Brazil never beats Norway in Football

All Norwegian are in ecstasy tonight since we have the privilege of playing against Brazil in football. I know you friends over the Atlantic call it soccer, but in the rest of the world the official sport is Football as they use their feet to kick the ball, you know:-) So why is this so special to Norwegians you might ask?

Photo – #11 Gamst Pedersen the goalgetter.

Well, Brazil is #1 on FIFA’s ranking and Norway is #49. Besides that, Norway is the only team Brazil never has beaten, as some of you might remember World Cup 1998 where Norway won 2-1. The result tonight was a draw: 1-1. The historical fact in the subject of this post still stands!

There is of course a lot of reasons why Norwegian welcome Brazilian for a friendly mach. Some are interested in the fascinating play, some more into culture, music and rhythm the spectators participate with. Lucky for the Brazilians it is still summer time in Norway and never has a Norwegian football field had more colourful spectators. One could hear and see samba rhythm and dancing all over the town and that is very exotic to the Norwegians you know. I could not resist borrowing a picture from the World cup in Germany 2006 to give you an idea:-)

A Norwegian College University Team – where is Renny?

Of course I will not disappoint my readers by letting out a personal touch to this subject. I’ve played football since the ball reached my knees. In Norway football is the biggest sport (besides skiing of course) and every community has at least one field. In my home town we made our own when I was a child and my mother always knew where to find me: in the summer time at the football grounds and in the winter time at the ski jump. I played football up to college, but never made it to the national team. However we had fun playing when I was in College University and in the pic above you see my teammates in 1974. We where early in inviting the girls to play with as you can see:-)

Challenge to my readers:
In the pic above, can you find Renny? The winner gets a free lunch in Oslo with me:-)

And the winners are: The Queer Chef, CheH, Ms. Marti, Tin-tin and The Doctor. Congrats and remember next time you are in Oslo, there is a free lunch waiting for you!

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  1. The guy with a white shirt on the left hand side. You are between two people. Now, when is my lunch in Norway? I live in the United States and I am that up and coming author in Texas and you are the photographer that took pictures for my first issue of my eBook.

    Round Rock, Texas

  2. Hmmm I can’t seem to tell. But I was watching the TV and Brazil didnt manage to beat Norway hehehehehhe

  3. Your the guy …umm..standing next to the other guy…. lol I have no idea but any time you up for lunch … and I’m in Norway…:P

  4. 4th from the left and when is the game!? By the WAY…i LOVE YOU DEARLY, BUT i still THINK YOU are lying about the phone photos! LOL! I have a Sony Ericsson and it takes the WORLDS WORST photos!!

  5. It’s funny seeing soccer called football, but it makes since since they kick the ball instead of throw it. As far as which one is you….what they said! LOL

  6. To all: I think its fare to give you some hints:

    @Barbara: I’m not wearing glasses!

    @CharlesRavndal: Well, you are one of the few who have seen me live, but then again that was this summer and the pic is from ’74:-)

    @Grish: Well, I’m not standing – more like ‘sitting’

    @Pearl: No, but he was a cute boy too – I’m not in the back row and you know I can’t be one of the girls :-)

    @JerseyTjej: No, that’s not me – the game was yesterday! You have to believe me dear – your just jealous not to have a Nokia. The football team photo was taken before mobiles where invented though :-)

    @Marti: I’m glad you figure it out – about football is for feet’s I mean! You’ll have to guess again to have a free lunch in Oslo!

  7. I was watching the game too! And I was happy that Brasil has not beaten Norway yet :)

    You would not be the guy between the one with brown sweater and the guy with the blue shirt? :)

  8. bottom left, squatting. going on the hints you gave because until you hinted i thought you would have on glasses.

  9. How about the one next to the girl in the blue shirt? On the left hand side, he is squating.

    A Up and Coming Author in the United States!

  10. Thanks so much for all your kind comments on my blog. I enjoyed the birthday wishes all the way from Norway :-). Thanks!!

  11. Yeah but the picture is kinda blurry but I was thinking about the guy on the bottow row, red jacket and the ball is just infront of him.

  12. You’re the guy (I think)in red jacket (almost)sitting position with ball infront
    (the smile of this guy is very familiar to me, it must be YOU!hehe)

  13. How fun for Norway to have the honor of never being beat by Brazil in soccer/football! You can be darn-tootin’ proud of that. As for guessing which one is you, I’m going leave it to the pros (what a cop-out for me, right?).

  14. too difficult to tell … faces are blurry and .. uh .. styles have changed (equals ageing) It seems that there are two fairly good choices when comparing the recent picture of you at the table. It could be the guy in the front bottom left with the beige pullover or the guy 4th from the left with the red jogging jscket. Other than that I have no idea. I will go with the guy in red.

  15. How about the guy with the brown and white sweater, looking at the guy in the red bent over. You are on the right hand side.

    This is sure a fun game, I laughting until I start crying.

    A Up and Coming Author in the United State!

  16. @ALBjørnstad: Sorry, but hanks for trying – I hope we will meet for lunch soon anyway!

    @Lime: Close, but no – sorry!

    @Barbara#1: Sorry, like Lime, very close.

    @LittleMissChatterbox: You’re welcome of course and welcome back any time!

    @CharlesRavndal: Tada; the first one who guessed it right – tell me next time you are in Oslo and you’ll have a free lunch!

    @CheH: Nice of you to recon me from the smile – a free lunch for you next time you are in Oslo too – looking forward to it!

    @Ginnie: I do understand as the pic was quite fuzzy – but tell me when you are in Oslo next time and we figure out something:-)

    @Marti: You couldn’t be hotter – free lunch on me next time in Oslo!

    @Tin-tin: Yes I do, so when do you plan for a trip to Oslo, so I can buy you a lunch then:-)

    @TheDoctor: Your in too Doc – just tell me when you are in Oslo next time!

    @Barbara#2: Sorry, but thanks for playing the game!

    To all: the winners are taged in the update. Thanks for playing this unformal guessing contest with me!

  17. I am jst so glad to have found a Renny who is a football player to add to my list of evidence for my son, Renny, 6, who is both crazy about football and really mad with us for giving him the name Renny. I am searching on the internet for cool footballing Rennys, and I have found Venezuela’s Renny Vega, a goalie who plays in Turkey; and you, a Norwegian who played college football in 1974 – fantastic!! He is the only Renny in his class, in his school, and he doesn’t like it. Poor boy. I think his father was watching the credits at the end of Die Hard Two and liked the sound of the director Renny Harlin’s name – and that is nothing to boast about…But I say it is like Charles Rennie Mackintosh, our Scottish design genius.I am about to download that terrible cluster of pixels that you call a photograph, and prove to my boy just how cool footballing Rennys of the planet really are. Which do you think is the coolest footballer in the Norwegian team, what number? Renny will happily adopt the nationality of any team in the world – at the moment he is wearing a homemade Sverige shirt, number 12, just because he likes that number. The coolest Scottish footballer had to be the balding goalie who took his false teeth in and out for games and whose combed over hair got in the way of his vision. Or Colin Hendry, the defender with the largest head in football. Of course the prevalence of the surname Renny or Rennie in Scotland testifies to the Norwegian Rennys, the many many Rennys, who came and conquered us on our own turf, not very fair; a bit like Scotland did in Paris recently…

  18. Can I ask though – how did you get this picked up and into google news?

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

    Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

    Soccer / Football greats you should write about next!

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