The beauty of Golf, a nature experience

Some like golf and have great experiences with the sport, some don’t. The nature of the sport in itself is one side of it; the experience of mother of nature during the course another. Everyone’s got to love that, don’t you think?

So let me take you along for a golf round I had some weeks ago – another quality time with my wife as we both love the sport and the nature of course. My mobile phone is always fastened to my belt, and this time I was focused on all the lovely things around us. There is a good saying: “what you are focused on, you get more of”. So here we go: a round of golf through my eyes an early morning in September.

All pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone – please click to enlarge!

Let me introduce my ball first. A nice round fellow with a great smile (you see this smiley is a kind of trademark for me:-) who follows me around. Well, you might say I am trying to following it, or more precisely to gently guiding its direction with my clubs. Sometimes it lands perfectly, sometimes a bit odd. But there is where the natural adventure of golf comes in. A ball on mushrooms, who could resist taking a picture of that? So convenient with my mobile phone at hand you know:-)

We started the game early in the morning, there was still dew in the grass and one time, when the ball went far out in the woods, I saw this mysterious spider web spun on the ground. To me it looks like a perfect surroundings and settings for elves playing at dawn. I could almost see them running into the forest or at least a lovely fantasy, don’t you think?

The ball happened to fall into an ant hill and down by a tree and gave me another lovely nature adventure which had to be captured. I was glad it was early morning and not that many other players were around as I am aware of that you should not delay the game:-)

Then there was this cute little guy who posed nicely when I came along. I bet I scared him, but I tried to be gentle and asked if I might photograph him. I took his silence as an acceptance, so there you are. Passing a pond at the 18th hole also gave me a good reason to pick up my mobile phone. Admit it these cat tails look wonderful!

The sun was low on the horizon, and I just love to experiment with the lighting, so I end this round with a couple photos which should give you the feeling of our quality time at the golf course. I can’t remember how I did in the round, but I remember the good conversation with my wife and the natural experience of course. Golf player or not, admit it gives you great opportunities.

You know I always like to give you a personal touch in my post. This one is actually given from my wife so I give her credit. It’s all about how fun golf can be, in addition to the game. Is there any other sport where you with dignity can ask: “Please ladies: keep an eye on my balls” :-)

To my regular readers: I haven’t forgotten I have promised you a post or two from the wonderful fall season in Norway. The beautiful colours are about to paint the trees in red and gold, so stay tuned!

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  1. These photos are just gorgeous. I’m going to play night golf on Saturday which is a bit of a different experience around here. We all dress up and none of us can play, but it’s a lot of fun ;)

    Can’t wait for the fall pictures!

  2. Yo Renny, you gave me a totally new perspective on golf :)

    What a lovely way to bond with your wife in such a lovely environment too.

  3. i have absolutely zero ability to hold a club and make contact with a ball. i tried once at the insistence of a guy i was dating and he wound up screaming at me by 3rd hole.

    your presentation of the game makes it look fun enough to almost try again. the smiley face and toad were the best parts!

  4. See golf from your balls perspective! Hilarious!
    Great pics once again! Is that a frog? or a lizard? We have frogs in our back yard here in Texas.

  5. @Bean: Thanks – have a great night golf and don’t forget your camera!

    @Shionge: Thanks, I just love to give my readers new perspectives on things!

    @Lisa: It’s a great combination you know.

    @Sue: Why not try golfing too:-)

    @Missy: Yes, and it can even be a romantic walk you know.

    @Lime: Glad if I could inspire you for a second try and also that you liked my smiley fellow.

    @TorAa: Thanks – have a great weekend Tor!

    @Tin-tin: You got me:-)

    @Grish: So come on then!

    @Pearl: Yes it is really great and relaxing to tour like that you know:-)

    @Duke: Thanks and happy weekend to you!

    @Karen!: Glad I could give you a good lauch. The little fellow is a frog.

  6. That’s such a cute ball! And were those spider webs really? They’re so huge that they’re spooky! Nice way of juxtaposing the sport and nature. Bravo!

  7. LOL – too funny! Look at all of your readers. I haven’t been around… But great that you benefit from my tips..

    And the first pic, I love it! And you made me laugh on what turned out to be a hard day for me…

  8. hello mr. renny! thanks for the comment on my blog. im not a golf player i cant afford that game :D but hey the pictures was great. nice one…

  9. People are still playing golf here but the frogs might be hiding! Especially this past Thurs. when we had 3 wild snow flurries and a little bit stayed on the ground overnight. It was still below zero the next morning. What a difference from last weekend’s Indian Summer! It’s been so windy that many of our leaves blew off and without much colour. Hope yours are more spectacular than ours have been this year.

    (The Gulf Stream affects us with moderating temperatures which would otherwise be much colder, but it goes across the Atlantic and warms up your country and those near it, more than it does ours. That’s likely why you are still warmer even though you’re further north. Your daylight is probably less than ours is now too.)

  10. @Mark: Glad you liked it. It is spider web to my best knowledge – anyone else seen the phenomena?

    @CheH: Yea, the fellow was nice. Happy weekend to you too!

    @ADecentMan: Wish you a lovely weekend too.

    @ExpatTraveler: I’m overwhelmed and thankful for all the readers too you know! Glad I could put up a smile on your face then:-)

    @Scart: Glad you could enjoy the pics then!

    @MotherOfInvention: Yes, the weather is changing fast this time of the year. We have not had below zero in Oslo yet, but I’m sure it soon to come. Your wind hasn’t reached our country yet either, so I’ll have to hurry for my fall collar hunt then:-)
    You’re so very right about the golf stream impact of our climate. Thanks for bringing it up. These facts are important to understand that we, even living close to the artic circle, can have relatively warm climate and even some hot summer days. I will have to make a post about it some day – so stay tuned:-)

  11. Well, well… if you look at it that way I might be tempted to start playing golf!
    Till now I considered it an exclusive and expensive sport.
    But this was not an ordinary game of golf… :-)

  12. the grass looked so crisp and are those mushrooms where your ball had landed. Golf is a good sports which i will probably take on my retirement- i sometimes plat putt putt golf. have a great weekend.
    by the way the queer chef says HI. take care.

  13. I agree that a golf course is one place where you can observe nature. My family has a golf course in Northern Maine where we stop to watch the deer and the occassional moose cross the fairway. You’ll have to come visit!

  14. hexe – that sounds really cool! And yes Renny that view was so breathtaking. Too bad it was like a once only chance… At least I got a few snaps out of it.. Although I wasn’t happy with what I took! (as usual)

  15. I hope you never disturbed a poor mole! My son is a fanatic golf player and plays golf in every country if he can. You should see his clubs he had some especially made for him as he is 2.00 m long !
    I personally don’t know why people love to run behind a little ball and try to put it in a hole, but as I can see a lot of people love this sport so it must be nice.
    Your photos are adorable.
    When I have put myself together from this round trip through Turkey I will publish the pictures of all what I have seen. It’s very interesting. Meanwhile I publish some in my keyhole blog.

  16. we’ll have a golf-for-charity game in our school this comming November… the thing is, we’re just thousands of miles away ;)

  17. my hubby loves golf.he persuades me to play with him too.maybe I`ll try it later.its good for couples like you,I know :)

    your smiley ball is sooo cute and adventurous.esp that one on the mushrooms.and the golf course has a very good sights to explore.

    happy monday,Renny!

  18. My dad is a golf player but he didnt manage to teach me the basics but he did to my younger brother. Well if I had time I am willing to learn all about golf. Anyway, lovely pictures as usual!

  19. I’m so glad you’re having fun, Renny. I tried golf years ago, and it was ok . . . my new golf shoes however tore my heels up really badly however, and I never went back. I love the smiling golf ball and frog buddy. :-)

  20. The last two pics were gorgeous, the last one especially. I’m one of those golf-haters who prefer walking in untouched forests and fields. I can see the thrill and relaxation of concentrating on the game, though, and I play mini golf games over the internet. Does that count:)?
    I’m finally back online.

  21. Hola Renny! love those pics! really beautiful.
    What a cute frog hehe!
    Im excited the coming pics you post here, the colors of autumn :)
    Have a nice week!

  22. Nice golf post!

    My Dad is still golfing here too. The frost melts away and he and the gang are on the links.
    They may golf till Christmas if the snow stays away.
    The golf course will stay open as long as there is no winter flooding, and no snow accumulation.
    Yeah the balls bounce more on frozen ground. But that is part of the fun!

  23. I knew there was a reason why people liked golf, Renny. Now I know the real reason, at least for you :)

  24. @Sidney: Glad I could tempt you to an unordinary golf tour then. There is more into the sport than you might think of, you know:-)

    @Vicky: Glad you liked it. Mini golf is a good start, but don’t wait – have fun before retirement too!

    @Hexe: Woow, thanks for the invitations. I would love to take you up on it!

    @ExpatTraveler: Thanks for the compliment. I hope P got more out of the snaps then!

    @Gattina: I try the best not to disturb the little fellow you know and I’m glad you liked the pics after all. Also glad to hear that your son enjoy the sport too.
    Can hardly wait to see your post about the trip to Turkey!

    @ralphT: Golf-for-charity sounds like a fun way to raise money!

    @GheH: It’s a lovely couple sport you know! Glad you liked the ball and pics and a great week to you!

    @Charles: I’ll take you for a tour any time!

    @Lisa: Sorry you had this bad shoe experience then – please give it another try!

    @Miriam: Thanks for the compliments. I’m glad you can see some thrill in it anyway and to be in the nature is important, so then I don’t think internet play count:-)

    @Ethel: Hola and glad you liked it. First fall post is the next one you know!

    @Lynn: Seams like your weather conditions is very much like ours. No nights below zero and no snow yet though, so we can still be golfing.

    @Ginnie: Glad I could enlighten you:-)

  25. Renny Liked your golf game, enjoyed the pictures. The little fellow looks kind of scary!! Keep up the great work.

  26. Hey, I like your sense of humor! What’s your golf handicap? I agree with your remarks.. beautiful Nature surrounding one makes golfing one of the best sports.

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