Good Friends in the Summer Time

A lot of times I’ve told you about quality times with my wife – this time it will be with friends. It was this “Thank God it’s Friday” evening, the very best part of the week. After from work we had a light supper and after that my power nap. I wake up with this lovely anticipation: a whole weekend ahead of us and nothing special on the agenda other that a nice invitation for a bridge evening at our neighbour-friends. It’s been a long time since we’ve played bridge and that is for me a perfect way to celebrate a summer night. The weather perfect; around 20C (68F) and they had set a lovely table on the terrace for us. I had my mobile phone with me of course, ready to capture these precious moments. I was so eager to show you the late sunset, so the quality isn’t very good, but okay to give you an idea of the lovely atmosphere I hope.

The meal – 7:30 PM

We started with a lovely meal of pirogues filled with cheese, ham and mushrooms and a salad including their own grown tomatoes. They served a delicious Spanish red wine with and it all tasted marvellous. We talked about the extraordinary good summer we’ve had and in Scandinavia that means warm, sunny stable weather without too much rain – a perfect opportunity to recharge the batteries to cope with the colder and darker fall and winter. They had bought a new summer house and were eager to show us pictures of it. You all know most of our escapades this summer or for new readers; check my earlier post.

Coffee 8PM – Bridge 9:30PM

After waiting for the meal to settle, we were served coffee avec with ice cream and the deck of cards was soon on the table. I’m a very competitive person, but this game is somehow more relaxing, fun and very entertaining. To make it short; this setting is what I consider a quality time including friends, a good meal, small talk, laughter and witty comments. A perfect evening and food for the soul.

Tinka 8PM – Dogs playing 8:42PM

I have to mention two other family members in their home. Tinka, an irish setter, and Ice. They are the friendliest cutest dogs and we have babysat them both from time to time. They are very well trained and though very strong as they compete in dog sledding, they follow the slightest command. I call Tinka the Queen of Hosle (then name of our community) as she always raises her head royally way when I draw her attention.

Man’s best friends 1AM

At 10PM we went inside as we no longer could see the cards, but the game wasn’t finished until long after midnight. I had to say good night to the dogs of course and as you can see, I was happy, tired and very satisfied:-) My wife and I went home hand in hand and easily agreed to that this was a treasurable evening – like food for the soul. Our compliments to the hosts for a splendid evening.