During almost a year, I’ve shared a lot about Norwegian and the Nordic countries, our culture, traditions and habits. Now I take the opportunity to tell you a bit about my academic life and carrier. This Friday I was invited to BI Norwegian School of Management’s Alumni 2006. Almost 1500 students from 1980 up until today who have completed their degrees at BI had signed in. We got the participant list two day in before hand and it was an interesting read. I was the only one from my class and some of them was actually from classes I have lectured. So I didn’t know many of the personally, but hey: that’s a great chance to making new business relationships and get to know new people. I do call myself a network evangelist you know:-)

BI – Building (all pics with my mobile phone – click to enlarge!)

BI moved in to their brand new building last year and it’s a great campus with an educational atmosphere, inviting you to share and collect knowledge of any kind. The vision of the BI is to become the leading research based business school in Europe with lifelong-learning as its fundamental idea. It is Norway’s third largest educational institution and the largest provider of education in economics, business administration and management in Europe. The School has a total of 18 700 students.

There where three sessions on the agenda, all taken place in the biggest auditorium with room for more than 600. The subjects were ‘Leadership’, ‘Job Mastering’ and ‘Self Leadership’. My favourite was a presentation in the last session: ‘How to take control in your life?’. Mainly because it was about coaching but also since the speaker was Morten Emil Berg, one of my teachers 26 years ago. Morten always said he was an eclectic existentialist and he hasn’t changed much:-) Actually we talked a bit before the start of the program and both agreed to that the world need an academic alternative for a coach education. He promised to work for a Master degree at BI and I promised to sign as the first student.

RennyBA lecturing (taken with my Nikon cam!)

Since I’m at it, maybe I also should tell you that I am a guest lecturer at BI for bachelor and master students. This semester my subject is eBusiness and Knowledge Management. BI says: We are the first and only business school in Norway to offer a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) taught entirely in English. The BBA will give you a solid first degree in international business with a distinct Scandinavian approach. Any of my readers want to sign up next year?

But an alumni gathering is more than academic subjects and presentation. It’s networking and partying. My experience is that seminars like this gives the most in meeting people between the speeches, so actually I like breaks the most. Since the service was excellent and the mingling area is an invitation to discuss and exchange thoughts and ideas, I had a smashing good time and met a bunch of interesting people. I had more than 20 business cards in my pocket and they are all gone.

Then it was time for the network evening and with a concert. I felt like home when I came into the Students House. It wasn’t the same building as in 1980, but the atmosphere was the same. A lot of memories were passing by from the best time of my life. Let the pictures speaks for themself: ‘Those where the days, my friend’:-)

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  1. Are there free booze? :-)

  2. Well, the best of both worlds, eh, Renny? Business and partying, Ha ha. :-) And a reunion of sorts, too.

    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog today. It’s always good to see your kind words on my blog. :-)

  3. I have a backseat reader here… (kind of like a backseat driver?) my husband wants to know where the new BI building is located? He got his BBA and MBA from universities in different countries but is nostalgic about his home country’s business school just the same. He was trilled to hear that the school is so visionary!

  4. Looks like quite a serious affair. I hope you had fun.

  5. Wow what a neat affair you had Renny. I like the new building of BI! So spanking cool! The pictures are great and it looks like the school has cool rooms as well!

  6. It’s always good when a business affair is fun too.
    Here from Michele’s.

  7. There’s nothing quite like going back to your college campus! Mine is the U. of Michigan and has changed a lot in appearance since I was there in the ’60s, even tho’ some of the oldest buildings still remain. So much nostalgia when you go back and see familiar places. I can imagine how it must have felt for you. Next time, take more business cards! I could have told you that!!!

  8. That was an enjoyable post. I’ve been houvering over going back to get my MA. The main problem is that the classes don’t interest me. I’m hands on and visual and well, a book is just not for me… I want to go back so badly but it’s a struggle… I have to wait currently anyhow… Yeah If I was invited on a scholarship, I’m sure my thoughts could change…

    Very interesting place though! I swear I always miss your posts. I checked yesterday some time and nothing…

  9. Mother of Invention

    Sounds like you got a lot out of this visit back to your old Alma Mator! I went ot University of Guelph in 1976, where they are famous for the Vet courses. It is neat to go back and see what things have changed and what have remained the same. It is good that you weren’t disappointed in changes, but embraced them whole-heartedly.

  10. All more success to you, Mr. Network Evangelist! :-)

  11. Wowee Renny, your life, and your country just seem to be so good!!!!
    Definitely on my list of places to visit someday….

    BTW, I like breaks best too!

    Still laughing at your “Professor” joke! :P

  12. @Missy: No, there is no such as a free lunch you know!

    @Diane: Yes, the best of all you know.

    @LynAnne: How exciting to have two readers at once! Tell your husband that BI is at Nydalen. An old industrial district valley turned into a Knowledge centre in Oslo.

    @Teena: Both serious and fun you know.

    @Charles: The building is just a marvellous university. I just love giving lecture there.

    @ DawnFalcone: I couldn’t agree more.

    @Ginnie: Thanks for sharing your experience too. I’ll take more cards next time, yes!

    @ExpatTraveler: MA or not. Reading your blog tells me that you have an interesting life too. That’s why I always check in at yours as often as I can too:-)

    @MotherOfInvention: Thanks for sharing your experience too – I really like that!

    @Thess: Thank you so very much:-)

    @BarefootMistress: Tell me when it is on the top of the list then – you know I would love to guide you around! Glad you liked the hint (joke I mean!) LoL

  13. Gord was drinking a German pilsner. I’m not sure what it was called but it taked good. Kinda sweet.

  14. Ain’t it just a thrill to see how people have become since the last time you’ve seen each other? Well, I haven’t been to any grand school reunion, but I’m sure it’s fun.

  15. Wow that is a very nice portrait you painted.
    Networking makes the world go around.
    I like meetings like that….how they enhance the workshops with positive exercises.
    When you start singing with a bunch of people you don’t really know, you are on your way to creating strong bonds!

  16. YOu never cease to amaze me! You are so active! You even have the time to attend this reunion… :)

  17. looks like a terrific time of renewing old contacts and building new ones. thanks for sharing!

  18. Wow Renny nice info, thanks!
    Network Evangelist sounds cool! and soo true :)

  19. What a huge school! You got to lecture and chat with your previous professor. How cool is that. It’s fun to network with people. Sounds like a good time. Self leadership sounds like a good session alright.

  20. hi rennyba,sorry for my late reply…I had my plastic surgery last month and have just wait for the result.Thank God for pulling me through my surgery. I am
    thankful for the doctors that HE placed around that were able to revive me.

    nice photos everyone looks so happy :)congrat’s for the successful alumni.

  21. @Teena: Thanks for visiting again and the information. Sounds good!

    @Mark: That was quite amazing, yes:-)

    @Lynn: Thanks for the compliments and nice comments. You’re so right!

    @AL: Good to see you again and I know you are quite active yourself:-)

    @Lime: It was and I’m glad you liked it.

    @Ethel: Glad you liked it too!

    @Pearl: It’s quite big, yes, at least in Norway. It was great and the subject you mentioned was very interesting.

    @LadyWhiteSpirit: So good to see you here again. So glad everything went okay for you – congrats and thanks for the complements.

  22. my thesis for undergraduate was about online shopping. and online shopping was just staerting that time. renny, favor. can you help me find scholarship there? heeheh ;p

  23. a multi talented! that’s what you are to us renny! a friend,a charming tourist guide,great photographer,IT expert & lecturer;) stay healthy & take care!

    btw, as ‘am curious as you’ve never mentioned type of music you love listening, so I’m tagging you for 7 songs, see details;)

  24. What a wonderful approach to learning. Everything I hear about Norway makes it sound an exciting place to be.

  25. Hi Renny,
    I’m always happy to see your comments on my posts. It’s nice to have a glimpse here of your world. Looks like it was a fun party and reunion!

  26. Wonderful post….

  27. What a nostalgic gathering for you…quite the trip down memory lane. I don’t think it matters whether the buildings change or not, it’s the people inside them that matter…and it’s more than obvious to me you feel the same way.

    And did I read you right? The campus has 18,700 students? Is that a typo?? lol That part blew me away…mind you, I am way down here on the globe and even though I live in the capital of my country, I was most impressed with that number. I need to do some research to find out how many students are on our universities enrolment lists!

  28. wow!nice alumni,and the guest,Renny himself,arent u cool!

    and you re also business minded,huh?
    keep it up! :)

  29. @Tin-tin: That’s an interesting subject too! Scholarship: don’t you have a rich relative LoL

    @CheH: Thanks for the compliments – I’m blushing (glad I have a beard:-).
    Thanks for the tag and see my answer in the comments. I have to think about how to return the favour.

    @GreenEarth: Thanks and I am glad you like what you hear about Norway. Come and visit and check for yourself!

    @Sue: I’m happy to see yours comments too you know! And I love to have a glimpse at yours too:-)

    @Grish: Thanks!!

    @Lisa: You’re so right: the trip down the memory lane was the best.
    The figure is right and to be exact: Full-time students: 9.000, part-time students: 9.700 and academic Staff: 336.
    Always nice to hear from a girl down under! I just loved my stay in both Sidney and Perth 10 ears ago:-)

    @Ghee: Thanks for the compliments and nice words! I’ll keep it up:-)

  30. Estupidormitorian Neil

    Wish I could have the greatest education with the greatest academic institutions on earth. But hey, this is what my parents can only provide for me. I’m grateful for that.

    I’ll strive harder to be a CEO like you, sir. Hihi.

    I’ll prove it. ^_^

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