As I like to share my daily life with tradition, culture and habits in Norway and the Nordic countries, the time has come for my music taste. This week I’ve been tagged for seven songs by Pretty Tin and CheH and I will of course return their favour. It has actually taken me to a wonderful trip down the music memory line as I search around for my favourite musicians and bands. Inspired by my friend and blog designer Queer Chef, I’ve used YouTube to memories so click on the links in my list to share my excitements!

Of course I will start with the one and only, my music hero: Bob Marley. I ‘met’ him in the beginning of the 70s and his songs, the lyrics and especially the rhythm is burned into my soul. For me he is the King of Reggie who brings the roots of the Jamaica Rastafa music to the ultimate. I even saw him live three times in Scandinavia in the mid 70s. Invite me to your party, play Bob Marley and I will dance through the whole night.

In March 2004 at The Henie Onstad Art Centre I attended a culture art exhibition based on Bob’s life and work. It was really exciting for me to learn more about the history of the Rastafa movement in Jamaica. As you can see in the picture above there is posters, newspaper clippings and even an old 45.

Then to the list:
1: Bob Marley: ‘Get up, stand up’. This post’s introduction explains why!
2: Jethro Tull: ‘Song for Jeffrey’. Ian Anderson and his band was my fist live concert experience in ‘70. A thrill money can’t buy:-)
3: Rolling Stones: ‘Honky Tonk Woman’. I saw them live at the Voodoo Lounge tour in Oslo, ‘95.
4: Guns ‘N’ Roses:Knocking On Heavens Door’. Saw them live in ‘93 in Oslo with my 13 year old daughter on my shoulders.
5: Rod Stewart: ‘Sailing’. The song just popped into my head when I started my IT consultancy firm. I felt free like a bird!
6: AHA: ‘Take on me’. The first Norwegian band that had a break through and was on top 10 all over the world.
7: Vivaldi: ‘Four Seasons’. Just because this blog, my Terella, is about the four seasons and I love classic music too.

The list could be endless, but these are music that reminds me of some special moments in my life. Of course I will end this memo with a challenge to seven of my blogger friends:

Barefoot Mistress: I’ve been thinking a long time how I could return her challenge:-)
Yorokobee from Japan, just because I’m curious about her music favourites.
TorAa: And old friend and a new blogger from Norway.
Missy from London. A blogger friend who was the first to send me a post card.
Neil from Spain: Because I know he loves music!
GunnarB: Another old friend from Norway who have start blogging too.
Grish from the US, just because I like his ‘Little piece of virtual Earth’.


  1. That’s an impressive range of songs you like, Renny! You have legends in there!

  2. Bob Marley, RennyBA? Indeed! I salute you! Excellent tastes.

    I accept challenge but first, Im not sure here, 7 songs that I love? That are very important to me? What?

    And thank you for that very nice comment on my blog…I really do try to live in art….

    Ok so & favourite bands and then a favourite song from that band and why?

  3. Perhaps on my next post as I just updated mine ;-)

    Wicked songs there my friend.

    missy xx

  4. Great list! Marley and Aha are fun choices!

  5. wow you got it goin on there.

    I gotta ask my kids about the Norwegian group they are listening to these days.

    The name escapes me. I will follow up on that.

  6. Great songs and artists Renny. By the way: my favorite Rolling Stones albums are: “Exile on Main Street” and “Aftermath”. When you get your own HTPC you are welcome with your external hard disk and dig into my 25000 songs :-)

  7. Nice song list there…

  8. Great Song List! I did this meme this week too. We both have a Rod Stewart song on our lists…

  9. I agree that the list has an impressive set of songs. Anyway, have a nice weekend Renny and regards to Diane as well!

  10. @Mark: yes they are legends, but then again I’m a growing up man you know:-)

    @BarefootMistress: I’m glad we share the same taste of music too! I would be glad if you accept the challenge and if so, feel free to do it your way!

    @Looking forward to your response then!

    @Tenna: Well, I love the variety you know.

    @Lynn: Yea it was a thrill going trough my list of good songs. I’m curios to hear about your kid’s choice. Please keep us all posted!

    @GunnarB: It’s hard to decide, but your choice is good! I’ll take your word for it and come over as soon as I get the disk! Looking forward to your response post then:-)

    @Grish: Thanks. Always good to hear from you!

    @Sue: Great as I know we are two of a kind in a lot of ways:-)

    @Charles: Glad you liked it too. Thanks for your greetings and we are both wishing you the same!

  11. Bryan Anthony the First

    “thank you for the music the songs i’m singing!”

    oh they’re swedish


  12. Gotta love Bob Marley.

    OMFG! Guns ‘N’ Roses *swoons*

    And thank you for NOT tagging me. :-)

  13. bob marley is the greatest. i like “no woman no cry.” it always makes me happy. reflective.

  14. All the songs you mentioned I love too and have CDs of them except Bob Marley ! I can’t hear any song of him anymore. And that’s why bad souvenirs are related to his music. My son used to play his music from morning till night and his room was full of posters but it was in the critical age of being 15 and hashish period. I have nothing against smoking hashish but unfortunately it’s dangerous because you have to go in criminal milieus to get it and there is always a danger that something else is proposed to them. But this was a few years ago, but I still cannot listen to old Bob !

  15. I did it RennyBA!

  16. OldOldLady Of The Hills

    Thanks so much for your visit, Renny…

    I know I am of a different generation when I read the list of songs and ‘artists’ you wrote about….I know the names of course, but…not most of the music…And I appreciate you putting up the videos…(The Vivaldi is Rod Stewart again with “Sailing”…) Oh Well…lol!

  17. Oh Renny! Definitely an impressive collection. I so agree with Bob Marley and I definitely like AHA, Jethrol Toll too… My music is very wide too…. Then of course more comes in with the husband and his classic rock tastes…

    Lovely for sure!!! Thankks for sharing…

  18. by the way…
    I did attach 12 pics of us together. Although P hates his pic being taken, so I don’t have that many of him and us together. But we have enough, esp from Switzerland and Cali and the wedding…

    MY photo theme right now is shooting people… I need to work on this one for sure!!!

  19. Nice musical taste!
    Do you come over to the Philippines if we organize you a “Bob Marley” party?
    You got already so many fans here that it will be a HUGE party! ;-)

  20. Bob Marley is great! he’s also popular here in the Pilippines…even young and old sang his song…the Reggae style, he’s a legend!
    by the way, just dropping by from Ghee’s site, good evening!

  21. @ BryanAnthonyTheFirst: As long as you notice the difference, I’ll forgive you LoL

    @Talamasca: Glad we share good taste of music! Also glad you’re not disappointed:-)

    @April: Great to read about more Bob fans!

    @Gattina: Sorry to hear that bad connection you have to Marley’s music. I do understand though and it must be tough for you. Hope you soon can listen with joy again!

    @Barefoot_Mistress: How great Susie and what a lovely music post you had. Thanks for playing with me!

    @ OldOldLadyOfTheHills: Thanks – you truly have red and listen to the links. The Vivaldi link is updated!

    @ExpatTraveler: So you have great music taste too and a great mix with your husband;-)
    I follow your blog with great interest and it really shows you are a great photographer. I always recommend your blog to others. Thanks for your mail about the pics!

    @Sidney: Thanks for your sweet invitation – would have been a sensation! I’m tempted and who knows. As you can see from the comments here, there will be people from all over the world!

    @Nona: Thanks for the visit and welcome back. Your so right: Bob is a legend:-)

  22. Velly intellesting list, RennyBA.
    Susie tagged me and since you popped over I thought I would backtrack this listmaking and check yours out too.
    Vivaldi is one of my all time favorites, and I like the Marley and Guns and Roses choices too.
    Good list!

  23. Great taste in music! Thanks for coming by my blog…when I’m rested I’ll get back to yours. Be well.

  24. Thanks for sharing your music memories with us, Renny! I am a big Bob Marley fan too . . . and Ian Anderson too. I just love “The Secret Language of Birds” – have you heard it? Have a fantastic week, my friend!

  25. Oops, that was me above — didn’t mean to be anonymous!

  26. wow! Renny those great songs are great memories too :)

  27. Hey Renny,

    Thanks for the tag, and im looking for the songs right now ok. so hang on!


  28. @Logophile: I great token since I tagged Susie! Your post and music choice is excellent as I can tell we have a lot in common:-) Welcome back any time!

    @CindraJo: Thanks and welcome back any time!

    @Ano: Your welcome and I am glad to share my taste of music to fans of Ian A. Yes I know the song. A lovely week to you to and hopefully less anonymous next time my friend:-)

    @Ethel: Glad you liked them!

    @NeiLDC: Your welcome and are looking forward to your music hall of fame!

  29. I have a much bigger book collection that I do music collection.

    I can go long periods of time without listening to music, but not without reading.

  30. It’s so funny, Renny, but I didn’t know a lot of music outside of religious music from my upbringing until Donica came into my life 9 years ago. Now I am familiar with all kinds of genres and artists. I DID know Bob Marley, however, and find his music so very soulful. I could listen to “No, Woman, don’t cry” all night long! Thanks for sharing your tastes :)

  31. your age is getting obvious. just kidding renny. thank you so much for answering my tag :)

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