I found the Da Vinci Code

I had a intellectual, cultural, food and art kick yesterday. Invited to a conference at The Henie Onstad Art Centre by da Vinci, a leading consulting company in Norway, I had great expectations. They where all fulfilled! The subject was Innovation and the new trend: Blue Ocean Strategy or how to make competition Irrelevant. We had some very interesting presentations about how to connect innovative ideas with commercial opportunities with examples from Norwegian companies like: Elopak, Vensafe and DnB NOR. It was a lovely round trip of excellent strategic future; innovating planning well combined and conducted by the host, da Vinci’s consultancies staff. Thanks for sharing – it was very inspiring! So I found the Da Vinci Code – the first kick. Then to the next one:

A sculpture in front of the centre. Please click on all pics to enlarge!

The atmosphere for such a conference was of perfect: The Henie Onstad Art Centre. The art collection is the result of Sonja Henie’s and Niels Onstad’s commitment to contemporary art and continually provides lovely exhibitions from international artist. The building represents a conscious attempt of expressive architecture.

The centre also contains The Queen of Ice’s more than 600 trophy objects: my third kick that day! Sonia Henie the greatest figure skating Olympian ever with three Olympic gold medals in 1928, 32 and 36. In 1932 it was in Lake Placid and I’ve been there! When I was visiting my family in the US, my father in law and his wife took me a trip around Adirondack Nation Park and we took a lovely tour of Lake Placid. I had to buy some souvenirs of course and the lady in the store even gave me a gold medal:-)

The centre’s balcony – our networking dinner.
Thanks to the host for a great adventure!

So was there any kick left then? Yes: the host, da Vinci invited us to dinner at the centres restaurant. We had tapas and delicious wine served on the balcony (see the first picture!). It was a prefect setting for networking, which I love. It’s great to meet new people to discuss and digest the interesting subject of the conference and I even met a colleague in IT whom I hadn’t seen for 12 years. Can you see the lovely surrounding in the pictures taken with my Nokia mobile phone around 8PM? So inspiring for networking, getting innovation inspiration and even discussing some new business opportunities. I found the Da Vinci Code – who could blame me for calling this the four kick event:-)

One final big kick for us today here in Norway! The police have finally recovered Norway’s lost treasures: Evard Munch’s paintings “Madonna” and “Scream” which were stolen two years ago. We had almost given up hope of ever seeing them again, but what would a da Vinci code be without a treasure at the end of the story?

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  1. what’s your job, btw? hehehe. something to do with IT? that is taken at 8 in the evening? wow! still bright! here, it’s gonna be dark already except for the street lights :)

  2. wow! that was really a wonderful adventure you had, Im envy*smile*

    yeah,like what pretty TinTin said
    why is it you’re already having your dinner but still the sun was bright? what time the sun go hide?

    as usual lovely pictures Renny!

  3. I’m kinda curious what you do as well. You are going to some pretty uppity places there…:P

    The sculpture looks interesting…

  4. I’m very excited about the Blue Ocean Strategy intentions! And also that the Munch paintings were found, which I heard was in an ordinary police activity.

  5. sounds like a great event. i’ve never been to Lake Placid myself. Of course, over here we love to recall ‘the miracle on ice’ in 1980 when USA took gold in ice hockey.

    also, I was so excited to hear of the recovery of Munch’s works. What a terrible loss it would have been if they’d never been found. I even make mention of it today over at my place.

  6. I, too, had heard that the Munch paintings were found. So glad. (I love seeing my sister Ruth on your site :) And Donica is in the same situation as you, being in business meetings in gorgeous settings frequently. It’s a great way to do business as far as I’m concerned! You did indeed find the Da Vinci code!

  7. That sounds like a really interesting evening! That da Vinci code stuff is fascinating, but I’ve always liked art history.

    Sorry you’re missing seeing the Stones with your kids, that would bum me out, too…

  8. Norway is the coolest place! I simply must visit. I mean it, I love the way your country is put together, the way your people think.

    Fantastic things, RebbyBA!

  9. What a great way to motivate workers after the long holiday. Someone in your company is on the ball!

  10. 8pm and still a hint of daylight? looks like an artistic adventure. It’s Father’s Day tomorrow in Ausralia (it’s Saturday today). Actually it’s the beginning of spring here. Rgds

  11. Sounds like you had heaps of fun. The pictures look gorgeous and yes I am so happy to learn that the paintings are back again

  12. Ahh, how I wish my life is as full of adventures as yours. Interesting pictures and conference happenings. Makes me want to venture out to IT, lol.

  13. @Tin-Tin: I’m CEO of EUCIP Norway Ltd. A IT-professional Certifications company own by the Norwegian Computer Society. I also give guest lectures at The Norwegian School of Management.
    Yes, it’s 8 in the evening. This time of year, the sun sets around 9. The land of the midnight sun you know

    @Yorokobe: See my answer to Tin-tin and thanks for the compliments.

    @Grish: I don’t get invited to the finest places every day, but I appreciate it when it does happened. There is a lot of lovely sculpture at this centre.

    @Ruth: Blue Ocean was an eye-opener for me too – a very exciting concept.
    We are glad to have the national treasures back!

    @Lime: I know ice hockey is popular, but don’t forget that Eric Heiden, US, won five individual gold medals too!
    I noticed that the good Munch news was menaced all around the world that day!

    @Ginnie: Glad to see your sister Ruth too! Yes I really enjoy meting new people and networking in a lot of different settings.

    @Jen: I was lucky to see Rolling Stones live in Oslo in the 80’s – the Voodoo Lounge tour!

    @Barefoot_Mistress: Yes, Norway is know for being ‘cool’ – a great place to chill out:-) and you are welcome any time and will be personally guided around!

    @MotherOfInvention: Yes, interesting places to gather lead to more creative thinking you know.

    @Missy: Glad you liked it:-) I’ve been to Sofia, Bulgaria – wish I could go with you to Prague!

    @Savante: Sorry, Haven’t seen that movie but it’s a beautiful place.

    @Sidney: Everything goes with good wine and company you know:-)

    @VICKY: Most everything is artistic in the land of the midnight sun-)
    Fathers day: what a great way of celebrating the beginning of spring!

    @Charles: Thanks, it was a memorable evening!

    @Shari: Get out there and have fun – life is short you know:-)

  14. Again, lovely pics of you Sir Renny.

    I still cannot celebrate. I have a lot of things to prepare for my academe. sheesh… have to strivce hard to get rich! Te-hee! ^_^

  15. love the first reflection pic!

    Sounds like such a great eve! We spent a nice eve last night far away, reflection and knowing that our area where we live is so wonderful!

  16. That sculpture looks awesome!you’re not only an IT expert but a great guide,too:)

    Have a nice week ahead renny! take care!

  17. hej!
    tack för ditt svar pa min sida (hoppas, du förstar min svenska som är lite langt borta och ej väl tränat).
    jag älskar munch och skrev mitt examensarbete om honom och hans kvinnorbild. jag sag bilderna när jag var i oslo innan de var stulen. jävla tur det var. men i alla fall var oslo ocksa trävlig och snygg.
    hälsningar fran kiel,

  18. @Neil: Thanks Mr! Don’t forget to have fun along the way!

    @ExpatTraveler: Thanks for the compliment – I kind of liked it too:-) I’ve seen your post and it looked wonderful and again reminds me of Norwegian landscape.

    @Marti: Yes, eventful, fun and interesting – what more can you ask for:-)

    @CheH: Thanks for your nice compliments – so are you coming to visit so I can guide you too:-) A nice week ahead to you too!

    @Kiki: Thanks for visit my back and your Swedish is excellent. How great that you made your exam about Munch and have seen his painting in Oslo. Tell me when you are coming to visit again!

  19. Hi Renny,

    Sounds like you had a great time. Loved the pics, especially the scenery! ;)

    Also am very pleased to learn that the stolen treasure is back in safe hands.


  20. Is that picture of a huge sundial? I really like it. I like art that takes makes use of nature.

    I am here from the Queer Chef.

  21. I prefer genuine cooperation to competition. I think that when we work together we can achieve more than if we are acting against one another.

    When I was part of the International Club at university, I came up with the motto, “Alone we are but one, together we exceed the sum our our parts.”

    In theory competition (free market) is good. As is cooperation.

    In practice, competition expends a lot of energy in trying to destroy, impede, or otherwise limit the competition instead of being solely focussed on self improvement and achievement.

    In practice, cooperation bogs down in bureaucratic slowless and compromises designed to eke agreement from intransigents (of course, it could be argued that this is simply competition sneaking into a cooperative process).

    I rather like Isaiah Berlin’s comment on Zeno of Citium’s philosophy (stoicism) – “Men are rational, they do not need control; rational beings have no need of a state, or of money, or of law-courts, or of any organised, institutional life.” – since it echoes my own beliefs perfectly.

  22. @Liz: Thanks and yea we had a lovely time!

    @CyberCelt: Yes it is. Thanks for the visit and welcome back.

    @TorAA: I’m glad to my friend:-)

    @Richard: You are interprateting the Blue Ocean idea very well pal!

    @Pearl: It really was! Glad both of the paintings are back you know:-)

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