  8. It looks like you had a great time with your family in this farm!
    Funny story !

  9. I enjoyed your photos and visit to the farm. My grandparents had a farm when I was growing up and your photos took me back to those childhod visits to all the animals.

  10. wow, i really enjoyed travelling with you thru you blog!

    Will all the details and photos this one is really a good place for company’s team building.

    thanks for sharing again.

  11. Great pictures. I love the one of the pile of wool with everyone on top. How many weeks of vacation do you get each year, because you seem to be travelling a lot?

  12. Ole Blue The Heretic

    Sounds like an interesting trip. Once of these days I may make it to Sweden and Norway. My sister just had a friend from Norway visit here.

    I am very interested in the cairns and will do a little research on them.

  13. wow! those animals are cute :)
    Hi Renny, as usal nice adventures!

    Thanks for sharing…

    God Bless

  14. Hi Renny, what great fun to visit a farm! My family likes doing stuff like that too. It always amazes me how some of these city kids don’t even know where milk really comes from aside from the refrigerated section of the grocery store :).

    I love that photo of you and your wife on the sheep’s wool! Wouldn’t I just love to lay there all day! You and your family look like you have a great time together.

  15. @ 服從到只一A.K.A:SugarCat: How wonderful to hear from Texas. My wife is from New York you know and now living in Norway – so there is hope for everyone LoL!
    Thanks for your compliments and listing me – I feel honoured! A great week ahead to you too:-)

    @Mark: Thanks Mark and I will keep on for sure – so stay tuned!

    @Carrie: Thanks, yea: it was great.

    @Pearl: Great to hear you have farm memories from childhood too!

    @Aceian: Thanks for a noisy replay LoL

    @Diane: Another with childhood farm experience – great! Thanks for the compliment and yes; the cairns experience was very special too – really back to the roots you know.

    @Girl: Glad you liked it! Here is one post from when I was in Bulgaria: http://rennybasblog.blogspot.com/2006/05/sofia-bulgaria-culinarian-sencation.html

    @Sidney: Thanks blogger friend!

    @hexe: Thanks for the compliments and great to hear from another with farm experience from the good old days.

    @Mmy-Lei: I’m glad to hear you enjoy travelling with me as a regular reader and there are more to come so welcome back!

    @Barbara: Thanks – you made a good pick! In Norway you normally will have 5 weeks vacation each year.

    @OleBlueTheHeretic: Please tell me when you are coming over – would have been lovely to meet! There are cairns in Norway too you know.

    @ethel: Thanks for your always nice compliments and welcome back for new adventures.

    @JMom: Good that you take your children to farms too as it is important to learn the original I think! A great week ahead to you:-)

  16. with the moomoo here with the moomoo there & the moomoo everywhere It must be really fun indeed:D

  17. well i guess it really is the simple life that we are all feeling for right now. farms are awesome. there is just so much stuff going on there, so much life. glad you enjoyed yourself.

  18. Mother of Invention

    I don’t know if this is a typical farm but it sure looks prosperous, nice clean buildings. Not all of ours here in Ontario, Canada look that nice.
    You sound and look so totally relaxed and just loving that family time! Must be all those holidays. You guys have the right idea over in Norway…to make the most of the short-lived summer with lots of time off … and to make up for those hours of darkness still to come!
    Moat people here get about 2-3 weeks off. We are just about to head off for 9 days to our log cabin holiday place in the province of Quebec next Sat. (Great bass fishing there!)(see pics on my post)

  19. Looks like you could have been visiting Ontario!!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  20. Very nice looking farm! Such a wonderful collection of animals. Unsure about the Bow & Arrow thing though…:)

  21. wow! that looks so fun. and it really brought some childhood memories in your part. someday i would like to stay in a farm. but i don’t know if i’ll survive. hehe.

    so what can you see now in the Västre Götaland? :)

  22. Wow, what a nice day at the farm!
    I miss living near farms and animals now :-(

    thanks for visiting my blog!

  23. Hi Renny,

    This is Barbara from Round Rock, Texas. Looks like your family and you had a great time on the farm. My husband was raised on a farm for a number of years. His Dad and Grandparents had one. The closest I get to a farm is in Austin where there is a farm for everyone to enjoy. I love visiting it when the weather is nice, not like now. 5 weeks of vacation a year, does not happen here unless you have been at a company for along time. But, if you have a business, the vacations are endless.

    A New Author in the United States!

  24. hi renny farming is cool u really had fun with your family i can see it in the pictures you post :)

  25. Thanks for joining us at Pass the Torch!!

  26. @CheH: Thanks for your noisy comment too!

    @April: Your so right and this one was very lively.

    @MotherOfInvention: Well, this was kind of special yes.
    Ohh yea, we know how to appreciate summer, but it takes a cold winter to learn how to, you know:-)
    Have a great 9 days in your cottage – I’ll be at your blog to see the pics!

    @Teena: I would have loved to one day! Your post from Ottawa was great too:-)

    @Grish: Yea it was great. What’s the uncertainty then? ,-)

    @tin-tin: You will survive – at least for a weekend LoL There is a lot more to explore there you know:-)

    @AndyBailey: Hope you get the chance once in a while then!

    @Barbara (from Texas): Your husband was raised well then – hope he can teach you and the children some farm tricks then:-) Congrats on being a new Author!

    @scart: Yes, we did have a lovely time – glad you liked the pics!

    @PassTheTorch: Your welcome – it was great fun – I recommend all others a visit too!

  27. Renny, thanks so much for dropping by and for all your kind words. Your blog is very lively and happening — the popularity speaks I need to learn many lessons from experienced bloggers like you :)

    I’ve decided to start blogrolling and planning to include your blog. Hope it is ok with you.

  28. wow! it looked so much fun! and i enjoyed reading ur post so much..hehe! u make me want to take a vacation! :P tnx for dropping by my blog last tym! :)

  29. I want to be a part of your family!! Adopt me :-)

    I got your addy… will send postcard tomorrow!


  30. Though I don’t like to judge goats from pictures alone, that looks like one A-grade ram.

  31. I heart farms and everything about ’em: the animals, scenery, ambience, the smell, name it! Those who don’t even have an itsy-bitsy love for ’em, come here so that I could rip your head off! Ooops! I got carried away! Tee hee.

    As always, neato photos all over the place!

  32. You look far too relaxed when she’s pointing that arrow at you :).

  33. your farm adventure spells FUN!

    that’s it. sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries will be on my places to visit!

  34. Hi Renny, it’s me again, from the comment whore. We should try to get Chas up to a 100 comments before he gets back :D

  35. Great activities made so interesting with the lovely pictures. thanks again.

  36. It is so interesting to see this farm post today, Renny, because tomorrow we’re flying to Michigan for a Farm Day at my sister’s house. They don’t have all the animals but when they bought the farm 3 years ago, they got all the barns and sheds and fun things you think of when you go to the farm. I can hardly wait :) You whetted my appetite.

  37. @KishorCariappa: I’m glad you liked your stay here – we can always learn from each other! I will be honoured if you put me on your roll:-)

    @babymoi: Glad you liked it here too and welcome back any time, vacation or not:-)

    @missy: Interesting idea, let me think about it missy:-) Looking forward to my post card – thanks!

    @AnneJohnson: I’m not an expert, but he tried to ram me when I climbed the fence:-)

    @Talamasca: I do agree so I’m glad my head is safe then:-)

    @ChickyBabe: Well, I said something about balance, didn’t I – LoL

    @duke: Glad I’ve convinced you – tell me when you are coming over!

    @JMom: I’m working on it – Charles really deserves that. He’s my blog designer you know!

    @VICKY: Glad you liked – thanks for the compliments.

    @Ginnie: Glad I could give you an appetizer then. Have a great trip and please keep us posted!

  38. Wow Renny! Look how popular you are!

    Those pics are great. I love the first one entering the farm.

    One thing I was puzzled with, who were the kids? Just people there or actually yours (you never speak of them if so).

    Sounds like a great way to spend a weekend!

  39. barefoot_mistress

    “the top of the cream”…

    oh RennyBA you slay me!

  40. We live in the country and our property is in fact considered a farm, but we are not farmers;-) We do lease the surrounding farmland to another farmer who works the land. Our buildings are not in use right now but used to be a dairy. My mother grew up on a farm where they raised beef cattle. I enjoy living in the country….it’s so much more peaceful. I haven’t been overseas since I was sixteen (visited Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany over a period of a month…mostly in France and then just day trips into the border countries). Maybe after our kids are grown up we will return overseas. I’ve always wanted to visit Norway and Sweden. I would also like to return to Italy someday. Right now I admit to being a bit timid to fly anywhere! Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen. I like your blog and I will come back to read more about your life and adventures. I can’t believe the great pictures you get with your Nokia phone….maybe I should switch! Hope the rain goes away and you are blessed with sunshine for the weekend.

  41. Hello, I enjoyed your blog and the tour of the farm. It looks like it was a great time! :)

  42. It’s so nice to hear a little bit about your childhood, Renny. Thank you for sharing this wonderful farm with us! I’m happy you had so much fun! :)

  43. @ExpatTraveler: Thanks for the compliments – coming from you it’s an honour.
    Two of the children was my wife’s – I call them my bonus children – and the third was a friend of them.

    @BarefootMistress: Thanks Susie – I do the best I can you know;-)

    @Lynn: Thank you so much for taking your time to share some of yours – that’s what blogging is all about you know and I loved reading about it. You are welcome back to read and share more comments any time!
    As you can tell, we had another lovely, sunny, healthy and great weekend again too;-)

    @Marti: Glad you liked your stay here and welcome back for new adventures!

    @Ladybug: Thank you, it’s always nice to share and have visits from regular readers like you:-)

  44. Renny, I’m Ginnie’s sister, the one with the farm. I love your post, and now I’ll check out the rest of your blog.

    I think everyone has farms somewhere in their soul, so when they visit, there is a connection.

  45. What a neat post! I love the ‘in the wool’ photo. I’ll be following the rest of your trip :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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