Morning has broken – in Oslo

Most things are starting to get back to normal. After a sensational summer with less rain and higher temperatures than we’ve had in 100 years, I’m back to work and last week schools started in Norway. My wife studies at Oslo College University in her last year of a three years program and so now we can enjoy the express bus in the morning to Oslo together. We don’t say that much. I scan the news paper while she checks her makeup in the window mirror. The company in itself gives us the best start to our day though, and it’s always wonderful to experience the mutual friendship in silence.

It’s hard to estimate how long it takes to get to town at these days though and since she had her first day at school and I had an important meeting, we took an earlier bus than normal. Of course it went like a warm knife through butter, so we where down town half an hour earlier than expected. My wife had a great idea of course: we had a cup of coffee in the park next to Karl Johan (Oslo’s man street) close to the parliament. I had a roll and she as an American, a bagel with cream cheese of course:-)

My wife was talking in anticipation about the start of a new study year and I had the important meeting on my mind. Sitting there chit chatting, my wife was as always a much better listener than me, so I got a lot of great arguments for convincing my new customer to do business that morning. The atmosphere was perfect for brain storming! A nice and quiet dawn and a great partner to exchange ideas with – what more can a man ask for.

I had my Nokia mobile phone in my belt of course and my wife reminded me of the lovely view in the park. Nice vibrant green trees and wonderful flower beds just in front of us. So I started to take pictures as people were passing by. With an extra memory card build in the phone, I can take more than 300 pics. When I downloaded them in my computer this weekend, I decided to make a movee using Picture Project – software bundled with my Nikon Camera. The file is just under 1 MB. Please give me feedback if you had any difficulties or if it took you too long to download and do set your speakers on top. The music is from Norway’s most famous composer, Edvard Grieg: ‘Morning’. Hope you got the idea of the wonderful morning breaking in Oslo!

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  1. I have always enjoyed learning, but not studying – writing papers and tests are one thing I do not miss from school. On the other hand, I do miss the learning and the conversations.

  2. Oh I find it quite romantic to be honest. By the way, I fixed your video because it wasn’t centered

  3. What a great post to start your “Back to reality” first day to work and school. You both sound rejuvenated after your nice long holiday. I can’t believe your schools started last week…ours don’t start until next Tues. and the teachers at my school were in today getting their rooms ready. (The video loaded quite quickly but as I only have Windows 98, it was jerky and started and stopped..I’ll have to try on a better machine!)

  4. My husband was in Oslo,btw (work related) he stayed for weeks or so & he told me so many interesting infos about it (not as great as yours ofcourse,lol)And I’ve mentioned to him that I’m going to Oslo to visit you (and claim my lunch,hehe) & to visit this lovely place;)

    Have a nice week ahead renny! take care!

  5. It must be very nice & clean in Oslo. How I wish I can visit there before I retire. Thanks for the “pimp”. I’ve added you btw Renny, I dunno why I’m so forgetful.


  6. The Queer Chef pimped me here!

    I, being like most Americans, have never been outside the continuous 48 states. But the more I blog and meet people and where they live, the more I want to get a passport and hop a jet.

    Oslo looks simply beautiful and I loved the photo movie you created.

    Also, Edvard Greig’s “Morning” is one of my favorite romantic period pieces.

  7. no problems downloading. what a lovely piece of music to go with this post. i like other works of grieg’s too.

    sounds like an utterly delightful morning. thanks for taking us along:)

  8. I miss Oslo! I met my husband there 14 years ago. We used to visit every 6 months or so but it’s more difficult now that we have 3 kids.

    Thanks for the photos and the video (which worked great, btw)!

  9. Hi, Renny. Schools started here last week, too. :-)

    Lovely slideshow, no problems at all with the audio or video. :-)

  10. Well hope everything went ok and you had a good meeting and she had a nice first day. I liked your slideshow very well. Good job!

  11. good morning! :)

    i miss going to school. but now i want to study in another country that’s why i’m looking for a scholarship :)

  12. That video montage is beautiful! And what a neat story you told :-)

    The flower pictures remind me of a pedestrian mall near hear, the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder Colorado. I’d love to travel to see your flowers, it’s a fabulous display!

    I love that piece of music, too. And, of course, everyone loves “In the Hall of the Mountain King” around here. Can’t get more dramatic than that!

  13. @Richard: Doesn’t matter how, but that fact that you do learn you know:-)

    @CharlesRavndal: I do agree and thanks for fixing the vid placement for me!

    @MotherOfInvention: Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the differences – that’s how we learn from each other. Hope you get the chance on a better computer!

    @CheH: Good to know your husband can prove me right then – tell him to contact me next time in Norway! With or without him, you are welcome to claim your lunch any time and I gladly expand the offer with a guided tour in Oslo!

    @K: I do hope you can see Oslo before or after your retired. Thanks for blogrolling me – I’ll return the favour tomorrow.

    @Maidink: That was the case for my wife too – before we met on the net:-) Thanks for the compliments and I’m glad you liked the music and Grieg!

    @Lime: Thanks for the compliments and great to hear you’re a Grieg fan too!

    @LynAnne: Maybe when your kids getting older you can share some good memories here in Oslo with them. I’m looking forward to see you all!

    @Diane: Good to hear your back to normal too then and thanks for the compliments!

    @Grish: It went on great – thanks to my wife! Thanks for the compliments.

    @Tin-tin: Good evening:-) Tell me when you’ve got the scholarship then, so we can get you into a Norwegian school!

    @Pearl: Thanks for the compliments and kind words. A great week to you too!

    @Jen: Nice to hear from you and thanks for the compliment and for sharing your flower experience. ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ is my favourite!

  14. I think TIn-Tin wants you to find a scholarship for her…lol. I do miss the intellectual conversations at University. Sitting in the coffee houses talking about the latest news and happenings. It is one thing blogging has done. It allows people with similar interests in the world to appease this need. The world is getting smaller I think.

  15. Nice video, but for the future you should update the music to something more contemporary. How about “Girl in Oslo” by BigBang?
    Regards, Edgar V

  16. You movie was amazingly good with a nice music in the background.
    Next time include your wife and yourself having breakfast next to Karl Johan. ;-)

    Amazing technology. Maybe I should stop taking pictures all together and start doing movies instead…

    Hope your business meeting was successful and I hope your wife enjoyed her first back to school day.

  17. What a great start to your day, Renny, with your wife beside you. I’m quite sure she has a name and perhaps you’ve even mentioned it before? How nice to see what she looks like. (Maybe I’m too new to your blog.) You two are very fortunate to have each other as friends as well as mates. No problem downloading the video. Great job. The day I ever do that will be THE day! And of course, it doesn’t get much better than E. Grieg! You can be very proud of your heritage.

  18. hi renny,
    morning is my favorite time of day. i love the coolness of the world right before the sun comes up. this sounds like a very nice day indeed. were you off work for the summer? how did you manage that?

  19. One of the great things about living in Europe is the unexpected opportunity to enjoy life in an otherwise busy day.

    Here, in the US, with everything a car trip away, there are few chances to arrive early and have coffee with a beautiful woman in a lovely park.

  20. Thanks for visiting me and your kind comments. I enjoy seeing the sights in your part of the world too!

  21. @TheDoctor: Was it so Tin-tin?? *smiling* Yes, blogging has a positive impact in a lot of ways!

    @EdgarV: Thanks, but I like the typical Norwegian classic style in the morning:-)

    @Sidney: Thanks for the compliments and yes you should really give it a try since you photography is real art! The meeting ended very well and my wife was pleased about her first day too – what more can we ask for!

    @Ginnie: My wife’s name is Diane. Thanks for the compliment and do try yourself! Yes, Grieg is a great composer. I’ll post more with his music when it is convenient.

    @April: Morning is my favourite too when together with my wife:-) I was off from Oslo yes, but I have broad band connection in the vacation house, so I could do a lot of work too.

    @TravelItaly: You do have an European point there. With 500 000 people in the capital and most of them using the public transportation, it’s easier you know. And then again this lovely woman is for fact in Oslo:-)

    @Missy: I’m so glad you finally got it and you know the one from you is hanging in my office! Tell me when you are coming to pay Oslo a visit in advance!

    @Sue: How lovely to exchange life and experiences then!

  22. You’re wife is lovely, I like her face. She look so nice and kind person. Youre a lucky man! and so she is for sure*,*

    I think women are good listener than men…??

    the video clip was nice!

  23. Hello!!!! Thanks for coming to dandyland. I also would like to say that I like your weblog too and that I so would like to come to Norway someday. It’s a fave trip in my dreams.

  24. Hi Renny:-) I really enjoyed that little movie, no problems with it at all:-) School starts here next Tuesday and I know the parents are already starting to count the minutes! lol

  25. cool pics renny! I wish I could experience a lovely morning here ;)

    thanks for your greetings on my blog! I’m off for vacation in Philippines …

    auf wiedersehen (see u again)!

  26. @yorokobee: Thanks, I’ll tell her and she earn to hear it! Sorry for the typo, should have been … a better listener…:-)

    @dandyna: Always good to see some with Norway on the fave trip list!

    @PEA: Thanks for the compliment and good luck with your count down:-)

    @ Racky akaBakyaNiNeneng: Thanks – have a great vacation – auf wiedersehen!

    @ghee: With a woman like that, how could it not be:-)

  27. I am saving some of your pics to my computer. I just made your Olso Morning my new background! Very Nice!
    Thank you.
    Do you also speak Norwegian?
    Where are you originally from?

  28. I’m honored that you use one of the pics as a background!
    Not only do I speask Norwegian, but I am Norwegian too – through and through:-)

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