The beauty of Golf, a nature experience

Some like golf and have great experiences with the sport, some don’t. The nature of the sport in itself is one side of it; the experience of mother of nature during the course another. Everyone’s got to love that, don’t you think?

So let me take you along for a golf round I had some weeks ago – another quality time with my wife as we both love the sport and the nature of course. My mobile phone is always fastened to my belt, and this time I was focused on all the lovely things around us. There is a good saying: “what you are focused on, you get more of”. So here we go: a round of golf through my eyes an early morning in September.

All pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – please click to enlarge!

Let me introduce my ball first. A nice round fellow with a great smile (you see this smiley is a kind of trademark for me:-) who follows me around. Well, you might say I am trying to following it, or more precisely to gently guiding its direction with my clubs. Sometimes it lands perfectly, sometimes a bit odd. But there is where the natural adventure of golf comes in. A ball on mushrooms, who could resist taking a picture of that? So convenient with my mobile phone at hand you know:-)

We started the game early in the morning, there was still dew in the grass and one time, when the ball went far out in the woods, I saw this mysterious spider web spun on the ground. To me it looks like a perfect surroundings and settings for elves playing at dawn. I could almost see them running into the forest or at least a lovely fantasy, don’t you think?

The ball happened to fall into an ant hill and down by a tree and gave me another lovely nature adventure which had to be captured. I was glad it was early morning and not that many other players were around as I am aware of that you should not delay the game:-)

Then there was this cute little guy who posed nicely when I came along. I bet I scared him, but I tried to be gentle and asked if I might photograph him. I took his silence as an acceptance, so there you are. Passing a pond at the 18th hole also gave me a good reason to pick up my mobile phone. Admit it these cat tails look wonderful!

The sun was low on the horizon, and I just love to experiment with the lighting, so I end this round with a couple photos which should give you the feeling of our quality time at the golf course. I can’t remember how I did in the round, but I remember the good conversation with my wife and the natural experience of course. Golf player or not, admit it gives you great opportunities.

You know I always like to give you a personal touch in my post. This one is actually given from my wife so I give her credit. It’s all about how fun golf can be, in addition to the game. Is there any other sport where you with dignity can ask: “Please ladies: keep an eye on my balls” :-)

To my regular readers: I haven’t forgotten I have promised you a post or two from the wonderful fall season in Norway. The beautiful colours are about to paint the trees in red and gold, so stay tuned!