Carnival in MaRIOstad, Sweden

Sometimes your dream comes true earlier than expected. One of mine has been participating in carnival. I’ve seen it on films and TV and have imagined myself in the middle of folklore with happy people dancing in glamorous, tiny costumes to samba rhythms. Of course you all know it’s supposed to be a public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus and a public street party. I’ve also read that the Carnival Season is a holiday period during the two weeks before the traditional Christian fasting of Lent. In my mind it also contains hot, sensual movements with belly dancing girls and partying all night long. In my mind until now, it also takes place in a warm climate and countries like Brazil, Colombia or Honduras.

Last weekend, my dream came true! We had a couple friends over in our vacation house in Sweden and were looking up “what’s on this weekend” on the net. It says: “Karneval in MaRIOstad”! Typically referring to Rio de Janeiro and setting people in the right mood. We where so exited and could hardly wait until Saturday evening as the parade would take place at 7PM. I charged my mobile phone to the fullest and was ready to soak in the spectacular scenery. So I went crazy, shot 50 pictures and two videos and for me it’s great to declare that carnival can take place in cool Scandinavia, the best place to chill:-)

Bear with my excitements – I’ve also seen better photos – but I’m true to my profile of showing my daily life documented with my mobile phone shots. Some of my post is about ordinary things and some from special occasions. For me, this was a thrill money can’t buy.

Some performers were of a more local kind, but they all had a great time and participated with heart and soul. They where singing and dancing and gave the audience a jolly good time. Some were even very enthusiastic and eager to be photographed and for all I know, was hoping to be a star or the winner of the best costume or performance trophies.

One truck, full of children, caught my eye more than others though. When I saw them, I was thinking a new star is born. Maybe a new Agnetha Fältskog, as in Abba. They became famous after winning the European Song Contest in 1974 singing Waterloo. This girl and her fellow friends could have started her career at this very Carnival in MaRIOstad – who knows:-) At least they did their best and as you can see had great fun doing it. That’s the right carnival attitude, don’t you think? Off course I had to try the video function on my mobile phone and this is how it came out:

If you like to see more pics, please see my Flickr account. For those who want more information about this town, click here and have a look around. It’s a charming town and maybe you will party with us at the next carnival in September 2007? We have plenty of room in our vacation house:-)