Good Friends in the Summer Time

A lot of times I’ve told you about quality times with my wife – this time it will be with friends. It was this “Thank God it’s Friday” evening, the very best part of the week. After from work we had a light supper and after that my power nap. I wake up with this lovely anticipation: a whole weekend ahead of us and nothing special on the agenda other that a nice invitation for a bridge evening at our neighbour-friends. It’s been a long time since we’ve played bridge and that is for me a perfect way to celebrate a summer night. The weather perfect; around 20C (68F) and they had set a lovely table on the terrace for us. I had my mobile phone with me of course, ready to capture these precious moments. I was so eager to show you the late sunset, so the quality isn’t very good, but okay to give you an idea of the lovely atmosphere I hope.

The meal – 7:30 PM

We started with a lovely meal of pirogues filled with cheese, ham and mushrooms and a salad including their own grown tomatoes. They served a delicious Spanish red wine with and it all tasted marvellous. We talked about the extraordinary good summer we’ve had and in Scandinavia that means warm, sunny stable weather without too much rain – a perfect opportunity to recharge the batteries to cope with the colder and darker fall and winter. They had bought a new summer house and were eager to show us pictures of it. You all know most of our escapades this summer or for new readers; check my earlier post.

Coffee 8PM – Bridge 9:30PM

After waiting for the meal to settle, we were served coffee avec with ice cream and the deck of cards was soon on the table. I’m a very competitive person, but this game is somehow more relaxing, fun and very entertaining. To make it short; this setting is what I consider a quality time including friends, a good meal, small talk, laughter and witty comments. A perfect evening and food for the soul.

Tinka 8PM – Dogs playing 8:42PM

I have to mention two other family members in their home. Tinka, an irish setter, and Ice. They are the friendliest cutest dogs and we have babysat them both from time to time. They are very well trained and though very strong as they compete in dog sledding, they follow the slightest command. I call Tinka the Queen of Hosle (then name of our community) as she always raises her head royally way when I draw her attention.

Man’s best friends 1AM

At 10PM we went inside as we no longer could see the cards, but the game wasn’t finished until long after midnight. I had to say good night to the dogs of course and as you can see, I was happy, tired and very satisfied:-) My wife and I went home hand in hand and easily agreed to that this was a treasurable evening – like food for the soul. Our compliments to the hosts for a splendid evening.

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  1. Nice pictures and it looks like you had a lovely weather there. Anyway, the picture of you and the dogs are so cute! And yes I am looking forward to that lunch!

  2. I knew how to play bridge and I’m very sure I enjoyed it very much, but I don’t know how to play it any longer. Maybe we can play it sometime? Nice pic with the dogs! :-)

  3. Sounds like an enjoyable evening. Growing up in New England, I used to love playing cards with my family during those long winter nights. Now, it’s just Go Fish with the kids:)

  4. oh man that looks like a fun time. I love your dogs!!!! And lol that 1am pic is just too funny!

    By the way, that wasn’t my brother. Just a friend’s kid. He’s Swiss and almost 6 now.

  5. I agree, Renny, good friends, good food and laughter is my idea of a wonderful evening. And I love animals, so they would be the icing on the cake. I love your photos, your glimpses of your life. :-)

  6. Will wait til Ally gets a little bit older to travel then,will claim that lunch from you,hehe Thanks renny:)

    I only know few card games and love playing it with friends & family for fun ( I just have to accentuate fun there, as there are peeps,playing with it for money even between friends,lol)

  7. I will collect one day to be sure, it will cost you more as I have alot of children now and there may be more b4 I can get there. LOL. 68 degrees is just aboove freezing. 85 to 90 is perfect for us. But this heat wave last 2 weeks of 115 is a bit too hot

  8. Awe the dogs are so sweet. I miss my dog Micky so much. Too bad, drug addicts in our neighborhood killed him with a poisoned bread… sheesh… —_—;;;

  9. I love how your experiences lately have been matching mine, Renny! Yesterday we spent about 6 hours at Donica’s Mom’s and played Spades (kinda like Bridge in that you have to bid) all afternoon before a wonderful Italian dinner. And they have 3 dogs, one of which is a golden retriever. Donica’s mom is only 5 years older than myself, so it feels like she’s a best friend! You’re right–those times together ARE “food for the soul.”

  10. Hi Renny,
    Thanks for visiting me and your kind words. I’ll be back to visit you again when I have a bit more time. Your evening with friends sounds just delightful!

  11. @CharlesRavndal: Yes, we had lovely weather on Friday, then rain again Saturday, but today the sun is Shining so warm and lovely again. More post about it later, so stay tuned!

    @Mark: Would love to invite you over for a game one weekend so lets plan for it now that you are living so close!

    @hexe: Yes, cards are a winter game, I know, but nice on a terrace in summer nights too. Everything goes with good friends – fishing too:-)

    @Grish: It was and the dogs are so cute.

    @ExpatTraveler: Yes it was great – I’m glad you liked to see my playing with the dogs – not mine!
    Sorry I mixed up, but the pic of the boy was cute too

    @Marti: I’ll give you a call next time we are playing!

    @Diane: Thanks for your nice comment. We seams to be two of a kind in a lot of ways.

    @CheH: Your welcome for lunch in Oslo any time you know! Glad You like cards too and also that bridge doesn’t involve money LoL

    @TheDoctor: Well, that will be a reall big family lunch then – but welcome anyway!
    I know you have wormer weather, but remember in 4 month we might as well have -20C (-4F), so we need to care for the days we have:-)

    @Ginnie: It’s always nice to read you comments and how we’ve matched this summer. One day we just have to spend a summer together. Your place or mine? LoL

    @Duke: I kind of like the last one best myself – because the dogs are just smashing:-)

    @Sue: I’m glad you liked my blog too then – welcome back any time – it always nice to see new readers too!

  12. Socializing is an important aspect of keeping a healthy balance in life. All too often it is far too easy to throw our lives out of balance.

  13. Now that’s my kind of evening…it’s so much fun to be with good friends, enjoy great food and a good game of cards!!

  14. I know it’s summer but I just discovered your collection of all your pictures. I looked at them (over 100) and especially loved the ones of the silvery winter scenes on the water.
    Beautiful pictures; beautiful life.
    Love from the USA,
    Your (cousin-in-law:-) Maureen

  15. You know how to enjoy life. The little moments of joy that life brings you. Nothing fancy. Just being with your wife, enjoying the company of your friends and be aware of the nature around you. I think you are a very happy person who enjoy the moment. Carpe Diem!

  16. Sounds like a great time. I wish we could have been there (no kidding). Still suffering here in Dallas at 104 F.

  17. what lovely pictures. seems like you had a great time with both your wife & your friends.

    thank you for dropping by my blog.

  18. ah, wonderful.. good food, frieds and fun. what more can we ask. it sounds like a perfectly lovely and relaxing time.

  19. What a lovely weekend.

    It’s great to see some mellow pleasantness that counts as newsworthy on the net. :) Thanks.

  20. Bridge can be such a nice way to spend time with friends. It’s always best if no one takes it too seriously. My husband, who used to play duplicate bridge, has had to bite his tongue more than once when I did really stupid things as his partner!

  21. Me is back!!

    I just found out that a colleague is going to see Northern Lights in December… I’m tempted to go!!


  22. @BarefootMistress: Yes, just like your kitties:-)

    @Richard: Keep balance in life – what a great way to say it!

    @bluesphee: Thanks for the visit and welcome back any time.

    @zingtrial: Thanks – wish you well too.

    @Lynn: It makes up for the most yea!

    @PEA: Come on over next time then!

    @Maureen inCT: Always good to see family here and thanks for your compliments – I’m glad you checked my Flickr account too!

    @Sidney: Yea, nothing fancy but worth full. I always try to catch the chance:-)

    @TravelItaly: Yea, I do hope we can meet one day! 85F here in Oslo today – come on over and cool down:-)

    @Racky akaBakyaNiNeneng: No, nothing more as it was perfect. A great week ahead to you too!

    @Laureen: Thanks – your welcome – please come back any time!

    @ethel: Thanks for your always nice compliments – as you can tell I love them too.

    @lime: Yea, it was perfect and very relaxing and we needed that you know.

    @Pearl: I’m glad you liked it – thanks!

    @Barbara: I’ve try the best to hold back any comments to my wife and she’s become a great partner (in bridge too!).

    @Missy: Good to see you back and thanks again for your post card – the first one I’ve ever got from a blog friend! December is a perfect time for seeing the Northern Lights in Norway – go for it!

  23. I’m late stopping by for here….probably tomorrow where you are;-) That sounds like a wonderful evening Renny. We too have a couple who we enjoy getting together with to play games, watch a movie or just sit outside and watch the antics of our children. You’re right, even though the kids are returning to school, there’s still a bit of summer to enjoy. Thanks for stopping by today and for keeping your fingers crossed for me! I’ll let you know how the job search goes.

  24. good times with close friends are the best. it reminds you of how beautiful life truly is. that dinner sounds fabulous.


    Sounds like those magical evenings mid-summer in New England that I knew – sitting on the porch, the pitch darkness broken by only a small circle of light from an oil lamp. We sat listening to crickets and the “language” of the birch leaves.

    Again, a great post, Renny! Very evocative.

    – American friend, Bud

  26. Hiya RennyBA :)

    Queer Chef says hello! (and if charles hadn’t come to see me I’d never have been able to get here without your link lol)

    I love spending evenings playing cards with friends. Never played bridge before, it sounds very complicated and too much for my small brain, but I admire those that do…kinda with a fascination like “how do they DO that?”

    I haven’t had breakfast yet and feeling very hungry now after all your food talk. Time to eat…have a good day/night!

  27. That sounded like an evening I could see myself spending once a month at least.
    I am competitive as well and even Bridge can bring me to explosion at times :)
    I understand what you mean with long winters and to tresure the sun as much as you can…I do the same and depending on from where in Norway you are, we could probably compete as to who has less light in winter.
    My bets Icelandic regards, and thank you for stopping by my blog :)

  28. What a lovely way to spend time with friends. My husband and I prefer intimate get togethers like this better than huge parties.

  29. @Lynn: Despite time different, your always welcome in here you know:-) Glad to hear you have good friends to relax with too. Let’s enjoy what’s left of the summer all together! My fingers and toes are crossed – keep me posted!

    @April: To live in the moment and appreciate here and now is a gift that brings true life!

    @Buddy: As always you’ve caught the whole idea dear Bud!

    @Lisa: Yes, Charles is a great blog connector and I am so glad I met you too! You have a great blog too! Just you come over one day and I’ll gladly teach you bridge. If you can do karaoke, you can learn bridge:-) Come back if you’re getting hungry again!

    @Minka: I’m glad we feel the same about those kind of evenings and even more that you came by as I think you are my first commenter from Iceland! I’m from Oslo, south east part of Norway, so you are quite a bit further north than me so you beat me. But then again you know how it is to have a lovely bright summertime and also the dark and cosy winter time.

    @JMom: Small and intimate is our style too.

    @KleoPatra: yes they are and that’s what friend are for you know.

    @Teena: Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.

    @JerseyTjej: Jettebra ide – velkomna!

  30. I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also digg the way you write! Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more in the future

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