Morning has broken – in Oslo

Most things are starting to get back to normal. After a sensational summer with less rain and higher temperatures than we’ve had in 100 years, I’m back to work and last week schools started in Norway. My wife studies at Oslo College University in her last year of a three years program and so now we can enjoy the express bus in the morning to Oslo together. We don’t say that much. I scan the news paper while she checks her makeup in the window mirror. The company in itself gives us the best start to our day though, and it’s always wonderful to experience the mutual friendship in silence.

It’s hard to estimate how long it takes to get to town at these days though and since she had her first day at school and I had an important meeting, we took an earlier bus than normal. Of course it went like a warm knife through butter, so we where down town half an hour earlier than expected. My wife had a great idea of course: we had a cup of coffee in the park next to Karl Johan (Oslo’s man street) close to the parliament. I had a roll and she as an American, a bagel with cream cheese of course:-)

My wife was talking in anticipation about the start of a new study year and I had the important meeting on my mind. Sitting there chit chatting, my wife was as always a much better listener than me, so I got a lot of great arguments for convincing my new customer to do business that morning. The atmosphere was perfect for brain storming! A nice and quiet dawn and a great partner to exchange ideas with – what more can a man ask for.

I had my Nokia mobile phone in my belt of course and my wife reminded me of the lovely view in the park. Nice vibrant green trees and wonderful flower beds just in front of us. So I started to take pictures as people were passing by. With an extra memory card build in the phone, I can take more than 300 pics. When I downloaded them in my computer this weekend, I decided to make a movee using Picture Project – software bundled with my Nikon Camera. The file is just under 1 MB. Please give me feedback if you had any difficulties or if it took you too long to download and do set your speakers on top. The music is from Norway’s most famous composer, Edvard Grieg: ‘Morning’. Hope you got the idea of the wonderful morning breaking in Oslo!